Vanga predicted the virus that attacked China in 2020?

The Bulgarian seer Vanga has been dead for more than 23 years, but she managed to make a lot of predictions for the future, which are voiced from time to time by her acquaintances and friends. At the end of 2020, Channel One (Russia) showed an interesting program in which her predictions for 2020 were announced . They say Vanga singled out this particular date – 2020.

Vanga predicted some turning points for this year, including that if humanity does not come to its senses, then darkness will cover the whole earth. But Stoyan Petrov, her interpreter, also remembered something more detailed – some “old disease” will return in 2020. Commentators immediately suggested that it could be smallpox or plague, although the latter has not yet been completely defeated. Yes, and smallpox is not diagnosed only for some 30 years … But besides these diseases, there may be others …

So, on December 31, it became known that the people of China fall ill with some kind of atypical pneumonia, which quickly leads to death and is difficult to treat. Then it turned out that this pneumonia is provoked by a certain virus (coronavirus), unfamiliar to our scientists and doctors. A virus for which no antiviral agent has yet been developed. Where this virus came from and how it is transmitted is still debatable. The other day there was information that the source of infection was snakes, which, in turn, were infected by bats.

The Chinese city of Wuhan has already been quarantined. Thousands of sick people. There are dozens of deaths as well. The virus has already penetrated into neighboring countries – South Korea, Japan, Thailand … Wasn’t Vanga talking about this virus in her prediction? Who knows, maybe he has already once attacked humanity and now decided to take revenge?

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