Predictions of the elders about the future famine in Russia

The UN predicts the beginning of a mass famine of biblical proportions if the situation with the pandemic is not corrected in the coming months. Many countries and peoples can suffer. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. In the meantime, let’s see what the elders said on this subject in their prophecies. Surprisingly, they contain a lot of interesting facts that suggest certain thoughts. The main part of the predictions contained in this article are taken from the films of the Salt of the Earth series, which can be viewed on youtube.

Many elders say that the Earth will be cleansed of “human abomination”, and in the course of this cleansing there will be an unprecedented famine. As a result of it, some people will accept the seal of the Antichrist, while others will endure everything and open their way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Provoked hunger

Hegumen Gury said that the government would create an artificial famine. Archimandrite Tavrion clarifies that this will be a natural phenomenon after a significant increase in prices for food and utilities. Paper money and coins will replace electronic money, cards. And that’s when the famine starts. The most difficult situation will be in cities where crime will rise sharply.

Schema-nun Nila spoke about the fact that famine would happen when the Antichrist came to power. In the year of the beginning of his power, there will be an unprecedented crop failure, and then, she advises people, you need to stock up on herbs in order to use their decoctions as food.

Schema-Archimandrite Christopher said that famine would come suddenly. Once, and all products will disappear. Then there will be a short war, and at its end a new ruler in Russia. But the population will be greatly reduced.”

Pelageya Ryazanskaya said that believers would be deprived of food, work and social benefits. And the Antichrist will destroy many nations. There will be a terrible heat, wild animals will enter the cities and villages.

What is the seal of the Antichrist?

These conversations have emerged in recent months due to the situation in the world with the new virus. On forums, in various social networks. networks, comments, now and then there are reports that the vaccine that is being developed is not a vaccine at all. All people will be injected with chips into their hands, with the help of which they will be able to completely control a person, make something like a robot out of him.

Another even more outlandish assumption is that the seal of the Antichrist has already been placed on millions of people using a pyrometer, a device that allows you to measure the temperature of a person’s body without contact with his skin, which is now widely used.

In my opinion, these are just fabulous horror stories, but there is similar information in the stories of the elders. For example, Hieroschemamonk Jerome warned that instead of vaccinations, incisions would be made on the hands, mixing the blood of the Antichrist with the blood of the “vaccinated”. Genetic material, as we would say.

The same hieroschemamonk Jerome said that the water would go away, and the gold would come up. There will be intense heat.

What to do?

Proteiree Vladislav (Shumov) advised everyone not to leave, to stay where you live.

Schema-Archimandrite Christopher recommended not to make large food stocks in advance, only to have a supply of clean drinking water, and crackers for 10 days, since, according to him, there will come days when it will be impossible to go outside. For reference: Schema-Archimandrite Christopher died in 1996, so he could not even imagine what would happen now, in 2020.

Jerome of Sanaksar suggested, in extreme cases, to eat moisture from willow roots and wet earth at this root. Pelageya Ryazanskaya offered to eat linden leaves.

But the most practical advice was given by Archimandrite Gabriel (Urgebadze). He advised me to buy a house in the country. If one family does not have enough money for this, then chip in with relatives. And near this house, dig a well and plant a willow so that there is always water.

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