Wolf Messing predicted the Third World War, in which there will be no winners

On the Internet, they write that Wolf Messing predicted who would fight against Russia in the Third World War. He also reported on a world conflict in the second decade of the 21st century, in which there will be no winners. To date, these prophecies are actively discussed on the Internet.

According to Messing’s prediction, Russia will receive a knife in the back from a country with which it will be friends. The Kremlin will not even suspect that there could be such a betrayal.

Wolf Messing’s prediction about World War III with Russia

It is becoming popular to publish information about the Third World War on the Internet. Various prophecies of famous people appear, which they allegedly spoke during their lifetime. Vanga, Saint Matrona and Wolf Messing allegedly spoke about the war.

At one time, pop artist Messing was very popular. They say he could read minds. He is even called a psychic, although many experts say that this is far from the case. He allegedly predicted during his lifetime that before the war, the United States would openly grin at Russia, and China would be a friendly country towards the Russian Federation.

According to Messing’s prophecy, China will reconsider its views and also start a war against Russia, thereby plunging a knife into the “back” of the Kremlin. That is why the artist said that Moscow would not even expect a blow, since he considers China a friendly country.

The prophecies, which, by the way, no one has seen, allegedly say that there will be no winners in the Third World War. Military action will lead to the destruction of mankind, since countries with nuclear weapons will be involved in this conflict.

Wolf Messing and his predictions about the Third World War from the memoirs of 1954

At one time, Wolf Messing was considered a telepath and psychic, although he did not consider himself one of those. The artist said that his abilities are easily explained with the help of modern science. He claimed that he had enough observation of a person to predict his actions.

Most of Messing’s so-called predictions were published in his memoirs in 1954. Then people believed in these records, but later it turned out that it was an outright lie. The artist talked about those events that simply could not be.

Messing wrote about meeting with Einstein in Vienna, and also that he spoke with Stalin in Gomel. Later it turned out that at the time indicated by the artist, Einstein was not in Vienna, and the list of people whom Stalin met did not contain the name of the artist. Thus, the predictor was considered a dreamer who described unreal things.

Later, a version was put forward that the memoirs were fabricated, and it was allegedly confirmed. However, no one paid any attention to this. Based on these memoirs, the press writes about the alleged prophecy about the war with Russia, as well as about the Third World War.

Who is Wolf Messing, who predicted the war in Russia

Wolf Messing predicted the Third World War, in which there will be no winners

Nowadays, many people are interested in predictions about the Third World War. Often information appears on the Web that is allegedly given out as the predictions of famous seers. However, in fact, everything that was said by Vanga and other people has long been published.

To date, the predictions of Wolf Messing have become popular on the Internet, who allegedly claimed that there would definitely be a war that would lead to the disappearance of mankind.

In fact, Messing was a pop artist. He worked in the original genre at that time, conducting psychological experiments. In 1971, he even received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

The version that he was a psychic is based on his memoirs, written in 1965. Based on them, a series was created, which was shown in Russia. However, experts say that Messing did not actually write these records. In their opinion, they were fabricated.

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