Vanga: predictions for 2020 (4 photos)

Vanga’s predictions for 2020 are already of great interest. This is primarily due to the fact that her prophecies for the past years have largely come true, and people are eager to know what awaits them next? Will the native state prosper, will the third world war come? Let’s try to streamline all the predictions of the famous Bulgarian seer and highlight only those that should be expected in 2020.

Vanga’s main statements

Most of the visions that Vanga’s relatives managed to record occurred at the time of the woman’s communication with unfamiliar guests. The healer took the visitor’s hand and the events of the future were revealed to her. Speaking them, she could literally shock everyone present during the reception.

So, Vanga’s most “loud” predictions for 2020 were three statements. The seer noted that this time would be fateful and turning point for all mankind. It is difficult to say what exactly was meant, but by this period of time there are two more predictions that are no less shocking.

Vanga said that the money would lose its value. They will be replaced by numbers! But it’s true, today the value of cryptocurrency is huge and it is only growing every day. It is likely that the non-cash form of payment through cards using digital accounts will completely replace paper money. In general, this prediction can be considered completely unraveled and even partially already come true.

Also, once during the next reception, the seer said that it was in 2020 that a person would appear who could give people hope and establish “peace on the whole Earth.” What was meant here is not yet clear, but most likely, it was about some kind of ruler.

Another important statement made in 1995 about the events of the year 2020 was the phrase about the discovery of a new source of energy that does not get tired of the Sun in its power. If this statement does not have a figurative meaning, then it is rather unfavorable for Russia, the country with the richest oil and gas reserves. After all, it is difficult to even imagine what kind of economic collapse awaits the state if it loses half of all the money coming into the budget.

Vanga: predictions for 2020 (4 photos)

Prophecies for Russia

In Vanga’s prophecies for 2020, there is a forecast that the country will still be able to maintain stability during a period of global chaos caused by the collapse and depreciation of the monetary system. The Russian Federation will still remain an integral and indivisible state, there will be no civil strife and desire to secede from the side of the autonomous republics: “I don’t see wars, there will also be no ashes and fire.”

Another important prediction for our state was the words of the seer about the birth of talented children. Vanga is sure that matured geniuses will not only master space, but will be able to discover another planet that will be quite suitable for human life on it! But as the clairvoyant noted, not all inhabitants of the planet Earth will be able to go there, and not immediately.

Another Russian scientist will make great discoveries in the field of medicine and the treatment of terrible diseases. This person will “prolong life” and “prevent death.”

Vanga predicted the unity of Russia not only with Belarus, but also with Ukraine by 2020! Will a year be enough for the former rapprochement of the two fraternal peoples? Time will show.

As before, there will be many hunters for Russian subsoil, but Vanga warns: “As soon as they take someone else’s, they will lose theirs.” So for now, you can be calm for your national treasures. By the end of 2020, Russia will be firmly on its feet and going its own way.

Regarding the climate, Vanga predicted a very dry summer for our camp: “it is very stuffy, the sun burns”, “the heat is unbearable”. It won’t rain for so long that even the rivers are crushed. But still, the drought will not be able to harm agriculture: “the rain will pass, and the crop will not die.”

Vanga: predictions for 2020 (4 photos)

Natural disasters

In addition to a dry summer for Russia, nature will present serious disasters for Taiwan and nearby states. Vanga predicts several earthquakes at once in this part of Asia. She associates their appearance with active human activity, due to which the integrity of the relief will begin to be violated faster.

Africa is also in trouble – a big epidemic that will take a huge number of lives. Mankind will be looking for a vaccine against a terrible disease for a whole year.

The most common disease on Earth will be skin cancer, largely due to the much more frequent solar flares. Scientists will seriously express concern about this. No less fear due to the risk of an ecological catastrophe will be caused by the glaciers of the Arctic, which will begin to melt even faster. In general, the cataclysms that await humanity in 2020 are more than serious and dangerous. No less dramatic visions of the seer about the future of European countries.

What’s next for Europe

Vanga’s predictions for 2020 regarding European states literally look gloomy and do not inspire optimism. The seer saw a catastrophic religious conflict that would rage on the territory of the main states of the Old World for several years. As the relatives of the healer later said, this vision was especially disturbing to her. The Bulgarian clairvoyant attributed the crisis in religion in part to the large influx of refugees from the countries of the Middle East and Africa.

Vanga: predictions for 2020 (4 photos)

At the time of the vision, such a number of Muslims were not yet in Europe, which means that the seer was able to see large-scale migrations of Syrians, Lebanese and people of other nationalities due to endless military conflicts on the territory of their native states. The seer says that “crowds of dissidents, presenting themselves as victims,” ​​will turn “into servants of the devil.” Doesn’t this mean a global terrorist threat for Europeans? Surely this is what the Bulgarian healer saw.

Most predictions for 2020 are quite tragic and dramatic. It is a pity to realize the fact that Vanga was rarely wrong in her forecasts earlier. And yet let’s hope that even if all the prophecies come true, they will pass with the least losses for humanity!

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