Clairvoyants from the German government predicted the COVID epidemic back in 2012. The official Bundestag report on what awaits us

A very interesting document is posted on the website of the German Federal Department for Public Protection and Disaster Relief. In the public domain, by the way. The document is titled: 2012 Public Protection Risk Analysis Report. The report includes two main threats: the first, quite common in Germany and Austria, is “emergency flooding caused by snowmelt in the mountains of southern Germany”.

But the second threat makes you shudder. It’s called “The Modified SARS Virus Pandemic” (in German Modi-SARS). In 2012, Carl!!!

As you can see, the site is quite official. Of course, the German government has already clarified: they say that such reports are a common thing, we must always be one step ahead of the threat. The Koch Institute took part in the development. I don’t want to say anything, except that the fact is clear: the current scenario was already discussed in 2012. And as discussed, the coincidences are even in the details.

Further quotes from paragraph 2.3 of this document

“The scenario describes an unusual epidemic based on the spread of a new pathogen. For this, a hypothetical pathogen was used, but with real properties.

The example of SARS-Coronavirus (CoV) is directly given.

“The scenario describes a new virus starting in Asia and then spreading around the world.” Appendix 4 reveals this information: “Infection will start in February in Asia and reach Germany in April.”

This is how the virus itself is described (Appendix 4) “Symptoms of the hypothetical SARS virus are almost identical to SARS CoV. The incubation period, that is, the time from transmission of the virus from a carrier to the onset of the first symptoms of the disease, is usually three to five days, but can be as long as two to 14 days. Almost all infected people get sick too. Symptoms are fever and dry cough, most patients develop shortness of breath, changes in the lungs, chills, nausea, and muscle pain. Diarrhea, headache, rash, dizziness, convulsions and loss of appetite. Mortality reaches 10%, but varies in different age groups. Children and adolescents usually have mild symptoms with a case fatality rate of around 1%, while the case fatality rate is as high as 50% for people over 65 years of age.”

“It is believed that each infected person infects an average of three people, and it takes three days for the next transmission. The so-called “super spreader” is not taken into account here”

“The peak of the first wave of the disease will come in about 300 days, when 6 million people in Germany fall ill with the virus” (as I understand it, there are significantly more patients at the same time, in just an epidemic, much more will get sick.).

“After the end of the first wave, two more weaker waves will come within about three years before the development of a vaccine ” Impfstoff verfügbar ist”)

Pretty accurate scenario, I tell you. Let’s see what else the prophets of the federal government are predicting. Let’s move on to Appendix 4.

Will have to face about 7.5 million deaths.

“During the period of the first wave (days 1 to 411) a total of 29 million will fall ill, 23 million in the second wave (days 412 to 692) and during the third wave (days 693-1052) a total of 26 million people in Germany. »

A vaccine is expected in 36 months.

Protective measures may affect fundamental rights: freedom of the individual, freedom of assembly, inviolability of the home, etc.

Infrastructure enterprises are at risk, in the event of the departure of qualified employees, but in general, their functionality will be maintained.

Tourism and air traffic have been suspended for the entire period of the epidemic. Freight transport supported.

Hospitals are expected to be overloaded.

No, well, what are the wizards from the Bundestag? How they looked into the water 8 years ago. Just guessed.

This is, of course, the extreme, worst case scenario. And the mortality of the new infection does not seem to be so high (about 5%, instead of 10% in the report), although in everything else they have guessed so far.

But the script is still gloomy, don’t you think?

The full text can be found at the link at the beginning of the article.

Due to the pandemic and coronapsychosis, my channel has been switched to monitoring the situation.

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