Predictions of Athos elders about the future of Russia and the world (3 photos)

Holy Mount Athos is located on the Greek peninsula. It was customary to build Athos monasteries at an altitude of more than 2500 meters above sea level. It was believed that it was there that the chosen ones of Christ lived, having a connection with God and knowing the future.

The only woman who was blessed by the Lord to visit this place is the Most Holy Theotokos . Her grace has been preserved here for centuries. The predictions of the Athonite elders about Russia are the most reliable, they are said to comfort the people.

Prophecies of St. Paisius the Holy Mountaineer

Even before the start of the 1917 revolution, Paisius predicted that Russia would face very difficult times. Much blood will be shed, but our people will survive. But it all happened – events changed one after another:

  • October Revolution;
  • Stalinist repressions;
  • The Great Patriotic War.

The great elder predicted that after many years of suffering, a calm would come. Then Russia will have to suffer again.

It is worth noting that many saints who lived in the 18th-20th centuries predicted difficult times for Russia. And they also said that all this was from the devil in order to destroy the Christian people. God loves us and wants to turn us to Himself.

And how can he do it? Of course, inflict suffering. Why did the Great Patriotic War happen and the Soviet Union collapsed? Because people forgot God, they decided to live without Him. For which they received great sorrow.

Father Paisius advised people to pray to God, not to forget about faith. After all, salvation is only in her. While the liturgy is being served, people stand together in prayer, the people live.

Predictions of Athos elders about the future of Russia and the world (3 photos)

Predictions of Athos elders about Russia: modernity

Today there are elders on Mount Athos, politicians seek to visit them in order to learn about the fate of their country. But if such a person comes with good intentions, a pure heart, then he will be told about the future of the people.

So what are the predictions of the Athonite elders and can they be trusted? Of course, it is possible, but in general, even necessary. The advice of God’s people has never been superfluous, much less false.

The elders of Athos predict that Russia will again experience trials. But with God, she will endure them safely. Why is she being attacked like that? Because the country is Orthodox, people are believers. And the devil, as the enemy of God, does not like it. And he is trying to destroy an Orthodox person. He will try his best to do so. But we need to stand firm in the faith.

Unfortunately, modern Orthodox patriarchs, false elders, bishops will not preach Christianity. Heretical speech will flow from their lips, aimed not at the salvation of the soul, but at its death. Modern man can only be helped by the Gospel, the teachings of the ancient saints.

Soon the Jews will rise up against the Christians. Turkey will try to attack the Russian army, but will be thrown out. As a result, in due time this state will disappear from the face of the earth. But this is not yet a victory.

There are predictions of Athos elders about Greece and Russia. Greece is mostly considered an Orthodox country. When anti-Christian uprisings start, Russia will try to help Greece. A lot of blood will be shed in the Vatican, more than one million people will die. But the struggle for faith will continue.

Predictions of Athos elders about the future of Russia and the world (3 photos)

Like Paisius the Holy Mountaineer, the elders living on the Agora today give words of consolation to believers: pray to the Lord, do not deny Him, and then nothing bad will happen to you.

And they also predict the destruction of wicked people. Sinners will kill each other. But everything comes true.

For example, drunks fight and it ends in death, they also destroy each other for money. The more debauchery, drunkenness, theft and envy, the more self-destruction from the sinners themselves. These are the predictions of the Athonite elders about modern Russia.

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