Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Several mediums at once, including the strongest participants in the popular project “The Battle of Psychics”, predict some fateful events for Russia and the world in 2024. This will not be an easy year, and some events will even be a “shake-up” for our country. However, Russia will withstand everything, and will emerge victorious from any “battle”.

Feast during the plague (about coronavirus)

The changes in the world that the coronavirus has made have affected almost everyone. And this disease could not hide from the insight of Vanga, who said literally: “There will be a feast during the plague.”

The soothsayer said that a disease previously unknown to science would come at the beginning of the third millennium – either from the East, or from Africa. Scientists from all over the world are still arguing about this, and they can’t come to a consensus. Apparently, this will remain a mystery and no one will be able to accurately detect the source of the disease.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

The seer’s prediction of a feast during the plague is understandable: while some pharmaceutical companies are trying to rid the world of the coronavirus, others are simply trying to get rich by seizing the moment and producing low-quality vaccines, as well as making crazy mark-ups on life-saving drugs. However, people have not changed since ancient times, and there have always been plenty of people who want to get quick and easy money, even if they are obtained on someone else’s mountain.

More interesting are the words of the seer about the spread of the disease. Vanga’s prediction for 2024 about the virus, on the one hand, cannot be called comforting – she claimed that people would get used to the deadly disease and it “would become common, like a cold.” But perhaps this should also be interpreted as the fact that the invented vaccines and herd immunity will make it possible to cope with the coronavirus, and it will become no more dangerous than the mentioned SARS. Unfortunately, Vanga’s predictions do not give us a direct answer to the question of whether the epidemic will end in 2024.

What do science fiction writers and futurologists say about 2024?

It is difficult to look into the future: it is extremely unpredictable and for most writers remains a fantasy. The only thing everyone agrees on is the cool disposition of the future.

Thus, after 2020 the world will no longer be the same – what is happening now and further is seen as a process and result of globalization. The world, it seems, will become one big state with all the ensuing consequences.

Pandemic in 2024 in Russia

Virologist Hans Kluge has predicted that the coronavirus pandemic will end in 2024. Cases of the disease will still occur. Kluge said that in Russia, as elsewhere in the world, the main task will be vaccination.

Despite quarantine relief, social distancing and wearing masks will not disappear from our daily routine.

The scientist urges to prepare for the emergence of new problems regarding the development of herd immunity. New outbreaks of coronavirus are likely due to the fact that vaccinated citizens will feel 100% protected from the disease and will begin to violate epidemiological restrictions.

It is worth remembering that the vaccine only prevents a person’s ability to carry the disease, but does not protect against the possibility of infection from other citizens.

The virologist predicts a decline in the epidemic next year. The plateau will be left behind. Vaccination has begun, the knowledge of virologists about Covid-19 has multiplied many times since 2020. If the virus does not begin to mutate, the disease will become as common and easy to eliminate as a common cold.

Relations with America and China

The second no less “hot” issue is the relationship between Russia and America. Vanga talks about their complete cessation – well, the latest news in world politics hint at deterioration and there are not so many hopes for “warming”. I would like to hope that there is still a way out of the impasse, but it looks like it will not be found in 2024. But with another important player in the foreign policy arena – China – Russia will only strengthen cooperation. What we can observe in our daily life is that trade relations with China are getting stronger, imports of goods are getting faster, and the products themselves are pleasing with their quality.

Prophecies of Nostradamus

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Despite the fact that this French astrologer lived many centuries ago, his predictions are still coming true. The oracle’s predictions include a period up to 2240.

The prophet foretold that in the 21st century there will be many cardinal changes in the life of mankind. A new order of existence of people will be formed, their thinking and behavior will change. Also, people realize that they are wrong in relation to nature.

The elder predicted that in this century humanity will begin to pay for its mistakes. There will be many natural disasters. The situation will only get worse every year. There will also be new deadly diseases and epidemics.

The astrologer also predicted the emergence of bacteriological weapons that could get out of control. He even foresaw the spread of the virus from one of the eastern countries.

The prophet predicted the outbreak of war between 2024 and 2041. In his opinion, a huge number of people will die in this global armed conflict.

The Prophet noted that the cause of many problems will be immigrants from Islamic states who migrate to Europe.

He also pointed out that as a result of the armed conflict, India and China will win. The reason will be the rivalry between the United States and China.

The oracle predicted that China would become the leader of world politics. Russia will take the referee position in the fight between America and China. It will practically not suffer from a global armed conflict.

Nostradamus about wars

The astrologer predicted a tense political situation between countries in 2024. The actions of some countries will provoke a conflict situation.

The astrologer did not rule out a global war that could occur between 2024 and 2041.

Regional armed conflicts will lead to the fact that a huge flow of emigrants will pour into Europe, mainly from Muslim countries. Over time, the number of refugees with a different religion will reach a maximum. Muslims will begin to demand more and more rights in European countries. On this basis, interethnic conflicts will become more frequent.

According to the prediction of Nostradamus, the flow of emigrants will be stopped by the decision of the French government.

The prophet also indicated that tensions between the US and China would grow. These countries will compete for political influence in the world.

Change of habitual way of life

The French oracle predicted that in the near future there would be a complete change in the structure of life. A new order will begin to take shape. Some researchers of the legacy of Nostradamus associate such changes with the “end of the world.” In fact, a completely new stage of development will begin for humanity.

The astrologer predicted the disappearance of language barriers and the creation of a new religion that would take all the best from existing religions.

Predictions about natural disasters

The creative heritage of the French prophet is a vast field for the activities of scientists and experts. Most experts estimate the accuracy of Nostradamus’ prophecies at 70-80%. True, each of them interprets vague and veiled sayings in his own way.

What else to read: Matrona of Moscow: predictions for 2024 Like other soothsayers, Nostradamus talked a lot about climate change, that in the 21st century humanity will face an unprecedented number of natural disasters that bring destruction.

Global warming – in his writings, the French prophet repeatedly drew attention to this problem. He said that in the 21st century the temperature will rise, from which the glaciers will begin to melt rapidly, a drought will begin, and the inhabitants of the northern regions will be forced to flee in search of a suitable place to live.

Unprecedented heat will come to Russia and Europe, natural fires will blaze everywhere, all life will be destroyed by fire. Nostradamus warned that the consequences would be so massive that because of the smoke and smog, people would lose the Sun and the Moon.

At the same time, a series of natural disasters will move from one extreme to another: from large-scale fires to multi-day downpours. The rains will be so heavy that they will cause floods in many countries. Oceania and Australia will suffer the most. The French prophet also predicted earthquakes that would begin after volcanic eruptions.

But the most ominous prophecy is considered to be an unprecedented tsunami force that will appear after a comet falls on the planet. As a result, the African continent will suffer the most, where hunger and disease will begin.

Predictions from the participants of the “Battle of psychics”

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

The show “Battle of Psychics” has been popular with viewers for several years now. Many magicians have an unusual gift and can see into the future. Often from the participants of the “Battle of Psychics” you can hear interesting predictions about Russia and the world as a whole.

One of the most famous winners of the show, Alexander Litvin, suggested that 2024 will be difficult for Russia, as it will be full of various problems and trials. There will be cardinal changes in the government: new faces will appear on the political scene. The people will witness a serious struggle for markets.

Fatima Khadueva is confident that despite all the problems, Russia will stand the test with dignity and prove its greatness and power to the whole world. People from the periphery will no longer go to Moscow. The regions will begin to develop actively: everyone will strive there for money and success. There will be wars in Europe that will bring grief and many lost lives. Nevertheless, the psychic emphasizes that the Third World War will not happen.

Julia Wang predicts absolute economic stagnation for Russia. Popular discontent will lead to fierce enmity between the center and the regions. There will be fundamental changes in the current government. A complete change of power is possible. But not everyone will welcome the arrival of new people with enthusiasm. By the end of 2024, Russia will be on the brink of civil war.

Mehdi Vafa sees the picture more optimistically. He assures that Russia in 2024 will be successful and prosperous. A new life will begin unexpectedly and last for a long time. America will lose its position as world leader. The Russian Federation should look for allies in the east, in particular, stick to the PRC.

Khayal Alekperov commented on the situation in Ukraine. He is sure that all the worst has already happened there and it will not get worse. At the same time, one cannot count on a quick resolution of the conflict. Relations between Ukraine and Russia will gradually improve. In addition, he said that large-scale climatic cataclysms are possible.

Rubina Cybulska says the escalation will stop and the conflict in eastern Ukraine will subside at the end of 2024.

Psychic predictions for 2024 are very different from each other. What will come of this – only time will tell. Predicting the future is not 100% true. Prophecy should be treated as a way to show people what can happen if humanity does not begin to live consciously.

“It will be a hard year” – Alexander Litvin

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

One of the winners of the “Battle of Psychics” project, Alexander Litvin, warned of many problems and various trials for Russia, for which it will be a “hard year”. Lytvyn predicts global personnel changes in the country’s government. Absolutely new people will appear on the political scene. The people will have to get acquainted with little-known deputies, people’s figures and businessmen.

The medium also warned of a serious struggle for markets. The one who will show determination and “think with his own head” will win, Alexander Litvin noted.

Matrona of Moscow

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

The predictions of Saint Matrona are revered by contemporaries and clergymen. She is often compared with Vanga, since Matrona was also blind. But the church did not recognize Wang, and the parishioners worship Matrona in the main church of the saint in Moscow. Matrona’s predictions had a unique style. She talked about significant events that have an impact on the future. The matron voiced visions that help ordinary people and bring healing. Although they did not immediately begin to trust the fortune teller.

Basically, Matrona’s prophecies concerned Russia. She predicted a crisis in the economic and social spheres. Many of Matrona’s predictions coincide with Vanga’s words, but the dates differ. Matrona promised the end of the crisis period for Russia from 2020 to 2025. She believed that a decisive moment had begun for the Russian people. There will be losses, but without this there is no purification of the mind and soul. The seer believed that the struggle for her own freedom would finally bear fruit. Russia will return greatness and become an invincible power. Matrona advised people to turn their faces to the Lord, then no enemies would be afraid.

The saint also had predictions for Ukraine. Matrona felt a strong connection between the two neighboring states. She believed that these countries should not be in conflict and should live in peace. In 2024, the saint predicted difficult times for Ukraine, the Ukrainian people will have to suffer, they will face losses and depletion of resources. Matrona also mentioned the Donbass. She called this territory a reflection of the internal destruction of the country. The seer assured that the threat would not come from a neighboring country, but from the unwillingness of the Ukrainians themselves to answer for their actions and take responsibility. She predicted that Ukraine would recover after a leader who believed in God was in power. Matrona also had visions about Belarus. She said that the country would drown in blood. The saint saw that the revolution would lead to massacres and take many lives.

What Matrona’s predictions came true

Well-known soothsayers in the world – Vanga and Matrona, are compared not by chance. And not only by the fact that both were blind.

They made such predictions for the future, which really turned into reality. But trust in Matrona came later.

Terrible torments fell on her lot – persecution, humiliation and accusations. At first, she predicted the revolutionary actions of 1917, which frankly amazed many.

The clairvoyant described in detail the events of this period – the seizure of land from the peasants, suffering, the demolition of temples, death and destruction. Literally, a year later, her prophecies came true.

What else did Matrona predict:

  • – the death of the family of Nicholas II.
  • the first German attack.
  • – the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.
  • – Russian victory over Germany.
  • – repressions during the Bolshevik period.
  • – the death of Stalin and the names of those who will be in power after him.
  • – what a difficult time the people are waiting for after the collapse of the USSR.
  • – aggressive behavior of the West.

About the end of the world

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events
The prophetic gaze of the blessed old woman extended even further and saw the hardships and troubles that would befall humanity at the end of time.

“How I feel sorry for you,” the saint mourned in conversations with relatives and friends, “you will live until the last times. Life will get worse and worse. Heavy. The time will come when they will put a cross and bread in front of you, and they will say – choose!

The prophecy of the blessed one about the very end of the world is very vague, however, like the narrations of the Apocalypse, and all the predictions of these terrible days in general.

“There will be no war, without war you will all die,” the saint said verbatim. – There will be many victims, all the dead on the ground will lie. And I will also tell you: in the evening everything will be on the ground, and in the morning you will rise – everything will go into the ground. There is war without war.”

Will World War III start?

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events
There are predictions that are not just gloomy, but really frightening. She prophesied that people would walk around as if under hypnosis, and something frightening would float in the air.

Matrona insisted that it was a big mistake to reject God. Because of this, the evil spirit is next to everyone.

The clairvoyant’s predictions about the end of the world assure that the Third World War does not need to be feared. She called the end of the world a war without a war. The matron saw many deaths, but for what reason – she did not specify. Given her prophecies about an evil force that will be side by side with people, then this is probably the point. The saint grieved for those people who will live to the “last times”. Matrona’s predictions about the end of the world are very vague. The saint called before it was too late to come to awareness and faith in God. She assured that if a person believes in the Lord, then no evil is afraid of him. A believer is always stronger than any troubles and misfortunes.

Predictions of the Matrona of Moscow for 2024 promise a difficult period. The predictions of the old woman have come true more than once. Matrona assured that only believers should not worry. It is important to pay attention not to the material world, but to spiritual values. Believers pass by sorrows, sorrows and other unfavorable prophecies. Whether the Matrona of Moscow was right will become known very soon.

What did the clairvoyant want to convey to people

Matrona’s predictions for 2024 are somewhat vague, but at the same time they are intimidating. Most of her visions came true. The main thing that she wanted to convey to humanity is self-awareness and faith in God. Believers should not worry about their future, as they will bypass the sorrows, sorrows and terrible consequences of an ungodly world. It is important to pay attention not to the material world, but to spiritual values. The seer spoke the truth or not, time will tell.

Tamara Globa’s predictions for 2024 for Russia and the world

The famous fortuneteller Tamara Globa has already made her forecasts regarding Russia for the period of 2024. Many famous people trust her horoscopes, so her predictions should not be taken lightly. Tamara Globa’s predictions for 2024 for Russia and the world relate to the most important areas of life. And the opinion of the astrologer is monumental – the state expects many changes that are important for its further existence.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

critical moments

The astrologer predicts that in the New Year in Russia the risk of unleashing civil uprisings increases. Difficult relations await the state with neighboring countries. Everything can change a little if the main leader changes. At the same time, the astrologer recalls that the current head of state is appointed by the universe itself. It is entrusted with the most important mission – to make Russia a rich, independent¸ independent state. He will be replaced by a president with the same tasks and values, but there is a high probability of these changes after 2024.

The confrontation with the American state will also continue, while the European Union will maintain a neutral position on this issue and observe from the sidelines. Maintaining such a hands-off attitude will do more harm than good. Because there will be issues in which there will be a need to discuss and make important decisions.

Positive aspects

In 2024, funding for the army will increase several times. Russia already devotes sufficient influence to the army, rightly believing that without a good military base it is impossible to maintain authority in the world.

In the New Year, the activity of industry will improve, which will positively affect the improvement of living standards and incomes of the population of the state. A breakthrough in the engineering and chemical industries will lead to prosperity in the markets of Western countries. The light and food industries, for their part, will gain such momentum that they will be in demand in huge numbers by the countries of Asia and Latin America.

Work on the industry, its modernization, supply and financing of activities will lead to the fact that the Russian Federation will take a leading position in the world market in terms of the supply of manufactured goods, minerals.

Huge attention will be paid to agriculture. Livestock and crop production will develop by leaps and bounds, because the state aims not only to cover the needs of its own population, but also to keep the export of products at a high level.

Which zodiac sign will be lucky in love in 2024

Single women and men are concerned about whether they will be able to improve their personal lives in the year of the Tiger. The astrologer has compiled a detailed horoscope, according to which good changes can occur for all signs of the zodiac, except for Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Globa’s prediction for 2024 for Russia

Pavel Globa, a well-known astrologer from Russia, is confident that accurate forecasts allow you to carefully consider your next activity. In fact, it is impossible to predict the future to the smallest nuances, because astrology is based on certain trends, cosmic cycles. However, Globa’s prediction for 2024 for Russia allows us to understand what we can still focus on so that people’s lives are much better than they could be.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

How challenging will 2024 be?

In 2024, the economic crisis will continue, which is largely due to conflict situations in politics and the coronavirus pandemic. Subsequently, people will understand that it is important to restructure the economy in Russia and throughout the world as a whole. Politics will also change.

Given Globa’s prophecy, the world will change rapidly. Time, of course, will not be called easy. However, if everything is done correctly, then Russia will be able to significantly improve its own status, which has been lost over the past few years. At the same time, society must be conscious, because it largely depends on it what the consequences of changes will be.

Change cannot be avoided. It is important for citizens to understand this in order to prepare for major changes that will prove to be meaningful. You need to understand that the Age of Aquarius has begun relatively recently, which determines completely different priorities. Those factors that were previously insignificant are beginning to become significant. Such global changes cannot happen quickly. However, in 3-4 years the whole world will live in a completely different way.

It is important to understand that there will be other boundaries and rules in the world. At the same time, the world will turn out to be technocratic. Unfortunately, the consumer society will remain in the past, and the savings will become significant. Only changes in the mood and plans, goals in society will help overcome the crisis that Russia has come to. Even other countries realize that the world will never be the same again. The Russian authorities also understand that it will take a lot of effort to act very differently over time.

Pavel Globa also focuses on global climate change, but this will not be a very fast process either. To date, even the best astrologers do not have proven theories, because without a large static sample, this is impossible. However, in 2024 the coronavirus pandemic will continue, and there will still be climate problems in Russia.

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Will there be policy changes

Globa notes that a serious geopolitical project will begin, which will be determined by the mutual position of Jupiter and Saturn. These planets connect once every 20 years, and they will converge as close as possible. This will be a clear indicator that the situation in Russia and around the world will change rapidly. So, a new geopolitical project will begin.

About diseases and health

P. Globa predicts new waves of mass diseases. He does not at all claim that the next rounds of coronavirus mutations are waiting for us. Although it is also not taken to guarantee that they will not arise, and this year is the last one, when significant numbers of patients with this disease are recorded (rightly pointing out that he is not a virologist).

But the astrologer focuses on something else. Globa believes that humanity will be occupied with a new problem – another disease, the scale of which can be an order of magnitude greater than in the case of coronavirus. Moreover, 2024 will be only the first of a series of several years during which it will be relevant. And it cannot be ruled out that the death rate from this disease will be comparable to the death rate from the infamous Spanish woman a hundred years ago. True, the predictor is convinced that such a forecast is realized only with a frivolous attitude to changing circumstances and unwillingness (or unwillingness) to take the necessary preliminary measures. If this issue is properly taken care of, then the negative effect can be significantly reduced. However, of course, the world community will have to fight for the health of people in any case.

Vlad Rossa

The astrologer believes that this year there will be an increase in tension, it may even come to the start of a world war. Political and economic disagreements, territorial claims and plans of other countries – all this can escalate the situation to the limit. Russia’s chance to avoid war is to think it over in detail and talk with all parties.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

For an ordinary person, the year promises to be pleasant – if you live your life and have children.

Mikhail Levin’s forecast for Russia and the world

The authoritative astrologer Mikhail Levin assured that 2024 will be interesting both in the history of our country and for the world as a whole. The trends of recent years will continue: the crisis is not going anywhere. The financial situation in Russia is difficult. The ruble will continue to fall. In addition to a noticeable deterioration in the financial situation, the rating of the central government will decrease. There will be spontaneous protests and riots everywhere. Putin’s period will end. Everything has been coming to an end for a long time. The change of power will take place not through revolution, but through changes at the top. Perhaps something will change after the elections to the State Duma.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

The coronavirus pandemic will subside. Covid will not disappear at all, it will become something familiar, like a regular flu.

In general, the year will become a little easier, more interesting and dynamic than the previous one. A new era has begun – the air. It will bring greater openness, freedom and novelty. Russia will enter a completely new time for itself.

Forecast by Vlad Ross

Vlad Ross gives his predictions for 2024 for Russia, in which he literally talks about imminent changes. The astrologer voices a sad forecast for the future of the country. According to Ross, Russia risks igniting political conflict with other countries. But if you stop in time and carefully consider your actions, war can be avoided.

From the point of view of numerology, 2024 will turn out favorably for many Russians. If you add up the numbers of this number, you get 6. This figure symbolizes love, beauty, creativity and family. Therefore, 2024 will be a great time to start a romantic relationship or formalize a marriage. And those who are planning to give birth to a child should not deny themselves this.

If we talk about the coronavirus, by this time people will have forgotten about it. They will begin to perceive an infectious disease as a common cold.

“Russia will withstand everything” – Fatima Khadueva

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Yes, Russia will not be easy, but it will endure everything, says another psychic Fatima Khadueva. Our country, according to the expert, will have every opportunity to show and prove its real power to the whole world. Guest workers will stop coming to the capital – they will “spread over the periphery”, where a huge number of vacancies will appear. It is in small towns and villages that people will begin to seek happiness, money and success.

As never before, doctors, gardeners, farmers, environmentalists will be in demand.

Speaking of Europe, Khaduyeva warned of wars and conflicts that would take many lives and prosperity. When asked whether to wait for a war with the participation of Russia and the United States, the psychic answered: it would not be a war, but a “cold confrontation” – distrust and enmity.

Edgar Cayce

The future of the world, according to Edgar, is in our country: unique conditions lead to the constant birth of truly free people who are not susceptible to hostile elements.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Around this time, there will be a revolution in the minds of people – and relationships everywhere will acquire a respectful and wise character. Mr. Casey did not mention anything more accurate about the Russians.

Prediction of the Iranian prophet Salman Salehigudarza

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

An old man from Iran predicted Russia’s way out of the crisis. He assured that the Russian people will survive all trials with dignity. He saw an invisible dome protecting the country from problems. The seer believed that Russia would achieve greatness in 2024. Since that time, a new period in history will begin, there will be a sharp jump in the development of the country. The elder predicted that immigrants would return to the country and, in general, the number of those who wanted to live in the Russian Federation would increase greatly. Russia will be the envy of other states.

The Prophet assured that there will be no more poor and hard work, people will not need anything and will be able to do what they want. But the elder warned that the rise would occur only after a series of trials. First, the state will have to deal with natural disasters and something terrible from China.

“Irreversible events will happen” – Julia Wang

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Psychic Julia Wang claims that things are not as rosy as her colleagues say. After all, Russia in 2024, according to the predictions of the medium, will experience absolute stagnation of the economy and irreversible events. The people are increasingly dissatisfied with the management of the state, and real hostility is growing between the center and the regions.

The Caucasians will not submit to the new government, and Siberia will be stirred up by a separatist wave sponsored by China. Russia risks approaching the brink of civil war by the end of 2024, and it will be very difficult to keep the country as it is now, says Julia Wang.

Vasilisa Volodina’s forecast

The most fashionable astrologer Vasilisa Volodina promises that 2024 will not bring many surprises. Not everything will be easy, but changes for the better will appear. Build the new slowly, you can not run ahead of the locomotive. If you want to change something, then first think through everything thoroughly, and only then proceed to action. It is right to prepare reforms in advance so that one day they do not become personal revolutions. The year will not be as nervous and stressful as the previous ones. Think of this period as a respite and evaluate the consequences of your actions in all areas of life.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

State methods will change, they will become less intrusive. The authorities will face active protests and popular unrest. Some will try to hold on to the old, but progress cannot be avoided. No matter who tries to prevent change, it will still happen. Economic and political changes have long been brewing. The main thing is to change the old gradually, and not abruptly. It is better to build new, based on the old.

What else to read: Predictions of psychics for 2024 The difficulty lies in the fact that the old experience no longer helps, and new methods have not yet been picked up. Therefore, people cannot decide what to do: stick to the old norms or replace them with something new. You can not succumb to provocations, try to remain calm. Try to understand what has become superfluous in your life, and give it up. It’s time to get rid of outdated installations that do not allow moving forward.

Natural disasters are possible. The world will experience earthquakes and hurricanes with devastating consequences.

As for the economic prospects, the ruble will not get stronger, although strong fluctuations should not be expected. The Russian economy will not strengthen, therefore, there are no grounds for strengthening the ruble. Savings are best kept in different currencies in several banks. A sharp fluctuation in the prices of cryptocurrencies is expected. A good period for playing on the stock exchange with stocks and securities. In general, one can prepare for a tense economic situation in the country and in the world. Once again, many people will have to save even on household items.

There will be new taxes and fees. The only way to fight this is through legal means: make sure you get all the subsidies and benefits you can claim.

This year will open before us new laws and rules of interaction between people and people with nature. Global changes are not expected.

Vasilisa Volodina reminds us that positive changes do not fall from the sky and do not come to everyone at the same time, as happens with bad events. For more good changes, make an effort. Difficulties are always easy to predict, but improvements will have to be worked on.

“Russia will gain strength in the international arena” – Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

The winner of the “Battle of Psychics” Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa told his vision of the future of Russia. The medium claims that the Russians are waiting for a prosperous and successful life, which will last long enough. But the United States and the European Union will lose their positions and cease to be world leaders. Russia will be in search of new allies.

Monk Abel

As for 2024, the monk found it difficult to express something definite, but just at that time events will take place that will change not only Russia, but the whole world.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

In 2-3 years, Abel foresees a grandiose change of power – to a new, previously unknown leader. He will be blessed, the term of his reign will be 30 years, during which, and much after, life will become qualitatively better, and the country will unfold at full power.

15-year-old Indian astrologer Abigya Anand made a prediction for 2024

Indian boy Abigya Anand, who predicted the world of the COVID-19 pandemic, posted a 20-minute video on the social network. The main content is the prediction of big events that will happen on Earth in the period 2021-2024. As the young astrologer-predictor says, at this time people will face more difficult challenges and something “grand” awaits all of us.

What an Indian 15-year-old boy said about coronavirus

Anand divided his astrological forecast into three parts.

“Today I will talk about the period between December 2021 and April 2024. This will be a very important period that will affect the next 400 years, ”said the young prophet in his video posted on YouTube.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

In the first part, the guy named the reasons why 2020 is called the “year of disaster”, what led to the pandemic and how it affects people. Anand said in the video that the virus was supposed to first appear in people’s lives in November 2019.

Abigya Anand’s second prophecy indicates that the economy will start to recover after November 2021 and human life will gradually return to normal until 2024. In the future, the economy may focus on cloud computing. 5g technology, which is being rolled out all over the world, could lead to difficulties in the future. But innovation will continue to enter people’s lives, both good and bad things will happen.

In the third part, Anand gave his opinion on vaccines and the autoimmune system. He believes that the immune system is stronger and better able to fight the new coronavirus, so more exercise should be done in daily life.

Economy and technology

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Abigya Anand also spoke about how he sees the development of the economy, noting that this is not so simple either. After all, in 2024 the world will finally come out of self-isolation and recover. After that, another, no less deep crisis awaits him, the young man warns.

Finally, it is worth paying attention to Anand’s prediction regarding the development of technology. He notes that cloud technologies and the fifth generation of 5G communications will dominate. Of course, the introduction of these technologies will not do without problems, but in the end they will serve people for a long time and reliably.


Anand’s forecast for 2024

Anand believes that life will return to normal by the beginning of 2024, but new viruses will appear next spring, against which the current vaccines will be useless. However, the boy urges people not to lose heart. According to him, the human immune system is able to cope with any infection.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

As for the issue of economics, everything is not so simple. On the one hand, this year the world will begin to gradually recover from the corona crisis. On the other hand, another economic crisis awaits humanity.

Separately, Anand touched upon the issue of technology development. The Indian astrologer believes that the future belongs to cloud technologies and the fifth generation of 5G communications. The introduction of 5G, although it may come with some challenges, will ultimately serve people well.

It should be noted that such predictions should always cause a skeptical smile. What has been said is either based on already available information – the simplest work of logicians, or on people’s fears and simple inferences. However, the unfortunate, living without true faith, very often believe all sorts of astrologers and other “specialists”.

The pandemic will recede, but new challenges will emerge

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

The prophecies of the Indian boy Abigya Anand are based on his astrological calculations and analyses. No sooner had people finished discussing the predictions of this young prophet about the pandemic than he gave out another “dose” of information. It refers to the nearest 2024.

The coming year will bring very important events to humanity, and even “big things are coming,” Anand says. The year 2024 is able to influence the course of events for four hundred years ahead, says the young prophet. According to him, the global pandemic will finally recede at the beginning of the year, and as suddenly as it came. People’s lives will take their course. However, soon there will be new, no less dangerous challenges and ailments against which there are no vaccines. People will not be discouraged, the boy encourages. After all, the immune system is a very strong and reliable system.

“The unity of Russia will be restored” – Khayal Alekperov

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Another psychic, Khayal Alekperov, spoke about the development of the situation in Ukraine in 2024. According to the expert, the fate of Ukraine depends solely on the wisdom of the Ukrainian political elite. There is no need to wait for a final resolution, but the unity of Russia will be restored, and relations between the two countries will gradually improve again. Truth will be restored, evil will be destroyed, Alekperov assures.

Vanga’s foresight

According to the predictions of this clairvoyant, Russia will have a good time in 2024. Although you can’t call it simple. However, the changes that are already underway (which confirms Vanga’s earlier statements) and will continue further are so promising and significant that the complexity should not scare, but inspire and exclusively positive expectations.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

The country will continue to move up and forward, improving its position in the world in many areas. Doubts about who is the true progressive in today’s world will gradually disappear, and if statements of aggression and the like continue to be heard, they will become rarer and mostly strictly declarative.

In the light of the entire array voiced by Vanga and correlated specifically with the next annual cycle, it cannot be ruled out that issues related to states along the perimeter of Russian borders will finally begin to be practically resolved. And this applies, among other things, to Ukraine. True, it is not a fact that this will be good for Ukraine itself (as its authorities understand it), but there will most likely be fewer uncertainties, and the situation will develop, which is desirable for the Russian Federation.

Vanga’s predictions about Russia over the years – 21st century

By the beginning of the 21st century, Vanga’s statement that nothing but Russia and the glory of Vladimir will remain on earth, a prophecy about an empty and cold Europe, and Vanga’s prediction about a black US president, dates back to the beginning of the 21st century. Her words about Vladimir, who will bring glory and world domination to Russia, are considered a prophecy about Putin.

In 2017, according to the seer from Bulgaria, Vladimir will already rule. Starting this year, Russian enterprises will begin to develop and new ones will appear. This is a good time for business.

As for Russia, Vanga said: “She withstood this, she will also withstand this. The country will change, but the people will remain the same.” This prediction is ambiguous. In modern times, change can be both good and catastrophic.

Prosperity awaits the country, but its inhabitants must beware of the spiritual corruption that always accompanies an improvement in the standard of living. Wars and some conflicts with other countries are possible, protests within the country – there will always be people who are dissatisfied with the actions of the government.

During a crisis situation in the world, it is foolish to think that the situation in Russia will change dramatically, but the course has already been chosen and it would be inappropriate to change it. It is also hard to imagine that victory can come without complications, both in foreign and domestic policy. But all difficulties can be overcome. Vanga spoke about this in the forecast for 2024.

By 2024, the number of Russians will noticeably decrease. It is unlikely that the Russian nation will die out. Perhaps there will be a large influx of emigrants, because, according to predictions, Russia will have to save the inhabitants of other countries from cataclysms and the consequences of wars, perhaps Russians will have to accept refugees from Europe and America.

Unification with China and India is possible, and if this unification becomes a new state, the prophecy of a small number of Russians can also be easily explained by a large number of citizens of other nationalities.

In 2024, there will be conflicts within Russia that will end with the division of Russia into several separate states. Moscow will no longer be the capital, it will become part of some new country. The same will happen with Siberia and the Urals. These parts of Russia will not be conquered, their inhabitants themselves will wish for secession.

In 2030, Siberia and other breakaway parts of Russia will prosper. Large cities will develop especially. Residents of all regions of Russia, both those that separated and those that remained part of the country, will not feel the need.

Other countries will want to take over part of Russia’s territory, but its borders will be well defended. Wars and internal conflicts are not expected.

In 2040, Russia will be the world’s cradle of culture and religion. This is the secret of her salvation and prosperity. After all, as you know, Vanga said that only the glory of Vladimir and Russia would remain, the rest would disappear from the face of the planet.

In 2045, a global crisis will begin. All countries will be in a panic. Oil will run out, the energy industry will decline. There will be food and water shortages. Especially problems with water will affect European countries.

Russia will bypass this crisis. The Russians will have water, light, heat. The country may be overpopulated, but it will live off its own resources and prosper.

By 2060, Russia will become a great power with world authority. It will not need help from other countries or even any cooperation with them. Territories will expand.

There will be no war, because Russia will have some formidable weapon and military power that no one wants to argue with. The previously separated territories will wish to become parts of a great country again, but they will not be accepted back.

Vanga’s prophecy about coronavirus

Global changes in the world due to the “Corona” were felt by almost all people. This illness could not pass by the seer Vanga, who said literally: “There will be a feast during the plague.”

The woman spoke about her visions in which humanity will face an unknown virus at the beginning of the 3rd millennium. He will come from the East or Africa. Scientists are still arguing about its exact origin, but it will remain a mystery.
Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

As for the “feast during the plague”, this expression is easy to explain. While some pharmaceutical companies are trying to save the world from an unknown disease, others, taking advantage of the situation, want to get rich by developing low-quality vaccines and selling them for crazy money.

Also, companies make huge mark-ups on vital medicines for the treatment of Corona. But humanity does not change in terms of profit. Since ancient times, there have always been those who want to get quick and easy money on someone else’s grief.

Vangelia also talked about the spread of the disease in 2024. On the one hand, the forecast is not so terrible, but on the other hand, it is disappointing.

More interesting are the words of the seer about the spread of the disease. Vanga said that people will get used to the deadly virus, and those infected will suffer the disease like a common cold. Or maybe her words should be interpreted differently – vaccination will help to cope with the virus, and it mutates into a less dangerous strain, such as SARS.

Unfortunately, Vanga’s predictions do not give us a direct answer to the question of whether the epidemic will end in 2024. In any case, you need to come to terms with the fact that this disease will not go anywhere in 2024. Therefore, you need to get used to the new reality that Vanga predicted a very long time ago.

alien invasion

According to Vanga, humanity will have to contact creatures from other planets. But this contact will be forced. Aliens attack our Earth and take people prisoner.

financial turmoil

The gap between the rich and the poor will widen. Money will be divided into two streams: those that flow to the east and those that flow to the west and in the opposite direction. Both streams will enter our country, so the financial situation in Russia will be relatively stable.

Russia’s relations with the West will cease completely, but cooperation with the East, in particular, with China, will intensify.

The world will be forced to abandon cash in favor of digital currency.

The winner of the “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps published a prediction for 2024

In this age of anxiety and uncertainty, more and more people want to look into the future and act according to the principle of “forewarned is forearmed.” A young and handsome medium, the winner of the 14th season of the “Battle of Psychics” is rapidly gaining popularity among fans of psychics. How does a person who can see through time and hear the voices of the departed see Russia and the world in 2024?

What will 2024 be like for Russia

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

In 2024, the wave of protests against Russia will decrease, but the income of the country’s residents will not increase much. The political situation in the country will be stable only after the elections to the State Duma are over. According to Sheps, Russia and America will improve their relations. America will no longer regard Russia as its enemy, so its attention will be shifted to a country that will rise up on the world stage.

Earlier, Alexander Sheps predicted many events in the world that have already come true. It was he who prophesied that hostilities would begin in Syria, and Russia would take a direct part in it.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

In 2024, there will be an indulgence on the part of the EU countries. They will start looking for ways to improve relations with Russia and will try to establish cooperation with it. The country’s economy will gradually improve, but such changes will not be felt by the inhabitants of the country.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing crisis in the world, the situation in Russia will not seem so critical. The Russian economy will not deteriorate, and all this is due to a rich harvest. A deep crisis in Russia may develop only after 2024. In general, 2024 will be optimistic for Russians. Serious confrontations and disagreements within the country are not expected.

I believe – I do not believe

Alexander was distinguished by psychic abilities from childhood, and his mother, who practices divination by Tarot cards, supported and developed her son’s gift. Following Alexander, his younger brother Oleg also became interested in magic and extrasensory perception, he was also a participant in the show “Battle of Psychics”. That is, Alexander’s gift and “third eye” are family.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

Oleg and Alexander Sheps

Now the winner of the “Battle” has a private practice, is working on a book, opened a store “Magic Workshop” in Moscow, maintains a blog in which he shares forecasts, poetry and photo reports. His predictions came true in many ways, so he is confidently gaining weight and confidence as a psychic. If you go back to 2020 and read his forecasts for 2021, you might be surprised how similar they are to a chronicle of events that have already taken place. Therefore, even if you are a skeptic and deny any esotericism, it is worth at least out of “sports” interest to observe whether his predictions will come true.

What awaits Russia in 2024, according to Alexander Sheps

Alexander Sheps sees 2024 for Russia as a calmer and more stable year than the current 2021. In 2024, Alexander predicts the stabilization of the internal situation in the country, the extinction of political conflicts. The economy as a whole will not show rapid growth until 2024, but its decline will stop. 2021 will bring a good crop harvest, which will help contain price increases.

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

There will be no cardinal changes in foreign policy, but the pressure of the international community on Russia will weaken. The young medium also sees a thaw in relations between Russia and America in 2024.

In the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, little progress is expected in 2024, but an effective search for consensus is quite likely in the next two or three years.

Forecast from Vera Lyon

Predictions for 2024 for Russia about various events

According to the Kazakh fortuneteller, the President of Russia will continue his correct policy to strengthen the country. The Russian Federation will face difficult challenges, but will successfully overcome obstacles.

The country will also experience a number of natural disasters in 2024. They will bring grief and suffering to people. However, according to the astrologer, you should not panic. Gradually, life will improve and the people will be proud of their country.

Will there be happiness

When asked which of the people would be happy in the world she predicted, Vanga said: “Who will be able to distinguish truth from lies and be able to attach good fists, but it will become more and more difficult with time.”

In 2024, the era of the advent of information technology will continue. Increasingly valuable are not only real resources, but also pure information. With its help, you can manipulate the minds of people, ideas are sold no worse than other goods, patents allow you to earn money even without producing anything. But in all this information flow, it will be more and more difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. Information is easier to manipulate than to make a fake for any product. And therefore, only those who can distinguish truth from lies, who will be able to turn to a reliable source of information, will win. Moreover, such a judgment will be fair in interpersonal relationships. Being sincere, people can be happy. But relationships built on lies will never become a guarantee of happiness.

Will there be a war in 2024

Predictions of clairvoyants and psychics:

Vanga The Bulgarian seer predicted the beginning of the civil war in Russia. True, the exact date is unknown from her forecasts. She noted that ordinary people will not be satisfied with the economic state of the country and the robbing of the population by officials.
Pavel Globa the psychic did not rule out the deterioration of the economic condition of the country and the buildup of military potential in connection with the coming war. True, P. Globa believes that the war is most likely to take place in 2024.
Faith Lyon the soothsayer believes that Russia will not fight in Ukraine and will be able to avoid a war in the Middle East.
Vasilisa Volodina the psychic believes that the situation of the people will gradually worsen, which will lead to an increase in protest moods.
Elder Vissarion the prophet predicted a coup in Russia and a war with the eastern aggressor. Only faith in God will save the country.
Elder Elpidius of Athos the sorcerer predicted that super-powerful weapons would be created in Russia and she would go with him against her enemies in Europe and Asia. Turkey will be the main arena of battles. A lot of people will die.
Elpidius the prophet did not rule out an attack on Russia by China. He predicted that Siberia would be part of the Celestial Empire.
Elder Seraphim Vyritsky the predictor believes that the Far East will go to Japan, and Siberia to the Chinese. This will happen after the split of Russia as a result of a global war.

According to the philosopher Paracelsus, Russia will be between two fires – from the East and the West. There will be a nuclear confrontation between the leading powers of the world, as a result of which a third of the world’s population will die.

Thus, judging by the above predictions and forecasts of specialists, it is impossible to say with certainty whether there will be a war in Russia or not in 2024.

You need to understand that a lot will depend on politicians and their ability to resist aggressive moods in the world.

Scholars on the prosperity of Russia

They base their forecasts on analytical data and mathematical models.

The Norwegian consulting company Rystad Energy predicted the growth of the Russian economy in 2024 due to an increase in oil and gas production. Gazprom and Rosneft will strengthen their positions by concluding new long-term agreements.

The flow of significant amounts of money into the country will allow Russia to quickly get out of the crisis associated with the pandemic.

Specialists of the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-term Forecasting also predict a recovery in the Russian economy. “Covid restrictions” will be reintroduced. However, they will not affect wages and inflation. Analysts believe that the indicators in 2024 will return to the previous framework. Unemployment will decrease and wages will gradually begin to rise.

Despite the forecasts of Western economists, the ruble practically did not fall, and the Russian economy became one of the first to emerge from the crisis associated with the coronavirus infection. The country’s external debt remained at the same level: 30% of GDP.

According to the forecasts of Russia’s leading economists, the rise in energy prices will continue, and the state’s social policy will improve the situation of the poor.

Robot army will destroy humanity

There are too many people on earth.

AI robots will evolve to have the intelligence of mice, then rats, then cats, then dogs and monkeys. They can become dangerous, get out of control and even kill people.

“Tears, cries and lamentations, howls, horror,

Heart inhuman, cruel, black and cold:

Lake Geneva-Islands, Genoa-noble people,

Blood will be shed, no one will be spared.”

War between humans and vampires

A family (three brothers) of extremely powerful and power hungry vampires who want to rule the world will spread a disease that will kill many people. Nostradamus makes many references to blood, war and famine in the same sentence: a devastating virus will wipe out a third of the nation.

Those who feel at ease will suddenly be defeated

a world in trouble because of three brothers;

their enemies will capture the sea city,

famine, fire, blood, plague – all evil doubled.

From a vain enterprise honor and undeserved complaint,

Boats tossed among the Latins, cold, hunger, waves

Not far from the Tiber, the land stained with blood,

And various disasters will fall on humanity.

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