Why do Vanga’s prophecies come true?

Many of Vanga’s prophecies have already come true, but most of her legacy is yet to be tested! Where did Vanga get her predictions from? Secret revealed!

What gave Vanga her full name?

There is hardly an adult in the civilized world now who has not heard of the blind soothsayer Vanga¹?

How is this clairvoyant so different from others?

The fact that 85% of Vanga’s predictions came true with amazing accuracy. Not a single clairvoyant gave such accurate predictions!

But Vanga almost died at birth! Read…

The great seer Vanga was born at midnight from 12/31/1911 to 01/01/1912 in the small town of Strumice. Her full name is Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova, nee Dimitrova.

The girl was born very weak, seven months old, the fingers on the arms and legs grew together, and the ears grew to the scalp.

For two months after birth, no one could say with certainty that the child would live. They decided to christen her Vagnelia, hoping that the name would help the child survive.

And what’s interesting!

Soon after the rite of baptism, the girl’s health improved by itself!

When did they first talk about Vanga’s predictions?

Vanga’s amazing psychic abilities manifested themselves from an early age, when she began to predict the future. During the Second World War, people already came to her to find out about their fate, find loved ones who were missing, get rid of illnesses or get wise advice.

Vanga’s predictions concerned the fate of different countries, peoples and individuals.

Vanga’s prophecies that have already come true!

Vanga very accurately predicted the death of Joseph Stalin, for which she was sentenced to ten years in prison without the right to correspond. But six months later she was released, because the prophecy came true.

She also said to Hitler: “Get away from the USSR,” but he did not listen to her.

Vanga warned about the assassination attempt on Kennedy, about unrest in Czechoslovakia, her predictions touched Reagan, Gorbachev, Putin, Bush. In the sixties of the last century, Vanga saw the collapse of the twin towers and the devastating tsunami in Thailand.

Why could Vanga see the past and the future?

Many believed that the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga could read minds and thus learn everything about her visitors, but, as she herself said, she had three sources of information:

  • the voice that sounded inside her;
  • words and images that flashed before the mind’s eye;
  • the souls of the dead who came to her to tell about their relatives.

Contacts with the inhabitants of the subtle world were commonplace for Vanga, and she did not hide it. Complained often:

“It happens that I can only sleep an hour a day, the spirits bother me, they don’t leave me alone, they say:“ Wake up, it’s time to work. ”

What do the souls of the dead look like according to Vanga?

According to Vanga, the souls of dead people are very similar to the description of the entities of the astral world in esoteric teachings. They are transparent like air, plastic like water, and have a certain luminosity.

In astral bodies, the consciousness of people resides between incarnations in the physical world. At the moment of death, consciousness leaves the physical body and moves to its next shell – the astral one, in which it continues to live and develop in the conditions of the subtle world.

There is no dense veil between the physical and the astral world, and many clairvoyants see the souls of dead people who have passed into another world.

Amazing clairvoyant sessions!

Vanga said that when a resident of the subtle world came to her with a visitor, a series of events of the past, present and future flashed before her eyes. She was simply not physically able to voice all the information, so she asked what interests a person in the first place.

“The souls of the dead people came and did what they please…”

“When a visitor appeared, I began to see pictures of events, places, different people, disasters and happy moments. These pictures moved from right to left at great speed. I couldn’t retell everything I saw and I couldn’t stop this movie. The spirits themselves called me the name of the person, and I simply repeated what I saw and heard from them.

According to Vanga herself, it was not always easy for her to communicate with spirits!

“The souls of the dead are no less emotional than living people. The dead can yell so loud it makes my head explode. They scream especially loudly when it is necessary to warn a person about a disaster, illness or death. But such things cannot be said. And the spirits seem to force and scream more insistently. Then I have to turn away and speak in a whisper so that the visitor does not hear. This information must pass through me and come out, otherwise I will go crazy or even die.

Vanga’s amazing superpowers gave her the opportunity to communicate even with those souls who left the physical world more than 100-150 years ago.

Vanga said that she was an intermediary between the two worlds.

Scientists suggest that Vanga lived in a world of images where there is neither time nor space, and therefore she could see events that were shifted in real time many years ago or forward. They are still studying the legacy of Vanga, as it concerns the fate of many countries and peoples.

Vanga’s most famous prophecies to be tested!

Below you will find Vanga’s prophecies about Russia, which also apply to other countries.

  • 2017 – business will develop in Russia, the level of prosperity of the population will rise.
  • 2024 – conflicts will occur on the territory of Russia, which will lead to internal fragmentation. Moscow will cease to be the capital and become part of the new country. The Urals and Siberia will be detached.
  • 2030 – Siberia and the newly formed countries on the site of old Russia will prosper. The borders of the new Russia will be well fortified, conflicts and wars will not occur during this period.
  • 2040 – Russia will become the cradle of world religion and cultural heritage.
  • 2045 – Thanks to its internal resources, Russia will prosper, while other countries will become poor and die.
  • 2060 – Russia will become a world power with resources and powerful weapons. Previously separated territories will want to return back, but this will not happen.
  • 2176  – The war against Russia, which will be waged by other countries, will be hard, many people will die, but in the end Russia will win.
  • At the beginning of the 23rd century,  Russia will be recovering from a devastating war.
  • In the 24th century,  Russians will explore space. Cities will be built on Mars and the Moon, where a part of the population will move, to build beautiful cities for living there.
  • 2450 – a catastrophe will occur on Earth, which for the most part will affect precisely the territory of Russia. Many inhabitants will move to the Moon and Mars.
  • 2890 – Mars will become the second Earth, where the remains of ancient civilizations will be discovered.
  • 3000 – Russia is no more, but the Russian people will continue to live, preserving their culture, language and writing. A new state will be built, which will be fully automated.

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