Vanga about the war in Eastern Ukraine (5 photos)

The instability of the modern world, the threat of the collapse of world economies, local wars that threaten to develop into global ones, all the destructive natural disasters force an increasing number of people to turn to the prediction of the future made by famous astrologers and predictors.

For us, the most interesting are the predictions that relate to events in Ukraine, and more specifically the war in the Donbass. Starting with a peaceful student protest at the end of 2013, the conflict quickly outgrew a violent confrontation between the authorities and the protesters. Burning tires, Molotov cocktails led to the use of firearms.

The subsequent removal of Yanukovych and the rise to power of politicians, with the help of radical nationalists, grafted the country into the loss of part of the territories and a bloody war with the direct participation of Russia. Already at the beginning of 2014, people with fear and hope began to look on the Internet for predictions about the fate of Ukraine, Russia, Crimea and Donbass.

When will the war in Donbass end, the prediction of various prophets 

Let’s try to identify the main questions we are looking for answers to:

  • When will the war in Donbass end?
  •  When will the territory of Donbass return to Ukraine?
  • When will Crimea return to Ukraine?
  • When will the era of prosperity come to Ukraine?

Vanga about the war in Eastern Ukraine (5 photos)

Pavlo Globa predicts a transition to a frozen state of the conflict in Donbass

To all these questions, we find completely different, dissimilar predictions and prophecies. Let’s compare the predictions of the future about Donbass by Russian and Ukrainian astrologers. The famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa made a sensational prediction in 2009, in his interview to the Arguments and Facts newspaper, for 2014, in which, although he did not show a 100% hit, he identified the main trends in the development of the situation in the world. Here and the displacement of Yanukovych, the split of Ukraine into three parts and multiple global crises.

Of course, as is the trend of many soothsayers living in the Russian Federation, this is Russia’s fantastic rise. Pavel Globa’s latest prediction is more specific about when the war in Donbass will end. This is a transition to a frozen state of conflict, until the arrival of a strong leader who will be able to resolve this conflict.

Donbass will remain, albeit not as part of Russia, but with a government very close to Russia, somewhere with its relatives in Transnistria. Pavel Globa also expects the arrival of a more pro-Russian government in Ukraine, which will be able to maintain a balance between Russia and the West. Ukrainian astrologers, in turn, predict the future: Ukraine will win in this conflict.

Vanga about the war in Eastern Ukraine (5 photos)

Julia Wang predicts the end of the war in Donbas in 2017

So the winner of the TV show “Battle of Psychics” Julia Wang makes predictions about the end of the war in Donbass. The war will end by 2017, Donbass will remain part of Ukraine, but with a special status. A very interesting point is the prediction of a nuclear strike on the problem areas of Donbass by Russia.

Another well-known Ukrainian astrologer from Kharkov, Elena Maksimova, when asked when the war in Donbass will end, makes a new prediction: in 2017 there will be the last failure in the economy, after which Ukraine will have a smooth transition to a state of economic growth. During this period, Ukraine will be able to regain not only the eastern regions, but even the Crimea. As for the hostilities, the conflict in the Donbass will be in a frozen state until it ends by the summer of 2017.

As we can see, modern psychics are often influenced by the general politics of their country. As they say: “Each sandpiper praises his swamp.” In this regard, we are interested in the predictions made by the seers of the past.

When will the war in the Donbass end according to Vanga 

The famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga (Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova), who lived in the last century, gained worldwide fame thanks to her clairvoyant gift. Being blind since childhood, she saw this world much more clearly than many sighted people. For her help, not only ordinary people turned to her, but also many powerful people of this world. Among the many predictions of Vanga, there are predictions about Ukraine. In these predictions, allowance must be made for the fact that Vanga was a poor, uneducated peasant woman.

Vanga about the war in Eastern Ukraine (5 photos)

Vanga assumed that the war would end after the change of the current leaders of both Russia and Ukraine.

Well versed in diseases and in the fate of individuals, Vanga was poorly versed in the modern world order. Another aspect is that during the years of Vanga’s life, such a state as Ukraine was not known to her. Searching bit by bit, different researchers of Vanga’s life interpret her predictions in different ways.

Vanga’s words about the fate of the Crimean peninsula were taken literally for many years and aroused distrust among many. The erosion of the isthmus connecting the peninsula with mainland Ukraine was more attributed to the prediction of a natural cataclysm than to political storms. Now we are convinced that yes, the isthmus is blurred.

The railway communication was stopped, there was no water supply to the peninsula, which helped in the irrigation of agricultural land, the supply of electricity and food was cut off. Why not an island? After the completion of the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, providing Crimea with everything necessary, one can only hope for a miracle predicted by Ukrainian astrologers, for the return of Crimea to the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

Vanga did not forget to make predictions about the war in the Donbass and its end. The increase in aggression and intolerance in society, according to Vanga, will cause a fratricidal conflict, where brother will go against brother, mothers will forget about children. A flame will break out in the east, grinding the whole country into powder. It can be assumed that the Sagittarius man who started the war in the Donbass (fair or criminal – as you like.) is none other than Igor Ivanovich Strelkov (Girkin).

Like many modern predictors, Vanga assumed that the war would end after the change of current leaders, both Russia and Ukraine. Only tolerance and understanding that we are all fraternal peoples will contribute to the peace and well-being of our states, and will speed up the day when the war in Eastern Ukraine will end. The time of the end of the conflict, though not so rosy, but not apocalyptic either. Everything should be back to normal by 2030. 

Vanga about the war in Eastern Ukraine (5 photos)

Elder Schema-Archimandrite Jonah (Jonah of Odessa) predicted that the war in Donbas would end in 2016

The predictions of the elders confirm the words of Vanga 

From ancient times, the predictions of the elders, special monks, who proved their authority by zealous service to God and their righteous life, enjoyed special authority.

One of the last elders who predicted the war in the Donbass and its end was the great elder Schema-Archimandrite Jonah (Jonah of Odessa). Having lived a long and righteous life (born 1925 and died in December 2012), his last predictions were about the beginning of a big bloody conflict in Ukraine a year after this death, and about three subsequent Easters.

The first Easter will be bloody, the second will be hungry, the third will come with victory. With the victory of Russia. It can be said with accuracy that the prediction about the first two Easters came true, it is still too early to talk about the third. With great certainty, it is only clear that, according to the prediction of the elder, the conflict will end in 2016.

Another great authority in the Orthodox world is the Athos elders, who live on the sacred Mount Athos. Answering numerous questions from believers about the end of the war in Donbass, the elders constantly repeat that Ukraine is going through difficult, but extremely necessary times for the formation of a strong state.

According to the elders, the Orthodox faith will help Ukrainians to walk this path, which should unite people within the country, give consolation and hope for restoration to all the destitute. Only with the Orthodox faith will it be possible to build fraternal relationships and try on warring peoples among themselves.

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