Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

The Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga is one of the most iconic seers of the last centuries in the entire post-Soviet space. Her prophecies were striking in their accuracy and detail during her lifetime and do not cease to amaze after death. The topic of our today’s material: Vanga’s predictions for 2024 for Russia and the whole world, verbatim and with expert comments. During her lifetime, politicians, scientists, stars and many ordinary people turned to her advice. She helped everyone and always spoke the truth without hiding. In our article you will find a calendar of Vanga’s predictions over the years about the coronavirus, Putin, world war, Europe, Ukraine, the USA for the 21st and 22nd centuries. Quite a lot of her predictions have come down to our time, so we will try to choose only those that seem the most interesting and reliable.

Vanga’s prediction: difficult times of change are coming in 2024

Vanga was unequivocal in her statements regarding the current century, difficult times await Russia in 2024.

  • It’s time for change. Grandmother Vanga believed that the year would be a turning point in the life of the whole world. Those who can find the strength to move forward will be able to solve all their problems. This applies not only to each individual person, but to the world as a whole. It is difficult to say what the Bulgarian soothsayer meant by this statement. However, even now we are seeing not the best picture in international relations between countries.
  • Loss of spirituality. The seer predicted an increase in consumption and a complete loss of spirituality by mankind. People get too hung up on the material aspect of life and think less and less about morality and faith. Parents will forget about their children in an attempt to get material wealth, become more famous and richer. Human selfishness will reach truly enormous proportions. Salvation will be found in faith, which will guide you on the right path and free you from the shackles of the material world.
  • Money will go out of business. It is in 2024 that money will almost completely disappear from everyday life. They will be completely replaced by numbers. There is no doubt in the words of the seer. Everyone has bank cards, and cash is no longer something that you need to always have with you. And the emergence and development of cryptocurrencies calls into question the existence of money in general. Perhaps one day the whole world will have to switch to some new single virtual currency. That’s what it’s all about. Therefore, her words do not seem absurd or unrealizable.
  • The person who brings peace. Once, during the next reception, Vanga casually mentioned that around 2024 a person will appear who can unite the whole world and give peace to the Earth. What the seer had in mind is difficult to say. Most likely, she was talking about the coming to power of some new political leader. But to say for sure who exactly it will be, there is no way and we can only guess.
  • Cheap and clean energy. Around 1995, Vanga made another sensational prediction. Humanity will invent a new “clean” source of energy that will help to forget about the old “dirty” sources, such as coal or gas. In the text of the prediction, she said that the source of energy would not be inferior in strength to the sun. Apparently, we are talking about a thermonuclear reactor.

What is the result? Only one thing can be said for sure: Vanga did not prophesy any global changes or upheavals to the world. Despite the raging coronavirus, about which Vanga gave a very vague prediction, there is no need to fear serious wars. Most likely, soon everything will return to normal, we will learn to live and cope with the disease and turn to the faith of Christ.

Vanga’s predictions about Russia

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

Vanga’s predictions for Russia for 2024.

The future of our country was one of the favorite topics in the prophecies of the Bulgarian clairvoyant. Vanga always warmly treated the Russian land, because she believed that Russia is one of the most important spiritual pillars of the whole world. Her predictions were different, but the prophetess always emphasized the role of our state in the international arena. She argued that it was Russia that would become the leading force for interstate association and solving problems on a planetary scale.

Verbatim. Vanga’s prediction of 2024 literally sounds like this: “A great country will rise from its knees and take a leading position in the world.” Whether it happens or not, we have to see with our own eyes.

  • War in Russia. Vanga did not predict new wars for Russia, so in 2024 you can breathe easy. Tensions with Ukraine will gradually return to normal. She predicted the unification of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Whether this prophecy will come true – time will tell. But so far it can be said with absolute certainty that the process of unification will not be easy and fast, and one year may not be enough.
  • Vladimir. According to Vanga, a certain Vladimir will play a key role in the formation and strengthening of Russia’s positions. Under his leadership, business development will take place, many small enterprises will appear, and production will expand. Most likely, we are talking about President Vladimir Putin, see the next section.
  • military potential. Vanga also used the expression more than once: “good with fists.” Probably, our state should be open, but, nevertheless, not turn the right cheek while they beat on the left. “Only the strong will defend their happiness, and the weak will know sorrow.” In her opinion, one’s happiness must be defended and protected, and this requires considerable strength.
  • Patient people. However, it is the people who will create the future of the country: “We withstood this, we will also withstand this …”. The main factor in successful transformations will be the people, which will not change their values ​​and, in the end, will return to faith.
  • Fertility. We expect a decline in the birth rate and a large flow of emigrants. Russia will turn out to be a country that accepts everyone fleeing wars, poverty, and oppression. Probably strengthening relations with the countries of the Middle East. Such an association will help the Russian Federation to take a leading role on the world stage.
  • Internal unrest. Next year we may expect the division of the country into several opposing camps. You will have to choose your side, most likely, we are not talking about a civil war, but rather about a political split within the country and the beginning of a long period of contradictions. It is not excluded that in the same year the separation of some parts of the country will begin. We are talking about Siberia, which, according to Vanga, will flourish by 2030.
  • Culture. Around 2040, Russia will become an advanced country in matters of culture and religion, and in 2045 some kind of large-scale cultural crisis awaits us, however, by 2060 the situation should improve.
  • Talented kids. Another of her predictions speaks of the birth of a whole galaxy of talented people who in ten years will bring our country to a completely different level. First of all, as the clairvoyant believed, they would pay attention to space and be able to discover a number of new planets, among which there would be one that could suit humanity for future colonization.
  • The medicine. In 2024, medicine will be able to move forward and make a significant discovery that will help humanity cope with a certain disease and defeat death itself. Perhaps we are talking about the raging coronavirus COVID 19. Let’s hope that this is the case.
  • Minerals. No one will be able to encroach on the riches of the Russian subsoil in 2024. The seer warned: “he who wants to take someone else’s will immediately lose his own.” It is not difficult to believe in this, because our state is well guarding its borders and sovereignty.
  • Agriculture. For agriculture, 2024 will not be the best year. Agricultural enterprises will continue to shrink, and Russia will continue to buy food from other countries.

Vanga’s prophecies about Putin

Back in the early twentieth century, some of Vanga’s predictions about Putin and Russia were made. The writer Valentin Sidorov collaborated with Vanga and kept a personal diary, where he wrote down in detail all her words. Vanga spoke about Putin back in the seventies of the last century. At this time, he was studying at the Higher School of the KGB and did not even dream of leading the country.

Literally. “Vladimir will soon appear, who will leave his mark on history. Almost everyone will talk about him, many will envy his popularity and try to do harm. It is Vladimir who will be the one who will be able to repulse the enemies of the country, although he will have to pay a lot for this. He came into this world with a great mission and will certainly lead Russia forward.”

Output. It turns out that during the reign of this person there will be several events that are important for all of Russia. He will be able to protect the country, begin to raise the economy and develop the economy, there will be fewer unemployed, and wages will increase. Although there will be discontent in society, the president will gradually cope with this.

How and when will Putin die? Specifically, Vanga did not speak about when and how President Putin would die. The seer knew what kind of person would soon rule the state. But Vanga did not know or did not want to talk about his departure from life. Probably in order not to upset the people in advance.

Vanga: predictions for 2024 for Ukraine

Today it is already clear that Vanga made predictions for Ukraine as well. She did not name this territory explicitly, designating it either as the land “near Russia”, or as the territory “near the Black Sea” …

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

Vanga: predictions for 2024 for Ukraine

And there is a reasonable opinion that one of Vanga’s statements regarding Ukraine refers to 2024.

Its essence is as follows: the level of conflict at this time in Ukraine will begin to decline significantly.

According to Vanga, people will receive hope for peace and tranquility in their land. In fairness, it should be noted that the clairvoyant called 2024 a fateful year for the entire planet.

This time will be a turning point for many nations, because “there is someone who will be able to change a lot.”

Why the situation in Ukraine will improve? Vanga argued that such an improvement would be associated with the appearance of a people’s leader there. This will be a person who truly strives for peace and is ready to speak for this even with former enemies.

At the same time, the prophetess added that all his actions would be pleasing to God and bring the desired results. Trying to sum up everything that has been said, we get a picture that is not too optimistic.

If Vanga’s predictions for 2024 are to be believed, we will have 365 largely unstable and sometimes even disturbing days. However, on the other hand, all this means that there is a struggle going on in the world, which gives hope for the “recovery” of the world community.

At the same time, the repeated statements of the fortune teller on the topic of the greatness and significance of Russia give reason to believe that in the end, normal human values ​​will win and an order acceptable to everyone will be established in the world.

Prophecy for European countries and the USA

What Vanga predicted for Europe and the USA.

For Europe and the United States, the Bulgarian clairvoyant predicted practically nothing good. According to her, the stumbling block in 2024 and subsequent years will be a certain religious conflict, which will plunge the territory first of the Old, and then of the New World, into the abyss of endless armed conflicts and internal unrest. Unfortunately, Vanga did not give clear indications of which countries she was talking about, in her speeches it was simply “the West” or “Western countries”.

  • Refugees. In her visions, Vanga often saw the torment of people, senseless wars and mass migration from one territory to another and, as a result, hunger, fear and pain. Most likely, these predictions refer to refugees from Syria and Lebanon. According to the recollections of some witnesses, these circumstances greatly disturbed the prophetess. She even said that “dissidents are bogus victims, servants of the devil,” that they will bring with them the flames of war and death.
  • Large scale conflict. In addition, the West expects some large-scale conflict on religious or ethnic grounds. Perhaps the reason will be emigrants from African and Middle Eastern countries that profess Islam. Or maybe we are talking about race wars in the United States. It will be possible to mitigate the contradictions only by the end of 2026, and its echoes will frighten the population of the United States and Europe for a long time to come.
  • Change of the world order. In her predictions, Vanga paid much attention to the global change in the world order. Unfortunately, she did not predict stability. Widespread economic problems and general intolerance will give rise to an increase in social tension, reaching the point of armed clashes. Perhaps we are talking about the fact that the United States will lose its status as a world leader.
  • Cold. Vanga also said this: “The West will turn into a cold desert …”. It is not entirely clear what the clairvoyant was talking about in this case, perhaps about global cooling, perhaps about problems with gas and heating.

Predictions for the whole world

Vanga gave quite a lot of predictions, which were recorded and interpreted by many people. Almost all of them are not ordered, and they are talking about different things. Next, we give some of the most famous predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant.

  • Division by property. In the coming 2024, Vanga predicted an even more striking division of the world into rich and poor. The gap between the strata of the population will become huge and no economic reforms will help overcome it. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, this is the most accurate formulation of this prediction.
  • Cryptocurrencies. The clairvoyant also spoke about people who “will be sky-high rich, but will not have a penny in their pocket.” Most likely, in this case we are talking about bank savings, bitcoins. And, perhaps, about some people: bloggers, currency speculators, investors, etc. Everyone interprets it as he sees fit.
  • Fall of the West. Obviously, Vanga was not too loyal to her overseas neighbors. She saw the reason not only in natural disasters that would overwhelm the country, but also in an increase in the number of the poor, a decrease in living standards and the spread of serious diseases. Many residents will be afraid to leave their homes due to racial and sectarian conflicts. Now the prediction takes on a whole new meaning associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, as well as mass rallies and demonstrations of the African American part of the country’s population, participants in the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Red Dragon. Apparently, it is the East that will take a leading position in the world. With that in mind, an alliance between Russia and China would be a win-win deal for both sides. Our country will get an economically profitable partner, and the other will get a reliable and strong ally in the political arena. Literally: “The red dragon will take over the whole world.” According to the researchers of her prophecies, we are talking about China. And Vanga also talked about red money with the numbers 100 and 5000, which will be used everywhere. And in China, banknotes with a face value of 100 yuan are red, and in Russia, 5 thousand are also red.
  • Ecology. In addition, the clairvoyant spoke of a “tired Earth” that would no longer tolerate human influence. Now we can clearly see the embodiment of this prediction in reality. Natural wealth is rapidly depleting as a result of the rash actions of mankind. Natural anomalies, cataclysms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions are increasingly occurring all over the world. Nature is really unhappy with what is happening, but it is worth hoping that the latest developments of scientists will help change the situation for the better.
  • Earthquakes. Vanga argued that around our time, the Earth’s orbit will slightly change its inclination, which will cause an increase in seismic and volcanic activity, especially in Japan and America. This already happened in 1963 and, fortunately, everything passed with minimal damage. Whether this will happen again is a big question.
  • Melting glaciers. Arctic glaciers will continue to melt. This will entail an increase in the level of the World Ocean and, as a result, the flooding of the coastal territories of many states.
  • Epidemic. In the east, people will face a new epidemic that will claim many lives. Gradually, the disease will spread throughout the world. Then all of humanity will begin to search for a vaccine and, in the end, the disease will win. Apparently, the disease will rage for at least 3 years.
  • Flashes in the sun. Solar flares will become commonplace and very common, causing widespread skin cancer. Humanity will have to intensify its work in search of a vaccine against this disease.
  • Cancer will be defeated. Perhaps the clairvoyant’s most joyful prediction of our time is that humanity will finally be able to find a cure for cancer. She spoke quite clearly: “the cancer will be securely chained.” It is believed that the vaccine against this deadly disease will contain a lot of iron in its composition.
  • Increase in life expectancy. Another prediction of the great Vanga is very interesting. She claimed that “Old age will no longer live on our planet.” The latest developments of scientists make this prediction more or less real. There is a special area in medicine – gerontology, and scientific developments in this area have already advanced to the highest level. Let’s hope that the discovery is not so far away, which will change life on Earth and allow people to live, if not forever, then for centuries!

World War III in Vanga’s predictions

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

The famous Bulgarian seer Vanga has repeatedly spoken about the possibility of a world war. She even gave her start date as 2010.

Vanga believed that a new large-scale war would happen after Syria fell.

An armed conflict is still smoldering in Syria, and it is clearly premature to talk about its end now.

But will Syria fall and what is meant by these words? Many believe that the fall of Syria is the departure or death of Assad, the current president of the Arab Republic. But maybe Vanga’s words should be understood in a figurative sense, because the seer often confused people with her predictions.

So, she could deliberately distort the date of the fulfillment of the prophecy so that her prediction would not be used for evil. If you look at her prediction from this point of view, then it is quite possible that the real date of the prophecy about the world war belongs to a later time. And Vanga, naming 2010, simply gave humanity time to try to prevent a catastrophe.

Coronavirus Prophecies

Not so long ago, it was hard to imagine that the world could face a threat of this magnitude. Coronavirus has really become a test of strength for all countries of the world and their inhabitants without exception. What did Vanga predict about the coronavirus? According to her prophecy, at the beginning of the 21st century, humanity will face a previously unknown disease that will come from the East or from the African continent. And at the moment there are several versions of the origin of the virus, it is difficult to argue with the fact that Vanga gave a fairly accurate forecast.

Vanga used the phrase “feast during the plague” in the prophecy. There is an opinion that we are talking about pharmaceutical companies that are gaining weight, importance and wealth. Even in ancient times, some tried to profit from someone else’s grief, and the current situation is a vivid example of this.

But Vanga’s prophecy was not categorical. According to her, in about 3 years, humanity will adapt to the virus, and it will be carried like a common cold. It is unlikely that we are talking about real addiction here, but rather about the development of the necessary antibodies, which is what vaccination helps to achieve.

Financial turmoil in 2024

Another exciting question for many is whether 2024 will be a financially successful year. Vanga said that the world would be divided into rich and poor. The difference in wealth will be huge, which will continue in 2024 as well. One cannot but agree with this trend: in the lists of the richest people on the planet there are people whose wealth exceeds the wealth of many states. It is unlikely that anything will change in the coming year.

In addition, the Bulgarian soothsayer claimed that “money will be divided into 2 streams flowing east and west and in the opposite direction, both will flow into Russia, but people will be fabulously rich, not even holding money in their hands.”

The power of the East, which is constantly expanding its economy, forces even the superpowers to reckon with it. It is hard to believe that all relations with Russia and the West will be terminated – and especially economic ones.

At the same time, the expansion of interaction with China and other eastern states will continue. But the interpretation of Vanga’s prediction about people who will be fabulously rich without money is also twofold.

On the one hand, it can please us that in 2024 human values ​​that have nothing to do with money – kindness, love, friendship will not disappear anywhere.

People who cherish these concepts are truly rich in their own way. But some see Vanga’s much greater insight in this statement – and they say that the soothsayer means electronic money.

The world will continue to be flooded with payment systems that will allow you to abandon cash in favor of electronic money. And therefore, the person who does not even hold a single banknote in his hands can be fabulously rich.

Do you believe Vanga’s predictions?

Whether to take Vanga’s predictions for 2024 seriously, everyone decides for himself, because not all of the events voiced by the seer came true.

According to the Bulgarian scientist Georgy Lozanov, who has been studying the phenomenon of Vanga for 25 years, over seven thousand predictions voiced by the clairvoyant came true during this period. As a result, he came to the conclusion that the percentage of coincidences is much higher than random and reaches about 80%.

Among the most resonant prophecies that have come true:

  • Stalin’s death in March 1953 (6 months before the event);
  • assassination attempt on the 35th US President John F. Kennedy (4 months before the assassination);
  • the death of Princess Diana (foretold on her wedding day);
  • the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (15 years before the event);
  • the death of the submarine “Kursk”;
  • terrorist attack in the twin towers in the United States;
  • reunification of Russia with Crimea;

Among the high-profile predictions that did not come true are:

  • murder of 4 heads of large countries;
  • the start of the World War in 2010;
  • the destruction of all life in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth in 2011;
  • war between Muslims and Europeans and the use of chemical weapons;
  • deserted Europe in 2016.

Vanga’s predictions that have not yet come true

The following are Vanga’s prophecies in chronological order:

2024 – Earth’s orbit will change slightly.

2028 – A new energy source will be invented. There will be hunger in the world. The manned spacecraft will be sent to Venus.

2033 – Polar ice caps melt and sea levels rise.

2043 – Europe and the whole world will begin to recover after years of crisis. Europe will be mostly Muslim.

2046 – Every human organ can be created from scratch (maybe we are talking about stem cells?). Organ transplantation will become the most effective treatment for many diseases.

2066 – The United States will use a new type of (climatic) weapon to attack Rome under Muslim control. The result of this action will be a cooling of the climate in enemy territory.

2076 – The emergence of a classless society.

2084 – Nature returns to life after a nuclear war.

2088 – a new, terrible disease will appear. People age in a few moments.
2097 – Creation of a cure for the disease of “rapid old age”.

2100 – An artificial sun will illuminate the night side of the Earth.

2111 – People will be able to combine electronics and the human body. The first cyborgs will arise.

2123 – Several local wars break out between small states. The great powers will remain indifferent.

2125 – Hungary encounters intelligent extraterrestrial civilization for the first time.

2130 – Construction of an underwater colony begins.

2164 – Animals will be turned into demi-humans.

2167 – A new religious system will be created that will cover the entire Earth.

2170 – Great drought – a significant drop in agricultural productivity and, as a result, famine in many countries (mainly in poorer ones).

2183 – A colony on Mars becomes a nuclear power and demands independence from Earth.

2187 – Two huge volcanic eruptions are stopped at the last minute, preventing a tragedy.

2195 – The underwater colony is completed and the first inhabitants begin to move into it.

2196 – Asian and European breeds will be fully mixed.

2201 – The processes of nuclear fusion slow down in the sun. The temperature on Earth will drop.

2221 – As a result of the search for extraterrestrial life, people encounter “something terrible.”

2256 – A forgotten (or lost) spaceship will bring an unknown disease to Earth.

2262 – The planets will gradually change their orbits. Mars will be bombarded by a swarm of comets.

2271 Some physical laws change.

2273 – All races on Earth will be mixed up. It can be said that there are no races but this one.

2279 – People will discover the possibility of obtaining energy “from nothing.”

2288 – People will learn to go back in time. There will also be contact with an alien race.

2291 – The sun will weaken significantly. Some ideas will appear to activate it.

2296 Huge explosion in the sun. Gravity will change, space stations and satellites will fall to Earth.

2299 Mass protests against Islam begin in France.

2302 New and hitherto unknown mysteries of the universe will be explained.

2304 – The secret of the moon will be revealed.

2341 Something terrible is approaching Earth.

2354 – A malfunction of one of the artificial suns will lead to drought over large areas.

2371 – Severe hunger.

2378 – A new human race will emerge.

2480 Two artificial suns collide. The earth will be partially dark.

3005 – War on Mars. The planet’s trajectory will be destabilized.

3010 – A comet hits the moon, causing an asteroid belt to appear around the Earth.

3797 – By that time, life on Earth will have disappeared, but humanity will already be advanced enough to live in other planetary systems (the same year that Nostradamus mentions in his Centuria as the end of the world).

3803 – The new planet will be gradually populated. Its climate will have a significant impact on people (mutations will appear).

3805 – A war for raw materials begins. During the war, more than half of humanity will die.

3815 – End of the war.

3854 – The development of human civilization will practically stop and stagnation will occur. People will live in small groups – males, like animals.

3871 – A new prophet will begin to teach people laws, morality and a new spirituality.

3874 The Prophet will receive great support among the people. A global religion will emerge.

3878 People reject science, trusting their lives to the messages of the Prophet.

4302 – New cities will be created. The new church will support science and technology, so its development will accelerate rapidly. Scientists find common mechanisms of action of all diseases on the human body.

4304 – A cure for every existing disease will be invented.

4308 – Thanks to the mutation, people will be able to use more than 30% of their brain. Feelings of evil and hatred will cease to exist.

4509 – Humans will be sufficiently developed to be able to speak with what we now (in the 21st century) call God.

4599 – People will achieve immortality.

4674 – The development of civilization reaches its peak. The number of people living on all planets is estimated at about 340 billion. People will begin to assimilate with alien, intelligent races.

5076 – The border of the universe will be opened. Nobody will know what is outside.

5078 – A decision will be made to cross the border of the universe, although 40% of the population will be against this mission.

5079. There will be something that Vanga calls the end of the world.

Do you believe Vanga’s prophecies?

Vanga really foresaw some future events. However, it is now rather difficult to tell which of her predictions are genuine and which are simply made up later. In this case, everything is decided by your faith. No one can make you believe in a prophecy if the heart cannot accept it.

Why did it happen:

  • Translation problems. Vanga’s prophecies may be the result of a free interpretation of words when translated from Bulgarian into Russian and other languages. After all, the seer herself spoke in an uncommon dialect and could well mean something completely opposite. Other people helped to translate her words for the guests, who could well add something “from themselves” or, conversely, keep silent from a couple of phrases that are difficult to translate.
  • Scattered notes and stories. Usually visitors wrote down her prophecies or tried to memorize them. And later they told them to others, involuntarily creating the effect of a “broken phone”. It can be said with full confidence that most of Vanga’s predictions are distorted. However, we don’t know how far from the truth they are. With the advent of the Internet, the situation has only worsened.

Be that as it may, with her predictions Vanga always wanted to save humanity from wrong deeds and direct them to the path of truth. She recommended to all people to be kinder, to think more about the good of their neighbor and less about their own benefit.

Will people have money?

The Bulgarian clairvoyant allegedly said that in 2024 “people will become rich, but without money in their hands.” This prediction can be interpreted in different ways. Someone is sure that Vanga had in mind the increase in the value of the cryptocurrency. Others believe that we are talking about a sharp reduction in the use of cash in the world.

In Russia, they thought about the digital ruble back in 2019, but there was no talk of a complete rejection of cash. Then the Russian Federation became the largest market in Europe in terms of the number of transactions through online wallets, and 70% of residents of large cities preferred to pay by card and other non-cash payment methods, The Boston Consulting Group pointed out.

In 2020, there was a sharp outflow of cash from banks: amid the coronavirus pandemic, Russians and businesses began to cash out their accounts and deposits. But in 2021, cashless and online payment outpaced cash again. In 2024, it is planned to develop legislation for the introduction of the digital ruble.

Nostradamus predicted the collapse of the dollar in 2024. According to his prediction, inflation in the US will get out of control, so the US currency will go down sharply.

hard years

Since about 2013, this region has been waiting for testing. They are given so that the people understand their mistakes, the clairvoyant believed. She talked a lot about sin. Her opinion was that humanity would become mired, as we would say today, in materialism. People will become selfish. “Mothers will forget about their children,” Vanga said.

No one can be relied upon, trusted. It is the Lord who will push people to remember their duty. Such a share will also fall to the Ukrainians. They will have to go through hardships and hardships to the light.

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

Not for everyone, but for those who understand. In this sense, Vanga’s prediction about Ukraine and Russia was the same. Only then will peoples begin to live well, when each person remembers brotherhood and friendship, about a single planet for all. And yet the tests are still going on.

Vanga’s predictions for 2024 do not predict total wars or misfortunes – and even many will come to terms with the disease. However, at the same time, you will need to remain strong in order to find your happiness and be able to protect it.

Of course, this will require a lot of spiritual energy from people, but the main thing is that even in such difficult times it will be possible to become truly happy. Although the world remains unstable, human values ​​remain the same. And this allows you to adapt to life in such a way that every person, if desired, finds his place under the sun.

Vanga’s predictions: who will be happy in 2024

When asked which of the people would be happy in the world she predicted, Vanga said: “Who will be able to distinguish truth from lies and be able to attach good fists, but it will become more and more difficult with time.”

In 2024, the era of the advent of information technology will continue. Increasingly valuable are not only real resources, but also pure information. With its help, you can manipulate the minds of people, ideas are sold no worse than other goods, patents allow you to earn money even without producing anything.

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

But in all this information flow, it will be more and more difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. Information is easier to manipulate than to make a fake for any product. And therefore, only those who can distinguish truth from lies, who will be able to turn to a reliable source of information, will win.

Moreover, such a judgment will be fair in interpersonal relationships. Being sincere, people can be happy.

But relationships built on lies will never become a guarantee of happiness.

The second part of the prediction concerns “good with fists.” The strength is in the truth, but even so, you will need to be able to protect it. Only this will help a person to maintain his happiness. But the powerless people, unable to resist the constant changes in the world, will face sadder times.

Vanga’s predictions for 2024 do not predict total wars or misfortunes – and even many will come to terms with the disease. However, at the same time, you will need to remain strong in order to find your happiness and be able to protect it.

Of course, this will require a lot of spiritual energy from people, but the main thing is that even in such difficult times it will be possible to become truly happy. Although the world remains unstable, human values ​​remain the same. And this allows you to adapt to life in such a way that every person, if desired, finds his place under the sun.

Opinions of political experts

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

Expert predictions about Ukraine in 2024.

In their forecasts, political experts are based on the laws of history, the principles of cyclicity, do not lose sight of the experience of the past and try to analyze the events taking place in the present. Their calculations help to understand even those issues where there is not enough data or the initial cause is unknown. However, there is always the possibility of events developing according to a different scenario, the world is unpredictable, no matter how hard we try to drive it into the framework of formal logic.

General forecasts

  • Stabilization. Ukraine has gone through a lot and is now entering the stage of stabilization. The economic crisis and pandemic had an extremely negative impact on the economy and social life. In the new year 2024, the main task of the country’s leadership will be to combat their consequences and normalize the life of the population.
  • Difficult year. A difficult year is coming for the entire population of Ukraine. The country will be mired in political and ideological conflicts. The level of social tension will be so high that the state will be on the brink of civil war. Disappointed with the state’s policy, Ukrainians will demand a change of power. They are tired of the unstable economic situation and want to secure a decent future for themselves and their children.
  • War. A serious war in the coming year, according to analysts, is not expected – at this stage, it is unprofitable for any of the countries of Europe. The only state that benefits from a big war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine is the United States of America.
  • Zelensky. The level of public loyalty to Volodymyr Zelensky is falling, and this process cannot be stopped by any urgent reform based on the experience of European countries. GDP will inevitably fall, and the impact of the crisis on the country and the life of every citizen will grow steadily every day.
  • course to Europe. Despite all the difficulties, Ukraine will continue its path of economic modernization and continue to strive for the EU. Even in the current unstable situation, there is hope to improve the situation and continue moving in this direction.
  • Changes at the end of 2024. Zelensky, despite the general disappointment, will initiate some drastic changes in late 2024 or early 2024. Under pressure from external and internal forces, he will be able to make a number of important decisions that will help him enlist the support of society and show the people that the situation will soon change for the better. Such behavior will help to stay in office for some more time.

Will there be peace in Ukraine in 2024

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

Prediction: will there be a truce in the war in Ukraine.

The situation in the East of the country once and for all turned the lives of ordinary citizens. The fates of many people were destroyed, and the general situation inside the country still suffers from the echoes of those sad events. To resolve the conflict in Donbas peacefully is the only way to restore unity to the Ukrainian people.

  • Peaceful way. Despite the bellicose rhetoric of a number of Ukrainian politicians, the conflict in Donbass will have to be resolved peacefully. Only diplomacy will help stop the war in the East of Ukraine and put an end to the confrontation that has lasted for the past few years.
  • Gas war. The worsening of the situation can only arise as a result of a protracted gas conflict with Russia. The increase in energy prices will hit Ukrainians hard and once again lower the standard of living. The President will have to show all his skills to overcome the crisis.
  • Change of course. Under the pressure of circumstances, Zelensky can win over the government to his side and change the current course of the country. This will give a strong impetus to the warring parties and a reason to negotiate and peacefully resolve the protracted conflict.

Predictions of modern astrologers and clairvoyants

Most modern astrologers predict hard times for the world, but they do not see a general global war.

It won’t start in 2024 either.

But there are a lot of predictions of natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods. The Kazakh seer Vera Lion speaks about them, Pavel Globa and Alexander Litvin warn about them.

A number of countries are facing serious political upheavals in the coming years. This time will be difficult for the European Union, Russia, and the United States. Regional conflicts will flare up in various parts of the world.

Ukrainian astrologer Vlad Ross is confident that a major war can be avoided if world leaders act together.

Predictions for Donetsk and Luhansk for 2024.

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

Below is a selection of short predictions about the future of Donbass in 2024-2024.

  • Faith Lyon. A modern Kazakh soothsayer predicts that in 2024 hostilities in the territory of Donbass will continue, only with less intensity. By the end of the year, both republics of the DPR and LPR will unite and become a single state. The newly created state will not be recognized by anyone, but this will not prevent it from maintaining its defenses and constantly interacting with the Russian Federation.
  • Elders of the Trinity Monastery. They also made a small but very important statement about the future of Donbass and relations between Russia and Ukraine. In their opinion, a brother will go with a sword against his brother. Now we see that their prediction is close to the truth.
  • Yaroslavskaya. But this clairvoyant offers a more optimistic forecast: she predicts a quick change of power in Ukraine. The new government will resume relations with Russia and end the war in Donbass, but only by the end of 2024. In the future, the Republics will become part of Ukraine with the status of autonomy.
  • Olga Solomka. But this tarologist gives a forecast for a possible political coup and an extraordinary change of power in Ukraine. Maidans will again take place, again the people will come out to the barricades and there will be victims. Only after that the citizens of the long-suffering country will elect other leaders. The new government will really represent the interests of its people and return Donbass to Ukraine. But Crimea will remain part of the Russian Federation.
  • Julia Wang. Another fortuneteller Julia Wang also predicts an imminent improvement in the situation. As a result of the coup, Ukraine will receive a new president who will be able to negotiate with the leadership of the independent republics and Russia. Thus, the new president will end the civil war in Donbass at the end of 2024.
  • Maxim Gordeev. Esotericist and tarot card specialist Gordeev points out that reforms in Ukraine will begin at the initiative of several oligarchs. However, the opinion of the people will play its role and the country’s leadership will have to reckon with such circumstances. The new politicians will tend to think that the war within the country must be ended immediately.
  • Zhukov. This numerologist predicts that the overthrow of the current Kiev government is simply inevitable. New leaders will appear in Ukraine. However, the future of Donbass and Lugansk will still remain in question. A lot of factors influence the situation – it is not possible to give an accurate forecast regarding the fate of the DPR and LPR in 2024.
  • Alyona Zelibora. This astrologer gives a disappointing prediction for the Donbass. The situation will be difficult for another decade, at some point there will be an agreement on a temporary truce. Trade and cooperation at the state level will resume. However, the peace will not last long, the republics of Donbass and Luhansk will make their choice and will not want to return to the Ukrainian state. In response, the government will resume the war and will cooperate with the West against the Russian Federation.
  • Karen Parker. This is a popular psychic in England, who talks about the fact that in the coming year Ukraine will be involved in some political scandal of an international format. She will be accused of illegal arms trade through shipments to third countries. The participants in the scandal will be the United States, Korea and China. This incident will cause a backlash and sanctions from the US and Europe.
  • Mikhail Levin. The head of the Moscow Astrological Academy is confident that the military clash in the East will continue for many years. During this time, the people are completely impoverished due to the economic and political crisis. Everyone who can will leave the country. Relations with neighboring European countries will become aggravated: Poland, Hungary, Romania.
  • Sergey Shevtsov-Lang. This psychic predicts further political instability throughout Novorossiya. The state will be in constant political strife, heads of government will change. Relations with Russia and the West will shift from friendship to hatred, and vice versa.
  • Ion Ignatenko. He has long predicted military clashes in the Donbass. Ignatenko is no longer alive, but his forecasts say that the war will end in 2024. Ion argued the following: there will be no world wars, the United States is waiting for a default, which it will hardly withstand. The change in the state administration of the Russian Federation will lead to a change in the policy of confrontation to the policy of cooperation between the three countries – Russia, the USA and Ukraine. For Donbass, only 2025 will be a turning point – the economy and production will develop in the country, it will acquire a new status in the world community.
  • Kaede Uber. A follower of Vanga Kaede Uber believes that a new round of revolutions and uprisings awaits the country. According to her, another revolutionary Maidan will happen in Ukraine. The consequences of it will be, although less destructive, but will hit hard on all Ukrainians. The clairvoyant speaks unambiguously about the future of Donbass. Ukraine will not be able to regain the lost territories.
  • Jugalo Joshi. Indian astrologer D. Joshi also made several statements about the future of Ukraine. With the help of a mathematical method, the expert determined that in 2024 Ukrainians will experience a lull. Many conflicts will be overcome, the situation inside the state will become much calmer.

What do the predictors say?

If it is important to know when the war in Donbass will end, predictions are significant. They allow you to understand what you should still focus on and what the next scenarios may be.

Pavel Globa

The astrologer has won recognition in Russia and neighboring countries. He is sure that Ukraine will soon be divided into 3 separate regions. Peace will still come, but it is the Ukrainian authorities that should try to achieve this.

The government must understand that the chosen strategy is not promising, and the people must independently decide how to live and realize which culture will be the closest and most understandable. The Ukrainian authorities must understand that Russia is still a friendly country.

Carpathian molfars

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

Predictions of the Molfars about Ukraine.

Molfars also make a rather optimistic forecast for Ukraine, and Zelensky plays a significant role in this. By the end of 2024, military conflicts within the country will end. A certain turning point is coming, which will show how competent a politician the Ukrainians have chosen for the presidency.

  • Despite the pessimistic forecasts of politicians and military experts, Ukraine will be able to get out of the crisis without additional human losses.
  • The government will be able to overcome obstacles and start a completely new stage of state transformation. The new president will be able to become a real people’s choice, who will justify the hopes of Ukrainians. Positive prospects await the country.
  • The country has good chances to restore its influence in the international arena. The Molfars believe that changes in the fate of the country began with the presidential elections and will continue to this day.
  • Returning to the question of the independence of the DPR and LPR will help find a compromise and reduce the level of social tension and reduce the conflict with Russia to nothing.
  • Some new direction in the economy, which will be proposed by the president, will serve as a positive impetus not only to increase the material well-being of the population, but also to develop business.

Julia Wang

A well-known soothsayer from Latvia substantiates what awaits Donbass in the very near future. Most likely, the land will not officially return to Ukraine. Moreover, the sad experience will spread to many areas of the country. Ukraine will still be divided into several parts at once, and they can come under the control of neighboring countries. Local residents will not be happy with the situation, so even young people will try to move to other countries.

Moskovchenko Valeriya

The psychic and his prophecies about the future of Ukraine claim that the fate of Ukraine now depends on the actions, mood and awareness of the people, people themselves will have to sculpt the future of the country and their children. Planets and stars will help and support hardworking citizens, especially those who will act for the good of their country.

The population should not silently react to the changes that are dragging Ukraine into the abyss, they will need to openly express their opinion and defend the position of the country’s prosperity. Thanks to this, thieves and dictators will fly out of dominating posts like a cork.

They will be replaced by active and conscientious individuals who will strive to lead Ukraine to prosperity and peace. There are also warnings for Ukrainians that a new Maidan is possible. This can happen due to general discontent or a change of power.

This will once again lead to bitter consequences within the country, since Ukraine is already exhausted, and the next revolution will make it an even weaker state. But in general, the country is waiting for a bright future and prosperity.

Witch Doctor Nechay

The name of Nechay is not so widely known, however, during his lifetime he made several predictions, which later turned out to be very close to the truth. The Carpathian healer died in 2011, but shortly before his death he left several prophecies. It was Nechay who predicted the beginning of internal strife in Ukraine. He also spoke about the armed uprising on the Maidan and the many innocent victims of this civil conflict.

Here are some details of Nechai’s prophecies:

  • A big war is coming, which will bring Ukraine many troubles.
  • As a result of betrayal and inability to wage war, the country will be divided into several parts.
  • Eastern lands will go to Russia, Galicia will join Poland.
  • Hungary will be interested in the lands of Transcarpathia, and Northern Bukovina will probably go to Romania.
  • The country will suffer huge losses – not only territorial, but also financial and social.

Khayal Alekperov

Of particular interest is the prophecy of Khayal Alekperov, a psychic who became famous thanks to the TV project “The Battle of Psychics”. His prediction does not look so optimistic and encouraging, it contains not only information received from higher powers, but also a private opinion based on the political situation in the world.

  • War activities. The confrontation between Russia and the United States will continue, and the East of Ukraine will remain the battlefield of the two great countries. Thus, peace will not come to the lands of Donbass.
  • Economy. An extremely difficult economic situation will continue in the DNR and LNR.
  • People’s life. The population will retain its former position and continue its path to independence.
  • Long-term perspective. The West is tired of the protracted conflict in the east and is gradually withdrawing its support from the Ukrainian government. Sooner or later, Donbass will finally separate from the state and gain independence.

Unlike other visionaries, Alekperov’s version looks quite reasonable. Now the cessation of the military conflict in the Donbass does not meet the interests of major world powers, and therefore this hotbed of aggression continues to be stimulated from outside.

Vladislav Ross

A well-known astrologer from Odessa believes that 2024 will not be the best year for Ukraine. However, a little later there will be serious positive changes.

Pluto with martial energy will affect the planet Earth, but to a lesser extent. This will lead to a weakening of hostilities, compared with the very beginning. Still, Russian troops can leave the Donbass, after which Lugansk and Donetsk will return to Ukraine again. However, it will be difficult to restore the destroyed metallurgical and coal industries.

Alena Kurilova

The winner of the show Battle of Psychics tries to remain optimistic. But it will still be important to solve problems, so it is advisable to try to act correctly even in difficult situations. However, Kurilova notes that not only the Russian authorities, but also the Ukrainian oligarchs are to blame for the military situation.

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Regina Fedorenko

This amazing woman gained fame thanks to the “Battle of Psychics” program. Regina assures that changes for the better are expected in Ukraine in the coming year. In this, Fedorenko’s forecast differs from the predictions of other mediums, however, her opinion is considered authoritative and interesting.

Here are some points of her prediction about the future of Ukraine:

  • The growth of the economy, the reduction of the credit burden – the country will stop borrowing money.
  • The unification of the people under the leadership of a new leader, a noticeable improvement in the quality of life.
  • The start of constructive reforms and the correction of earlier mistakes.

Such prospects are very encouraging and inspire a desire to move forward. However, her forecast obviously implies the replacement of Zelensky as president, and now there are no prerequisites for this.

Faith Lyon

A clairvoyant from Kazakhstan is sure that there will still be positive changes. However, this requires joint efforts with Russia. It is assumed that there will be clear political and economic changes. Thus, it is important to take into account Vera Lyon’s predictions about Donbass for 2024. This will allow you to better understand how the situation is developing.

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

It is important to understand that predictions about Donbass for 2024 from the strongest psychics will turn out to be very significant, so it is possible to focus on them. As a result, Ukrainians will be able to successfully overcome what is happening in the southeast of the country.

Witch Olga

The opinion of this seer is also perceived by many people as very authoritative – thousands of Ukrainians trust Olga and listen to her predictions. She speaks about the future of Donbass with optimism, which inspires some optimism.

  • War activities. Armed clashes will come to an end, the conflict will be completely exhausted in late 2024 or early 2024.
  • Another attempt. Within a year, Ukraine will make another attempt to regain its influence in the Donbass, but it will completely fail.
  • Migration. People who have received Russian passports will begin to move to Russia, looking for a better life. The remaining population will be engaged in the restoration of peaceful life and will achieve the first successes along this path.
  • Partition of Ukraine. The leadership of Ukraine will have a big problem. They will have to work to avoid dividing the country into several parts. Poland, Hungary and Romania will lay claim to some border areas. This will lead to an aggravation of the conflict and new confrontations both within the country and with Europe.


The future of Ukraine will be difficult, but it cannot be called completely sad. The share of optimism still remains. The success of the country will still depend on what actions will be taken by the current Ukrainian president.

Prediction of war in 2024, how to end and when

For example, it is important that there are patriotic people in the government who really care about the country and want to help Ukraine recover and take a good place on the world stage. In fact, it will be extremely difficult to find such people, because corruption has been flourishing in Ukraine for a very long time, and it is difficult to fight it.

Ordinary Ukrainians will have obvious financial problems. In order to fix them, you will have to fight various corruption schemes. The authorities still should not take the last money from ordinary citizens. Moreover, it is important to correctly use the available budget in order to be able to develop the situation, to be able to solve existing problems in the future.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, a recognized expert in his field, gained worldwide fame due to his frequent materialization in predictive work. Casey’s predictions for 2024 for Ukraine are devoid of any specifics.

The psychic, plunging into a hypnotic state, saw hostilities between the two fraternal peoples, they would last for a long time. There is no information about the end date.

Who needs it?

There have always been two reasons for starting a war: political and economic. For political reasons, a nuclear war could have happened in the 20th century, when there was a confrontation between the capitalist West and the communist USSR.

Then the political confrontation lost its relevance, but the economic one came to the fore. The world’s resources are not endless, and the greed of the world’s oligarchs, on the contrary, knows no end. And the struggle for profit takes on ever more terrible forms.

But something else is also possible.

Maybe someone deliberately and consciously shakes our world. This is not necessarily done in order to destroy it. Perhaps brinkmanship is the only way for humanity to avoid something worse than nuclear war. The existence of different countries in conditions of fierce competition stimulates scientific development and technical progress. This has been clearly shown in past history. And maybe the powers that be decided to play this particular card.

A strange feature of our civilization is that all its achievements are based on wars. Long periods of peace have always led to stagnation and subsequent collapse. This is how all the great civilizations of antiquity perished.

Modern people do not want to repeat their fate and therefore create the image of the enemy without planning a real war.

Is it in our power to prevent war?

Well, as a conclusion, let’s think about what we can do to prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

It seems that now nothing depends on a simple person. Everything is decided by the authorities, and we do not even have accurate and truthful information about what is happening because of the constant information wars.

I will not say that we can do a lot, that we must join hands and firmly say “No!” war. This is a utopia. But we can treat each other kindly, teach our children the same, not believe the words of politicians and remember that people in all corners of the planet are the same. And they all want peace, not war.

Who will win the war between Russia and Ukraine? What will happen next?

Abdulla Istamulov, head of the Center for Strategic Studies and Development of Civil Society in the North Caucasus:

– When will active hostilities end, Abdulla Lukmanovich?

– If all the goals that were determined by Russia for the period of the military and military-technical operation are achieved, then in a week – a maximum of ten days – the active phase will end. Negotiations of interested parties will begin at the level of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

These negotiations can take place with the participation of foreign states – for example, the same Israel.

– Will Ukraine remain within the same framework?

– Of course, in the form in which we knew it before, Ukraine will no longer exist. The Orthodox East and the Catholic West of this country have never actually been a single state. They are separated by insurmountable cultural, historical, civilizational, if you like, mental contradictions.

Ukraine has been an artificial state formation in a certain sense before. And now between these territories with the corresponding “human blanket” there was a historical tectonic fault. And in a year and a half, the disintegration of Ukraine into two state entities is virtually inevitable.

Will Zelensky leave?

For a while, he will remain in the political arena. Just because you have to negotiate with someone. And then elections will be held, and he will leave. I think already now the behind-the-scenes operators of the process are feverishly looking for a replacement for him. He will either go abroad or stay in the part of Ukraine that will be controlled by the West.

Will a transitional government be formed in Ukraine?

“Absolutely, in my opinion. There is no other way after bloodshed. This government will include party leaders and opinion leaders. Zelensky has already fulfilled his role. Or didn’t do it. But he must go.

– Will the Ukraine, which will go into the zone of influence of Russia, be forbidden to have its own armed forces in the future – as they banned Japan and Germany in their time?

– I think that her armed forces will be left at some level that is not dangerous for Russia – so that they can never threaten anyone. Perhaps the internal troops will leave, motorized rifle units, and Ukraine will become a member of the CSTO.

What future awaits Russia and Ukraine after the end of hostilities

Expert Mikhail Semenov offers two conspiracy theories about the further development of events.

First. The authors of the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict are the United States, or, well, the Anglo-Saxons. Yes Yes. Like, they are tired of Ukraine, because they realized that it is almost impossible to integrate it into the “democratic world”. It is too huge, corrupt and incapable of joining this “wonderful world”. What to do with her? That’s right, give it to Russia, let it babysit it. Of course, we will have to part with the dream of making Ukraine a “knife in the underbelly” for Russia, alas, not without it. But the Anglo-Saxons would not have been Anglo-Saxons if they had not tried to use this situation to their maximum advantage. And they succeeded in this – to draw Russia into a full-scale “operation” with Ukraine.

Now what happens? In economic terms, Ukraine is “dumped” from the responsibility of the West. And Russia is becoming a full-fledged outcast, an enemy country of the West. The Pentagon and NATO are rubbing their hands – everything worked out! Now for many decades they will be inundated with money, and no one will doubt their “vital necessity.” In the future, some anti-Russian sanctions that will interfere with the West itself will be quietly removed, and those that hinder the development of Russia’s military potential will be left and even supplemented.

This version is supported by the fact that the United States and the West as a whole, before the start of the “invasion”, cynically removed their diplomats, stopped investments and even stopped their aircraft flights. And on every corner they broadcast that NATO would not interfere, which means that it would not interfere with the “invasion”! What is this if not an invitation to “invasion”? Yes, of course, now they will provide “maximum assistance” to Ukraine – send “humanitarian aid” and fill up with weapons – like, kill each other there, guys, we do not mind.

And for the Slavic brothers, the situation looks like in that joke about two cowboys – how they ate their own shit for free. In short, both Russia and Ukraine will be left with nothing, and Russia, additionally, will be up to its neck in this very thing.

Second. This is the notorious “Putin’s cunning plan.” Like, the “operation” in Ukraine is only the beginning of grandiose transformations. Western anti-Russian sanctions are the main goal of this “operation”, and “demilitarization and denazification” is just an additional useful bonus. Sanctions at the first stage will make it possible to facilitate the process of “deoffshorization” of the Russian economy and stop the outflow of capital from it. Capital will have nowhere to invest, except in its own economy. Well, and a further radical change in the economic course – a repulsive wretchedly feudal-oligarchic one – to a course of sound economic development with a social orientation. And Russia will become an attractive center of attraction for its neighbors.

True, nothing is said in favor of this version yet.

Well, we will soon see what option awaits Russia.

What plans does Russia have in Ukraine: a political scientist named three possible options

Associate Professor of the Department of Mass Communications and Media Business of the Financial University under the Government of Russia, political scientist Gevorg Mirzayan voiced several scenarios of what will happen in Ukraine and Donbass in the near future. The expert considered the option of complete annexation of the western regions of Ukraine to Russia unrealistic and even undesirable – according to him, our country’s goal is completely different.

“We have a maximum program, an optimum program, a minimum program. The maximum program is the federalization of Ukraine. This is the reconstruction of Ukraine as a single state without Crimea and the creation of a broad federation on this territory, where there will be appropriate legislation that will provide broad rights to the regions and give a neutral status to this state. And of course, denazification,” Mirzayan explained.

This, according to the expert, is “option A”, which includes both the LPR and the DPR, which will enter the composition in order to create the right and necessary electoral balance, and Western Ukraine.

In addition, there is “option B” – our interlocutor admitted that he seems to him not only optimal and most correct, but also the most feasible. This is a variant of the creation of Novorossiya.

“That is, roughly speaking, we take those regions that are pro-Russian or close to pro-Russian: the center, the southeast, the east. And the conditional Novorossia formally remains independent for the time being and after some time becomes part of the Russian Federation, ”the expert suggested.

True, Mirzayan himself admits that this scenario has two big disadvantages: firstly, then the “Bandera Reserve” represented by Western Ukraine will be located very close to our borders, and secondly, there will be gas storage facilities on the territory of this “Bandera Reserve” and a nuclear power plant.

There is a third option, or a minimum program, in which Russia liberates the territory of the LPR, DPR, and also creates a corridor for itself in Transnistria through Odessa, possibly land Crimea and free access to water for the North Crimean Canal. But apparently, there will be no minimum program, the political scientist added:

“We are now at the stage of the optimum program with a possible exit to the maximum program. We’ll see what will happen in the end.”

When it’s over

According to the astrological aspects of the future, there is a high probability of the end of hostilities either in the next week, or only by August-September 2024. A certain duality of the situation is very strongly manifested, it can be expressed in double standards, double decisions, constant choice. And there is also the possibility of dividing Ukraine into two parts and changing the government of the country in the next seven months.

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