Vera Lyon Predictions for 2024

Making her predictions for 2024, Vera Lyon specifically pointed out that the most dynamic and soon events will take place in the first months. Further circumstances are likely to change. There may be some obstacles that will reduce the speed of their development and create periods of downtime and uncertainty. And, presumably, the new reality will be both simple and complex at the same time.

However, there are hardly many people left on the planet who would not be aware that life is not getting easier and you need to be prepared for surprises and difficulties. What could happen next year…

In Russia

Russia will continue to move away from the use of the dollar. The soothsayer, however, insists that in 2024 there will be a final rejection of this monetary unit. And this may raise reasonable doubts. But even if such a prediction is partially fulfilled, it will already mean success for the Russian Federation and once again prove the visionary gift of V. Lyon.

In addition, Ms. Lyon foresees a balance in the West’s sanctions policy in favor of Russia. At least some of the sanctions for our country will be lifted (the clairvoyant does not indicate the reason). But the Russian authorities, for their part, will not reduce restrictive measures in relation to external “partners”.

In Russia, some kind of scandal (or another problematic situation) may break out on the basis of Orthodoxy. She will most likely be related directly to the patriarch; everything will start just with some of his act or a provocative interpretation of some of his actions. And then the scandal will grow into something more and cast a shadow on the institution of Orthodoxy as a whole. How accurate this prediction is remains to be seen. But in this case, there is just the case when one would like the clairvoyant to make a mistake.

Next year, Vera Lyon foresees another appearance in the media field of I. Strelkov. She sees nothing good in this. Although he notes with satisfaction that this “story” will certainly not be long.

Around 2024, Vera Lyon predicted Russia’s attempts to land on the moon. She voiced a prediction about this, emphasizing that the composition of the expedition would be international. In addition to Russians, it will also include citizens of some of the CIS countries. The result of the expedition, according to the soothsayer, will be found evidence that no one has visited the moon so far.


In the United States, the processes contributing to the disintegration of the country will continue. At least, Vera Lyon believes that what is happening will lead exactly to this. However, in 2024 this state will definitely not collapse yet, since it still has internal resources to fight for itself. However, the clairvoyant considers such an ending inevitable after the next few years.

In Central Asia

Explosions of instability may occur in Kazakhstan. There are a lot of young people in the country who, to one degree or another, have been “treated” by representatives of radical Islamism. Accordingly, according to Ms. Lyon, ISIS (an organization recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) will pose an increasing danger to her, seducing young people and causing them a sense of protest both in relation to local authorities and in connection with the circumstances in the world in in general. In 2024, for this and a number of other reasons, Kazakhstan may fall into a period of political turbulence, up to the risk of armed clashes in the streets and squares of large cities. In general, for her country in 2024, Vera Lyon predicted a slide into problems like Ukraine, incl. in connection with the oppression of the Russian population.

Drinking water may be a problem throughout the region. More precisely, they will begin to escalate, since, to one degree or another, they exist constantly. Perhaps the peculiarity of this situation will manifest itself in the fact that it will be voiced more, so that it will be, as it were, on everyone’s lips.

In Ukraine

On the territory of this country, Ms. Lyon foresees armed clashes on religious grounds. And he claims that they can be very serious, so that their consequences will come around very strongly and for a long time.

In 2024, Donbass will definitely not return back under the rule of Kyiv. Theoretically, this could happen, but such a return requires a condition that is not yet feasible for Ukraine – a withdrawal from external political influence. Therefore, the country is confidently moving towards its division, and already next year, the tendency to break away from it and part of its other territories is not ruled out. Vera Lyon speaks, of course, about the western regions, so it becomes obvious that conversations about this in the public field are not at all empty and have real grounds.

For 2024, the clairvoyant predicts the emergence of a new politician in Ukraine who will inspire hope for positive changes in the future. Whether they will happen or not is not yet clear. In any case, in this annual cycle, he will definitely not be able to reverse the current destructive state of affairs. But of course, it makes sense to watch fresh faces in Ukrainian politics.

Predictions about the implicit in the world

Vera Lyon definitely insists: people with superpowers are already coming into the world. She calls them “new age” people. Some of them are already mature enough and developed enough to begin to show such abilities. Until now, the soothsayer says, Masons have partly acted in the conditional role of supermen. In particular, there was – and still continues to be – the opinion that they hold the secrets of longevity. Nothing like this! she retorts. These people simply have powerful enough connections to perform organ transplants in a timely and high-quality manner. But the situation is changing, and at the global level. And entry into the world of personalities of the so-called. of the new century will rather quickly oust the Masons from their traditional orbit and sphere of influence, as a result of which the institution of Freemasonry itself will gradually fade away. By itself, that all this will not happen suddenly and strictly within the boundaries of 2024. The next annual cycle will only be a rung on this ladder, although it may be one of the most significant rungs.

A certain stratification of people according to the spiritual principle will take place on the planet. This process, in fact, is already underway, and in 2024 it may become more pronounced. It consists in the division of priorities in life goals. As V. Lyon herself said, some will strive into space, while others will strive to worship stones and live in the simplest conditions (“with a torch”). At the same time, such a division, presumably, will not be easy. And this will manifest itself, among other things, in a tangible increase in the number of suicides in the world, since people in search of their place in life will sometimes come to a standstill.

Forecast on climate and geography

2024, according to V. Lyon, will turn out to be rainy. And the rains will mostly be cold, possibly with hail. However, this, nevertheless, will not have a critically negative impact on yields. What is planted by humans will, for the most part, ripen and be safely harvested.

The next year, the clairvoyant saw the flooding of some coastal areas of the continents. The ratio of land to water on the planet will continue to change. And at the end of the next annual cycle, it will probably not be the same as it is today. There will be several reasons for this. One of the main ones is natural disasters, namely: hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy rains leading to floods. And, of course, human activity will become an important factor. Regarding the latter, Vera Lyon literally sounds the alarm, predicting for 2024 the environmental situation in some regions of the world will almost reach a critical state.

The situation in the international arena

Some boundaries may change. It is even possible that some state will disappear from the world map. Or maybe more than one. And some states will finally come to understand the futility of their territorial claims and renounce them (or at least begin the process of such a renunciation). In this regard, Ms. Lyon primarily has in mind the situation with Japan and its claims to the Kuriles.

Wars, of course, will not end in 2024. Vera Lyon definitely saw at least one. True, she could not identify the country on whose territory it would take place (she did not see this in her vision). But she managed to determine that there are rocky landscapes and a lot of sand. And this allows, in any case, to designate a list of states for which such a problem is most likely.

Vera Lyon has another prediction for 2024, which undoubtedly inspires optimism and confidence in positive prospects for the future. This is a statement that World War 3 will not happen. Of course, here the question is not limited to the next annual period. But you can be sure that we will live peacefully in 2024 and will definitely survive. And the fortuneteller advises each of us to delve less into global processes and dive deeper into questions of a spiritual order.

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