What Vladislav Solnechnogorsky predicted for Russia and the world

Little is known about the life of Vladislav Solnechnogorsky (Shumov). Born in Moscow in 1902 in the family of an archpriest. The Bolsheviks killed my father. Vladislav, who gravitated towards the spiritual life from childhood, had to work in factories for many years. Only after the Great Patriotic War Vladislav was able to fulfill his dream and enter the seminary.

After studying, he was sent to serve in the Assumption Church, located in the village of Obukhovo in the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region. In the Assumption Church, the archpriest served until the end of his days. When he died, his ashes were buried near the altar wall.

Archpriest Vladislav led a modest and righteous life. There is evidence that the elder had an amazing gift of foresight. They say that sometimes the archpriest had visions, and he began to say strange, frightening things. Many of the prophecies of Vladislav Solnechnogorsky were disturbing, while others instilled hope in people.

Great War Prediction

The elder warned that a general war would begin in the world. The conflict in Afghanistan will flare up again, hostilities will begin in Serbia. Turkey will attack Greece. The enemy will attack Russia from two sides at once – from the west (Germans) and from the east (Chinese). Chinese troops will reach Chelyabinsk. But if the enemy army captures this city, then a miracle will happen, and the Chinese will accept Orthodoxy. Mongolia will become Russia’s ally in the war with China.

Hard times will come for Belarus, which will end after unification with Russia. With Ukraine, Russia will not be able to reach an agreement.

The prophecies of the elder are in many ways similar to the predictions of other seers. So, Abbot Gury also warned about the capture of the eastern part of Russia by the Chinese, and the famous clairvoyant Vanga spoke about the imminent unification of Russia and Belarus.

The main danger, according to Vladislav Solnechnogorsky, lies not in the war. When the peoples get tired of hostilities, a single ruler will be elected. This ruler will be the Antichrist, so you can not participate in the elections. The Antichrist will appear in human form and will look like an ordinary person.

Prophecies about cataclysms

Many predictions of Vladislav Solnechnogorsky talk about natural disasters. There will be a strong earthquake in Moscow. Some countries will go under water – Japan, Australia, America. Of the latter, only Alaska will remain, which will again become part of Russia.

The elder advised people living in the villages not to leave anywhere, because famine would come to the cities. Food cards will be introduced again. In his visions, Vladislav Solnechnogorsky saw Russia in flames. Interestingly, the forecaster Osip Terelya also saw Russia engulfed in fires. Vanga warned about the same. Are the fires of 2019 the fulfillment of prophecy?

The archpriest also had predictions about the future of the Orthodox Church. The communists will return to power again, the persecution of believers will begin again. The elder advised to follow the exiled priests – it was on their side that the truth would be. He said that it was not worth going to Diveevo, since the ashes of Seraphim of Sarov had not been there for a long time.

Vladislav Solnechnogo did not tell when the time for the fulfillment of the prophecies would come. Other seers did not know this either – Orthodox elders believe that everything is in the hands of God, who can delay the arrival of troubles. If people lead a righteous life and remember the spiritual foundations, then the current generation will not witness the war. But even if the prophecy is destined to be fulfilled in the coming years, Vladislav Solnechnogorsky assured that Russia will survive all misfortunes, since God will not leave her.

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