Monk Abel, like other prophets, predicted Russia’s victory in the conflict with Turkey (4 photos)

In recent years, relations between Russia and Turkey have been excellent. There were no special conflicts, on the contrary, it was said about the friendship of the two countries. But, apparently, the monk Abel did not in vain give his gloomy forecasts about relations between these countries. The Turkish President has taken the path of aggressive action and intends to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. Here, numerous forecasts and prophecies made by various people in different years are recalled. All of them boiled down to the fact that Russia will always be a stronger country than Turkey, and will win in any conflict that unfolded between these countries.

What exactly did Abel say about the conflict between countries? He said that as a result of the war that would unfold between Turkey and Russia, the lands located near the city of Constantinople would again be Orthodox. Many other prophets also predicted the complete collapse of Turkey and the huge losses that the country would suffer as a result of a very daring foreign policy.

Monk Abel, like other prophets, predicted Russia's victory in the conflict with Turkey (4 photos)
Monk Abel predicts the fate of Alexander I

It is difficult to say how the Turkish leader will behave in the current world. But judging by his actual behavior, it is much more likely that he will not back down from his views. Most likely, the result of such a policy will be the complete collapse of his country. At least, if you believe the words of numerous predictors. At least, judging by the fact that Turkey is asking for NATO assistance in the war in Syria, this is exactly what is going on.

Monk Abel, like other prophets, predicted Russia's victory in the conflict with Turkey (4 photos)
Prophet Abel

In Greece, we are 100% sure of the correctness of this prophecy. They have long been waiting for Istanbul, whose historical name is Constantinople, to become an Orthodox city again. It was said that Turkey would go to war with Greece, but would not be able to win the war. Greece and Russia should help by intervening in the battle. The main role in the victory of Russia should be played by its fleet. Until recently, it was difficult to imagine a conflict between countries. But after the downing of a Russian fighter jet, war seems very possible. Many prophets said that this war would eventually become a world war. Turkey will be ruled by the United States, which will openly intervene only after the victory of Russia. After the intervention of the Americans, a terrible war will unfold.

Monk Abel, like other prophets, predicted Russia's victory in the conflict with Turkey (4 photos)
monk Abel

Of course, one must hope that this prophecy will not come true, because no one needs a world war. But, if all of a sudden this happens, then the predicted victory at the end of the war to our country calms down!

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