Predictions of the elders: Russia will lay the foundation for a new world

Clairvoyants reported that the Earth will be under threat of existence in 2829

According to the predictions of Seraphim of Sarov, wars and disasters await Russia. However, this is what will lead her to better times, according to the Corner of Happiness channel on Yandex Zen.

St. John of Kronstadt also argued that numerous disasters would make our country stronger. The beginning of the trouble will be in China. There will be an explosion, due to which all other countries will plunge into darkness.

According to Aristotle’s prophecy, we are talking about a nuclear bomb, writes the Open Seminary channel on Yandex Zen. There will be many victims in Russia. However, there will come times of spiritual uplift.

All the elders claimed that Russia would lay the foundation for a new world. Other countries will listen to her and recognize her superiority.

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