Wolf Messing predicted a shock to Russia and a change of leader in 2020

The Soviet mentalist, Wolf Messing, regularly performed psychological mind-reading experiments. Moreover, it is reliably known that in 1974 he was able to predict the facts about a crime related to grand theft in advance, which helped close the case. He also named the date of the beginning and end of World War II long before the first German offensives in Europe. It is believed that he predicted the death of Joseph Stalin.

During his career, V. Messing gained the status of a real soothsayer and telepath. The most famous prediction, which is yet to come true, was the words about 2020 and the state of affairs in Russia. The mentalist said that our state would have to go through extremely difficult trials, which would be complicated by natural disasters, as well as illness and death of many people.

According to him, Russia, having suffered, will be able to stabilize by the end of 2020. After all the upheavals, a series of jerks in development will come. Medicine is rising to a new level, education will become more efficient. At the same time, the standard of living of Russians will increase markedly, which will make the country more attractive even for foreign citizens. The economy will suffer, but only partially – only those who overly follow outdated paths will not be able to cope.

Part of the prediction has already come true. V. Messing warned about the big problems associated with the country’s dependence on natural resources – remember the situation with oil.

Wolf Messing predicted a shock to Russia and a change of leader in 2020

It is noteworthy that the prediction also speaks of Russia’s refusal from military conflicts. The country should become more peaceful and improve relations with surrounding states. With the latter, a leap in development will help, elevating Russia above the rest of the world.

But the most unexpected thing about this prediction is another – the change of leader. At the end of the year, according to Messing, cardinal changes await the country. A new leader must come to power, who will lead the country in the right direction and achieve great success on the world stage.

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