Amazing prophecies about Russia received from aliens (2 photos)

When an article about the abduction of a person by aliens in Kursk was published, L. Tokareva, a Kursk journalist, began to break the phone from incoming calls. Many people have claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects, and others have even managed to communicate with aliens. Someone said that he met a mysterious policeman who was dressed in a Soviet uniform, he was seen near the Ryshkovo station.

Fedosov Aleksey Nikolaevich, a pensioner who lives in the Solntsevsky district, told a very exciting story about alien prophets. Alexei Nikolaevich in the 90s at the state farm as chief engineer. That exciting incident happened in December 1990.

According to his memoirs, it all happened around midnight. A strong barking of dogs could be heard throughout the street, as if they sensed something was wrong. Fedosov and his wife went out to their yard and were amazed at how brightly the street was lit, and it was clear that the street was not illuminated by fire, so the version of the fire immediately disappeared.

A little later, the spouses saw a huge round luminous object above their street, resembling a flying saucer in the form of a caterpillar. The wife of Alexei Nikolayevich instantly drove away the manifesting panic, and they decided not to pay attention to the suspicious object. However, a couple of minutes later, the entire street was filled with panicking and screaming people.

Overly hospitable neighbors decided to invite aliens to visit them, but suddenly a voice was heard from an unidentified flying object, which informed the residents that the collapse of the Soviet Union would soon occur! After that, the UFO rose up and disappeared into the darkness of the night. For a long time, the inhabitants, frozen, stood and were silent, there was complete darkness around, but gradually began to come to their senses.

One of the neighbors decided to report the incident by phone to the police station, but there he was laughed at.

Talk about a suspicious flying object in that area did not go long, as the inhabitants were afraid of being arrested, because the party was by all means against the dissemination of information regarding aliens.

And everyone began to live as if nothing had happened that ill-fated midnight. But how strong was the surprise of the inhabitants when, a year later, the prediction of aliens came true.

Years later, an unidentified flying object returned to the same village with a new prediction – this time he told about the Chechen war. Now Fedosov’s neighbors are fearful of aliens – no one knows what else they will predict.

Amazing prophecies about Russia received from aliens (2 photos)

The UFO has not appeared for many years, but only a few months ago it reappeared. This time otherworldly inhabitants informed the earthlings about the impending collapse of the US financial system. According to their predictions, “America will soon collapse, as a result, the Russian Federation will turn into the main world state.”

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