The third world war with the participation of Russia will last 27 years – the prediction of Nostradamus

The media have published transcripts of the terrible prophecy of Michel Nostradamus for Russia in 2019. A famous scientist and alchemist from France, who lived in the 16th century, predicted upheavals for the country and people. In particular, in his predictions, he warned that the Third World War would begin this year, 2019, and would last almost “eternity” – 27 years.

Recently, the public has been talking about the fact that Russia could be drawn into a war with the United States or with Ukraine – it is with these two countries that relations are now the most tense. However, the scientists who deciphered Nostradamus’ writings speak of a different adversary.

Nostradamus on the Third World War – a prophecy for 2019

Michel Nostradamus warned that in 2019, due to the redistribution of the Kuril Islands between Russia and Japan, there would be a conflict that would develop into the Third World War.

As a result of the Second World War, the four southernmost Japanese islands in the chain of the Kuril Islands – Iturup, Shikotan, Kunashir and Khabomai – went to the Soviet Union. They are now the stumbling block between countries. The peace treaty between Japan and Russia has not yet been signed.

Recall that US President Franklin Roosevelt promised Stalin these islands in exchange for entering the war with Japan. Already in 1956, Khrushchev wanted to return the two islands to the Japanese, subject to the signing of a peace treaty, but then he abandoned his intentions.

At the moment, a lot of talk is underway on the topic, experts do not exclude that the islands will be given away, but so far Belokamennaya does not intend to sign documents on the transfer of the islands to Japan.

The tension between Russia and Japan continues to grow, despite the constant meetings and negotiations on the signing of a peace treaty.

According to Nostradamus, this tension will result in full-scale military operations. The war will last 27 years. At the same time, people will die not only in battles. Natural disasters will fall on both countries, many cities will turn into ruins.

According to the forecast of Nostradamus, the Third World War will weaken Russia.

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