American preacher Rick Joyner’s predictions about Russia

The famous American prophet Edgar Cayce believed that the future of all mankind is in the hands of one state – the Russian Federation. This point of view is confirmed by other clairvoyants and sorcerers, but many ordinary people consider them charlatans who play along with our country. But in the case of Casey, this is definitely not the case, because all his life he was a patriot of his native country.

Recently, another person said that the future of the whole world is in the hands of Russia. It was the American preacher Rick Joyner. While serving in the navy, he first discovered in himself a gift that allows you to look into the future. At first, this ability frightened the young man, he did not know how to manage it and how to recognize the signs that were sent to him from above. But later, he will thank God more than once for the gift of a supernatural skill, since it is he who will help him survive, and then get into the church.

Currently, Rick is both a preacher and an entrepreneur. Despite his American origin, he loves Russia and everything connected with it very much.

In his opinion, this state was chosen by God in order to be the first to go through all the torments and trials, to be cleansed of negativity, and today to be a guide for everyone. The main goal of the country is to put itself and all other states on the right path to achieve universal development and prosperity. Having passed all the tests, Russia will be able to share its experience with other states.

The prophet believes that the only thing Russia can be afraid of is the revival of fascism, since the country has already passed the hard times of communism.

Rick argues that something bad can no longer happen to the Russian Federation, and minor problems and troubles will only help the further prosperity of the state. The preacher is firmly convinced that the country will cope with all adversity without any special difficulties that will lead it and other countries to the righteous path.

Despite the patriotism inherent in Rick Joyner, he is very negative about the policies pursued by his native state – the United States. So, he believes that by constantly interfering in the affairs of other countries and committing terrible deeds regarding foreign policy, his country only makes it worse for itself and thereby hinders the process of further development of civilization.

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