Prophecies about the revival of Russia by the famous Chinese clairvoyant Yijin

You have already read a lot of the predictions of Russian prophets, but what do clairvoyants from other countries say about Russia. The Internet magazine UFO MIR has prepared a translation of the prophecy about the revival of Russia by the famous clairvoyant China Yijin, let’s see how people from another country look at our country.

General prophecy about Russia

  1. Prophecy: In the next leap year, Russia will dominate Eastern Europe and even more countries than it did during the collapse of the Russian Empire.
  2. Prophecy: Russia will follow its old communist traditions in order to establish a new world regime, and also revive communist internationalism within the framework of global strategic integration.

Predictions about Russia from 2014 to 2034

  • In 2014-2016 , Russia annexed the territory of Crimea, which previously belonged to Ukraine.
  • 2017-2019 _ Russia will enter into close relations with North Korea and take part in solving the North Korean nuclear problem.
  • In 2020-2024 , Russia concludes an important strategic agreement with North Korea, Korea becomes one of Russia’s spheres of influence.
  • 2024-2025 . Between Europe and Russia there is already a zone of economic cooperation between the EU and Russia Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Persian Gulf are still controlled by the United States. The self-consciousness of Russians has grown significantly.
  • 2026-2028 . Russia and Japan form an alliance. Japan and Russia in the northern territories of Japan and the Kuriles signed an agreement on the borders of states, the century-old conflict ended in reconciliation.
  • 2029-2031 . _ The Russian tsarist dynasty, as well as the legacy of the tsarist era, was increasingly used to enhance the image of the country.
  • 2032-2034 . Russia has become a key world leader.

Commentaries on the prophecies

After 15 years of the war on terrorism, the US was heavily indebted and difficult to repay, and thus the US could no longer play the role of peacekeeper . Trump has publicly stated that the United States is no longer the world’s policeman. On the other hand, there is the EU, which is self-sufficient.

Also many countries want European integration. Therefore, the entire center of world leadership is gradually shifting. Russia thus opens up new opportunities. That is why Russia has gradually entered the European arena over the past five years.

Philippine President Dutti said: “Being friends with Russia and China is extremely important. We see the United States and Europe now leading the world, but their power is waning.”

Spirituality and national forces of Russia are the basis for the revival

A great goal is the stimulus for great accomplishments. If you are motivated, you will do everything smoothly. Gentlemen, you must restrain evil thoughts, preach good ideas, and submit to the good will of our destiny.

Prophecy: Spiritual and national forces, which will gradually gain international recognition, will help in the revival of Russia. There is a pattern of empire. They will return to the ancient Russian era, advocating the integration of the foreign civilian population and attracting Third World countries to cooperate with Russia.

Numerology predicts Russia, support from the laws of the universe

The path of the revival of Russia, according to predictions, will take place as follows. This is worth reading carefully.

There are many prerequisites for rebirth from the side of basic numerology: a large phase corresponds to the “Law”, which means that we are provided with comprehensive support, that is, the achievement of the goal is guaranteed. This blessing is energetically strong, and it is also clear that it is carried out in accordance with the rules and timing of the needs of the environment, so its effect is soft and smooth, and does not disturb the natural course of events.

Favorable time for military expansions

God bless you (if you are in a war zone, you can naturally escape). If Kyrgyzstan supports us , no unpleasant circumstances are foreseen in the east.

Prophecy: if Russian military operations expand into new territories, if there is a war, a favorable situation will naturally occur on the world stage, and there will be no adverse events. Therefore, this is the time of Russian military expansion.

  1. In 2014-2016 – the time of exploitation of the Russian military expansion.
  2. 2014-2016 This year, Russia annexed Crimea, which belongs to Ukraine.
  3. 2032-2034. Russia has become a key world leader.

Weak national ideology of Russia

Important: A slight tension in the east will not lead to the fact that Russia will send troops to Kyrgyzstan .

Prophecy: Russia will use very minor but important exchanges of national territories. They will be used as springboards to break through the defenses of countries in preparation for integration with Russia. For example in Kyrgyzstan .

  • 2029-2031. The image of the Russian state has undergone a huge transformation. The Russian tsarist dynasty and the legacy of the tsarist era is used to enhance the image of the country.

Relations with Japan

Russia and Japan form an alliance favorable to both countries

Such simple steps towards a meeting will help show the people of the whole world a real face, as opposed to the image created by the West.

  • Prophecy: Russia and Japan form an alliance, taking a step forward, Russia shows the true face of nobility when interacting with Japan, thanks to which it receives recognition from the whole world.
  • Prophecy: 2026-2028. Russia and Japan form an alliance. Japan becomes the cause of an unspoken rivalry between the United States and Russia. Japan and Russia came to an agreement on the issue of the state border in the Kuriles.

Relations with Europe

There is a problem with internal integration in Europe. What is favorable for Russian interests

More and more European leaders are in favor of leaving the EU. The future of the European Union, which is losing prestige in the international arena, depends only on them.

Prophecy: Russia will take advantage of the problems of internal integration in Europe. Germany, France and the UK will actively propose the creation of a special zone for mutually beneficial trade with Russia. The US is strengthening its control in the Middle East. Russia is creating a powerful impetus to start a new Eurasian cooperation.

2024-2025. Strong ties are being created between Europe and Russia, the re-emergence of Germany, France on the international stage is only due to cooperation between Russia and the EU, DC proposes to start negotiations on cooperation between the US and Russia, despite the objections of the ruling Democratic Party. The understanding of Russia’s role in the world among its citizens has grown significantly.

Relations with the USA

The United States has a large financial obligation and cannot do anything about it. Russia cannot miss its chance and mobilizes all available resources to achieve its goal.

Prophecy: Russia will defeat the superpowers of the United States and fight at full strength in the struggle for local spheres of influence.

In 2020-2024, Russia will acquire North Korea as an ally, which becomes its sphere of influence. The efforts of the United States over the past twenty years have not brought significant results. Under a cooperation pact with Japan, Russia is moving forces to China’s northeastern border, and the shadow of a long-standing dispute over the status of Manchuria is gradually rekindled.

Residents of San Francisco and other cities on the US Pacific coast opposed the intervention of the United States in subsequent conflicts.

Relations with China

Domestic and foreign policy in China are in crisis. Favorable time for territorial treaties.

Military intervention in the northern regions of China will also be the right decision if the situation worsens.

  • Prophecy: It is true that Russia and China are simply in contact with each other and want to peacefully resolve the situation in northern China, which may be in a difficult phase.
  • Prophecy: 2017-2019. Russia will move into close relations with North Korea. Will take part in solving the nuclear problem of North Korea.

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