Matronushka predicted a new coming to power of the communists

I suggest you discuss the real prediction of the Matrona of Moscow. I read the life of this saint back in the late 90s. Many of her predictions have already come true, such as the Second World War and the arrival of Gorbachev. Now, unfortunately, I can not find this book in paper form, but the text can be easily found on the Internet. The source is here or you can simply copy and paste the quote below into the Yandex search engine.

After the war, Stalin will first be removed, then after him the rulers will be one worse than the other. Raise Russia. Here are comrades after the war traveling abroad, they will decompose and break their teeth. Some will see what is good, what is bad, that to continue to live as before is death. And Michael will appear at that time …. Everything will be, and a prayer service on Red Square, and memorial services for the murdered Anointed of God and his family. Then the old ones will come , and it will be worse than it was! Life will get worse and worse.

I really saw this text in a book more than 20 years ago, another thing is that prediction is a murky topic and it can be interpreted in different ways.

Actually, why do I and many other people believe that Matrona was talking specifically about the communists? The saint died in 1952 and lived most of her life under the rule of the communists, it is not difficult to guess that when she said “Then the former ones will come to power,” she meant them. The words “it will be worse than it was!” are alarming. What does this mean, is it worse for the people materially, or did the saint mean the spiritual side of the life of Russians? Is it possible that Matronushka saw so far?

Now, when the current government in our country, thanks to its actions and words, is increasingly losing its authority in the eyes of the people, the words of Matronushka do not seem so fantastic. The Communists: Zyuganov, Grudinin have recently become very bold and openly criticize the government. In my opinion, only they are currently able to compete with the ruling elite.

Matronushka is one of the most famous and revered saints. They were canonized in 1998. According to legend, Joseph Stalin visited her before the war, but this is not documented.

Matronushka predicted a new coming to power of the communists

Personally, I do not believe that predictions always come true, and even more so 100% accurate. Perhaps the future is destined somewhere, but it also depends on ourselves, our choices and actions. Remember how in folk tales:

If you go to the left, you will lose your horse,

If you go to the right, you will lose your life,

If you go straight – you will find happiness (or you will live, but you will forget yourself)

Do you believe in Matrona’s prediction and that she had in mind the communists? I wonder in which direction our country will go?

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