Psychic Mohsen Noruzi’s predictions about the future of the world

Many lovers of mysticism and the unknown sides of a person watch the series of programs “The Battle of Psychics”. Last year, the magician Mohsen Noruzi, who reached the final, amazed everyone. He showed amazing abilities: he saw with his eyes closed and read minds.

Coming into contact with unearthly forces, he sees the future and shares his knowledge with people. The forces show the magician the various probabilities of events occurring in life.

Our world is very complex. Not all ordinary people can understand that truth and time can change. Mohsen Naruzi helps to understand these fundamentals. He talks about it in his interviews.

We are constantly predicted the end of the world, but it still does not exist. There is a point of view according to which this is due to the variability of events.

Recently, the magician appeared in the Fifth Channel program dedicated to predictions. He talked about his visions about the fate of mankind.

According to him, received from above, big troubles threaten the United States in the future. This country will lose its influence in the world, it will have serious economic problems.

The political map of the world will change. Many countries will leave the European Union, and it will be forced to disintegrate.

The magician said that in 2014 the World War began. But this is not the worst. The planet has to go through many natural disasters. Floods, earthquakes will be stronger every time.

However, according to Mohsen Noruzi, humanity will survive all this. There will be no end of the world. On the contrary, positive changes will begin, and gradually the situation will improve.

It is interesting that, speaking about the negative phenomena that await many countries (America, Europe), the magician kept silent about the fate of our country.

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