Predictions of John of Kronstadt about the future of Russia

There were and are many holy elders on the Russian land who are invincible in their faith in God. And many among them are those to whom the Lord has given the gift of clairvoyance – the ability to see the future. When they were asked about the fate of Russia and the Russian people, they answered almost the same – the Lord is merciful, he loves Holy Russia, and no matter what happens, no matter what trials you have to go through, but Russia will stand, be reborn from the ashes and shine in new glory with the name of Christ .

And serious trials are coming. We have sinned too much, mired in permissiveness, and no one wants to repent. Therefore, the Lord sends diseases, economic crises, military conflicts, thereby showing his anger.

Today I want to tell you about the predictions of John of Kronstadt, how he saw the future of Russia, and what, in his opinion, is our salvation.

Who is John of Kronstadt?

John Ilyich Sergiev was born into a poor family in 1829 in the small village of Sura, in the Arkhangelsk province. The baby was weak, the parents were worried that he would not survive, so they christened the first-born on the same day.

His paternal and maternal ancestors were priests for 350 years, so the child was brought up from early childhood in reverence and love for the Lord. It is not surprising that John chose for himself the path of service to God. First he graduated from the parish school, then it was the turn of study at the seminary and theological academy.

At one time, John wanted to become a monk and go as a missionary to Siberia or America in order to bring Christianity to the people. And then I realized that the inhabitants of the capital do not know Christ as much as any natives, and therefore remained in St. Petersburg.

After receiving the dignity, he was sent to the Kronstadt Andreevsky Cathedral, where he served for 53 years, until his death.

Very soon he received all-Russian fame and veneration of the common people. If he went somewhere, crowds of people gathered for his arrival in the hope of receiving a blessing. Temples were not always able to accommodate all comers when Father John held services there.

Rich people donated large sums of money to him, which the priest used for charity. Thanks to him, schools, churches, monasteries, and hospitals were built throughout Russia.

He died in 1908 at the age of eighty, leaving no spiritual will and no savings. Canonized by the Russian Church Abroad in New York in 1964.

Saint’s warnings

Among the people, John of Kronstadt was revered as a miracle worker and seer. His prayers were so powerful that they could heal. Father John wrote many church works and books, all of which were published during his lifetime. There are also draft manuscripts that prove that John’s predictions were not distorted or supplemented with new facts.

All his instructions are relevant even now, it seems that some of them are written about our time, echoing the events of our time. But this is not surprising – everything in history happens in cycles.

Father John, as it were, warned the next generations that it was necessary to learn a lesson from the terrible past in order to prevent an equally terrible future. Let’s look at the main points that are worth paying attention to.

Weakening of power

Predictions of John of Kronstadt about the future of Russia

According to Father John, there is no such evil that the Russian people have not yet done in their country. Decline in morals, total drunkenness, debauchery, unbelief – all this causes the wrath of God. And more and more these sins suffer the top of society, which by its example should show the people piety and righteousness. The time will come when the authorities will answer to the Lord for all their sins, and the sins of the people.

The priest said that complete anarchy reigns in the country. Children do not listen to parents and teachers. Subordinates spit on instructions from superiors. Everyone does what he wants. And the government is to blame for this, which does not put moral principles above all else.

Just think how the words of John, spoken by him more than a hundred years ago, resonate with our time!

Fall of the clergy

Not only the government is to blame for all the lawlessness, but also the clergy, which is the main force and support for the Russian people. A clergyman is a warrior of God, he must prevent sinfulness with his instructions, because after sin, punishment in the form of illnesses and disasters will inevitably come.

What is really happening? Priests are concerned only with their financial situation. They are only interested in donations, on which they can eat deliciously and sleep sweetly.

That is why the Russian people are subjected to persecution, poverty, and suffer disgrace from other offending countries. And all because there are no more spiritual mentors and teachers. Since the people have turned away from the Lord, then they will not wait for help from them until they repent and return to faith.

About the future of Russia

Predictions of John of Kronstadt about the future of Russia

But not everything is so sad, Father John believes.

“Return, Russia, to your holy, immaculate, saving, victorious faith and to the Holy Church – your mother – and you will be victorious and glorious, as in the old believing time.”

We need to pray to all the saints, our Lord and the Mother of God. Sincerely repent of your sins, return to the Orthodox faith. And then the merciful Lord will forgive Russia and restore her former power and prosperity.

“As long as Russia is Orthodox, and diligently honors God and the Mother of God, until then it will be powerful and unshakable, for from the beginning and until now it has come out of all troubles, strengthened and expanded by the intercession and help of the Mother of God in all wars and military, distressful circumstances – and Russian princes, kings, emperors, and the Christ-loving army always diligently honored the Ever-Virgin and Mother.

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