A Buddhist monk’s prediction about today, which, according to some interpreters, refers to the coronavirus.

Well then. Let’s talk in these days, when the coronavirus is walking around the planet, and someone is panicking, and most do not pay any attention to this virus at all, about prophecies. They are interesting enough, especially at a time when humanity is struggling with large-scale difficulties.

Most people try to analyze current events, but a huge number of people on our planet are also trying to find answers in the past.

Local media in China suddenly remembered that today’s events were completely predicted by a Buddhist monk named Zigong. The priest predicted the “arrival” of the coronavirus a hundred years ago and tried to describe it to the best of his ability.

It goes without saying that any mystical component of life is prohibited in China, because this is contrary to communist ideology. But who did that stop? Again, the Chinese do not live only in China, pardon the pun. So, in the United States, they published the full text of this prophecy on the Internet, with a translation into English, for the masses, so to speak. Well, they tied this prophecy to the present day, to the coronavirus that is sweeping across the planet.

This happens with predictions, their amazing, speaking in a fashionable “trick”, is that they can be attracted to any era, tied to any disasters and troubles. But let’s not scoff, and continue about the foresight of a Buddhist monk, and find out what he prophesied there. And he prophesied not sickly. Apocalyptic paintings are available and offered for study.????

  • In 2020, all of China will suffer, the situation in the country will become so bad that even the New Year will not be celebrated. An epidemic is coming, and even wild animals will hide in the mountains. (Now they probably defile freely in Shanghai) It will spread first in China, and then all over the world. The prices of goods will rise, so not everyone will be able to buy them.
  • Houses will sink under water. This year the locusts will come and destroy all the crops. During the invasion of locusts, fire will burst out of the ground, as well as all rivers will overflow their banks.

In addition, the monk writes that in order to survive, people should be more united, as well as save gold and food, because ordinary money will lose its value, and share with those they love. What about those who are not loved? The seer did not elaborate. How all these catastrophic events will end, the monk also did not describe, and it is no longer possible to ask him about it.

A Buddhist monk's prediction about today, which, according to some interpreters, refers to the coronavirus.

Well, how can we believe in the Chinese Nostradamus, or do we still consider his fabrications if they were, of course, the usual “fitting the problem to the answer”?

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