Prophecy of the holy Benedictine nun Hildegard Bingen

This holy nun from a Benedictine monastery predicted the apocalypse to mankind, and it happened in the 12th century. Her name was Hildegard Bingen. Her parents were nobles, she was the 10th child in a row and received a monastery education. After Hildegard, she began to lead the community, established more loyal rules, reduced the time spent on prayers and holding liturgies, which caused numerous controversies.

From a young age, various visions began to visit her. She did not introduce anyone to them, except for the mentor. Then she began to write them down. On the advice of her confessor, she showed her notes to the abbot. He approved of them and began to insist that she continue her recordings. For ten years she kept records of visions, of which there were 26 pieces. Then they were reflected in the work, which was called “Know the ways of the light, that is, the Lord.”

One of the visions involved a terrible earthquake and a comet visiting the Earth.

In addition, she spoke about the fact that the people living across the ocean (America) are waiting for significant upheavals. They will come before the comet visits the Earth. The ruin will be caused by natural disasters. Most of America will be flooded. The people will face many misfortunes.

One of her visions was also fading stars falling into the ocean. For her, this meant that angels were falling into the water.

Some believe that these visions can be broadcast to the modern world, which means that the future of mankind will be unenviable.

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