Predictions of Tavrion Batozsky about Russia

Everyone knew about him and were drawn to him like the sun. Pilgrims from all over the USSR came to Father Tavrion. What kind of person was he and what fateful prophecies did he make?

From birth, he was a conductor of the Higher Power and its consciously devoted servant. Fate has not always favored him. The sixth son of the treasurer of the council (Father Tavrion was born before the revolution, on August 10, 1898), was given to the Church in early childhood. At the age of eight he already served in the temple.

Later, after studying at the seminary, he ended up in an icon-painting workshop. The habitual, and such a beloved way of life, was violated by the First World War. O. Tavrion was drafted into the army, where he served until the very end of the war.

When he returned, he again rushed to God. In 1920 he was tonsured a monk.

And again tests. In 1929, during the persecution of the Church, he was arrested for the first time. Then there were camps, exiles. Between them there are short periods of respite in the wild, and again camps and exile. What the monk went through, only God knows.

Finally released Fr. Tavrion only in 1956.

According to the memoirs of A.M. Kopirovsky, a teacher of church archeology, he was internally very free, knew how to joke and did not go into his pocket for a word. He was keenly interested in what was happening in the world, he was very worried about Russia.

For the first time about the clairvoyance of Fr. Tavrion was spoken by the parishioners of the temple, after his sermons. Each of those present, in some completely incomprehensible way, heard in his words the answer to his dumb question or a ready solution to a tormenting problem.

Even more about his gift began to be remembered when his statements about future events began to come true with frightening accuracy.

The brightest of the prophecies that have come true and those that are coming true now

  • Time will shorten – hours and days will fly by. The night will remain as it is, and the day will greatly accelerate.
  • Along with pensions, prices will also rise. Strongly! Utilities and various goods will rise in price next. People will not know how to live on. The withdrawal of cash will begin, and soon they will be completely replaced by electronic ones.
  • In recent years, most diseases will not be from God, for patience, but from the enemy. Pray, and you will easily endure.
  • The products will be sealed in the form of bars to instill fear in the Orthodox. Keep the commandments of God.
  • The Russian clergy will weaken and, by their silence, will allow the flock to be led to the Antichrist.

Interesting. America should not be afraid. She can only bark like a watchdog and move other dogs to do the same. In fact, it is nothing against Russia. If Russia repents, she will survive even when her enemies are already celebrating victory.

Not yet fulfilled, but noteworthy prophecies

  • The Eucharist will be under attack. Everything that goes for her will be printed. Wine will be replaced by colored alcohol. If you notice this, do not accept and do not go to the shepherds anymore, who spend it with a coded substance.
  • They will force you, allegedly, voluntarily, to take new documents so that you can work. If you agree, die. Some of them don’t even know who controls them.
    The US will disappear along with the continent.

By the way, not only Fr. Tavrion. Dr. Lindsey, an American clairvoyant, spoke about this in the 60s of the last century.

Edgar Cayce , a world-famous medium and mystic, has a similar prediction . He argued that not only the coastal zone would go under water, but also the land in the middle of the mainland. Vanga prophesied the same thing .

  • Expect persecution, harassment, and all sorts of inscriptions. After them, the war will begin. Short but very powerful.
  • China will pass through Russia to go to war. Russia will become his corridor. They will stop in the Urals and stay there for a long time. By the way, Elder Evdokia Chudinovskaya also prophesied something similar (that the Chinese would drink tea in Chelyabinsk).
  • Stock up on products that do not have an inscription (rather, we are talking about a barcode, that is, farm products, not from stores).

How not to try this prophecy on the current situation? When the best product to stock up on is cereals and flour.

  • New camps will appear where they will not work, but will suffer.

Another vivid description of today. Hello self-isolation!

  • Famine and war are coming, but do not be afraid. Take a handful of earth, cross it and ask our Lord to bless. And he will make it nourishing, and you will be satisfied.
  • God wants to save Russia.

It can not be in any other way. Each of us knows this, because Russia is not only land and open spaces. This is a completely transcendent, spiritual and even mystical concept.

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