Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 – 2030 (9 photos)

I want to suggest that the Holy Scriptures contain a prophetic indication, year after year, of the life of Russia over the past 32 years, and for the next ten years. I will share with my readers the facts and “coincidences” that I discovered while researching one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible: the prophecy of ” forty years of wilderness “.

Actually, I wrote this little study of my own a few years ago, but still did not dare to share it – something remained and remains unfinished in it, not understood by me, not said. But every year, looking at the unfolding events, I thought: “That’s how it is! So that’s what it means! We should share.” But, again, the courage was not enough, nor the time. But here, I’ve made up my mind. It will be more fun if I am not alone, but with fellow readers I will run this amazing prophetic marathon – covering a significant part of our life with you, our most amazing, tragic, all – but our years with you.

I immediately warn you that in this first article in this series, I will not yet issue a kind of “tablet” that says, year after year, what has happened, is happening and will happen. I will do it, hopefully do it, at the end of this series. In this article, I will show what I will do so that my whole “game” is open, and so that later I do not return to this topic, but go specifically through the events – year after year .

So I invite you to go through again, to go over the amazing years of our life, starting from 1988 (I will explain why this year), to this year, an amazing year, amazingly marked on this prophetic map, and beyond. By the way, if it weren’t for this truly strange mark that marked this year, if it weren’t for another strange “coincidence”, I probably wouldn’t have dared to share my notes yet. But we will not limit ourselves to this, 2020, the year: this prophecy extends for another ten amazing years. And we will consider them too.

This, of course, is only my opinion, my observation, and it does not express anyone else’s views and interests. This is part of my prophetic Marathon, which has been going on for a long time on the Open Seminary channel. This article does not run alone – it runs along with it, catching up and overtaking, but dozens and hundreds of articles are already running along the same prophetic route. These are all my articles, not a retelling, not an expression of someone’s ideas. Thirty years of studying, teaching the Bible and prophecy both help me here and hinder me. They help because I know what I’m talking about. They get in the way, because I’m used to teaching, to academic, systematic presentation – and I need to write in the format of a popular article. This is not easy, and I hope you will forgive me – I am trying to write in the most universal and understandable language.

Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 - 2030 (9 photos)

So, I present, if you like, a biblical prophetic tablet of the chronology of Russia in recent years. I publish my material in a significantly abridged form – in the original of my study (over 100 pages), I give a detailed analysis of all the events associated with a particular “station” or “year”. But here I will not burden you with this. I cut as I go. Many times. This is a tribute to those of my readers who remind me that I write at length. And still it turns out not too short, sorry.

My thesis, I repeat, is that in the Holy Scriptures there is a symbolic prophetic description, year after year, of the life of Russia over the past 32 years, and for the next ten years. This does not mean that in ten years the world will come to an end. But, if my reasoning is correct – I present them to you here for judgment – then in 10 years Russia will have to enter the Beautiful Far Away – for which it is still completely unprepared. But I’ll try everything in order.

Times, terms – are of great importance in biblical prophecy and are repeated, like amazing patterns, in world history. Maybe someday I’ll get together and write an interesting separate article about this, but today I want to try to do something different – completely new. I have repeatedly written that Russia has an important, key role to play in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. And to these prophecies about Ephraim, or about the Kings from Sunrise – to which I have devoted dozens of articles – there are also “accompanying” prophecies.

Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 - 2030 (9 photos)
The people of Israel during a 40-year journey through the wilderness

Including those that allow us to understand where we are on the map of biblical prophecy, and what to expect in the near future. There are prophetic maps in the Bible with a large scale, and there are with a small one. My regular readers, of course, understand me better. But I hope that you will also become my regular reader, and we will become real friends.

So, Russia, as the New Israel, as the prophetic Kings from the rising of the sun, passes through the same path of the wilderness, as did the Israel of antiquity, when it came out of Egypt. I will not explain or prove anything here, although I could devote many pages and articles to these analogies. More precisely, I even wrote it, but for the sake of brevity, I will not share it. Instead, I want to do something else. I want, together with you, to go through, in a short review, the history of Russia’s wanderings in the desert.

I do not impose my views on anyone, but I believe that for each year of our history, starting from 1988, the year of the celebration of the Millennium of the Baptism of Russia , and until now, and for several more years in advance – we have a prophetic orientation in time and space. If you want to look at it, I invite you to travel. Then you will judge whether I am right or wrong.

Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 - 2030 (9 photos)
Moses and the people in the wilderness after leaving Egypt

Speaking of the Exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt (which marks a new, although not very glorious time in the history of this people), the Bible consistently records 42 stops that the people made in the wilderness. More precisely, the Bible speaks of forty stations in the wilderness, plus the starting and ending destinations, for a total of 42 “stations.” It is interesting that Jesus Christ, our Savior and Messiah of Israel, already reflected the significance of this number, these “stations of faith” with His genealogy. “So, all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David to the migration to Babylon fourteen generations; and from the migration to Babylon to Christ, fourteen generations. (Heb. Matthew 1:17). That is – 42. This is not an accident, not a coincidence.Already by His genealogy, Jesus Christ, as it were, travels the path together with His people. Only where the people fall – He does not fall. And saves those who trust in Him.

It is no coincidence that immediately after His baptism (the first point), Jesus goes to the desert, where he spends 40 days. And then, he goes out to the people and gives them the Sermon on the Mount (Heb. from Matthew) and the Commandments of the Kingdom (blessedness). This is the 42nd “station”, or something. But I, as a theologian, can talk about this endlessly, so I turn to our life, to our history.

Our people were once in the Covenant with God – they were baptized. In 1988 , 1000 years have passed since this event, and the people remembered – or were reminded – of this. And I know that now lovers of Soviet childhood will attack me – among whom I am the very first – and they will say how good it was in the Soviet Union (Egypt) and how bad it has become now (in the desert). All right! This is true. And in the same way, and justly, in general, the Israelites in the wilderness said: many, many times!

Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 - 2030 (9 photos)
Adoration of the golden calf shortly after the Exodus from Egypt

What else can they say? After all, this is the truth. Egypt, like the USSR, was an amazing civilization and people lived well there, in general. And God took them and brought them out, promising His way. And they ended up in the desert. And they began to murmur. As we are. This is quite predictable. After all, the exact same thing happened to us. They came out of Egypt, they could quickly come to the Beautiful Far Away, to the Promised Land. There was, in general, no need to wander in the desert for forty years! And we wandered (and we wander) only because at the very beginning we bowed to the golden calf. So it took forty years for this crazy obsession with the golden calf to pass. And it’s already coming to an end.

The Lord is leading us to the Beautiful Far. Simply, due to our unbelief, this path passes through the desert. And this is nothing new. You can cry over the past as much as you like – I myself am sad. But you can still understand – where you need to go – and move in the right direction. Moreover, 32 stations passed. There is not much.

Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 - 2030 (9 photos)

What does this mean for us? Each station in the desert is a year of our wanderings in the desert, gentlemen. At every station – something happens – good or bad. Each station of history has its own temptations, its own turns, its own mistakes, its own victories. Maybe I’m wrong in my “methodology”. But listen to the Apostle Paul, who, speaking of the years of the wandering of the people of Israel in the wilderness, addresses Christians who are destined to live in the closing period of history, with these words: 1 Corinthians 10:10-12

“Do not grumble, as some of them grumbled and died from the fighter.

All this happened to them like images; but it is described as an instruction to us who have reached the last centuries.

That’s it! The journey of the people of Israel in the wilderness and everything that happens to them there during these forty years is a type of what is happening in the last days!

Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 - 2030 (9 photos)
Russia’s time will come soon! We all need to take care of ourselves until then!

Someone will rightly ask: well, even so, but what does Russia have to do with it? To my regular readers, the answer will be obvious: Russia, in the plan of God, revealed in biblical prophecy, is the New and last Israel of God, blessed prophetic Ephraim, inheriting the Earth, prophetic kings from the east (Revelation 16:12), replacing the fallen Babylon. In fact, all Christians, according to the face of the whole Earth, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles, all together are the New Israel – or the Church. But the revival and restoration of the World Church begins with Russia. More precisely, it will start with Russia.

Just as in ancient times, at the very beginning, God chose a people to bring them to Palestine, to replace the rotten Early Babylonian civilization and pagan tribes, so at the end of time, God, as He said, chooses Kings from the east, or prophetic Ephraim, in order to give him the fallen last Babylon of Western civilization. By the way, it is interesting that part of the tribe of Ephraim left Egypt about thirty years earlier than all other tribes and settled in Palestine. But this is a separate big topic.

I simply suggest looking back a few years into our past, then approaching our present and prophetically entering our future. In those years that are around us, behind and ahead. And judge for yourself whether my comparison of biblical events, which serve as symbols, and the events that we are witnesses is correct.

Russia in the prophecies of the Bible: 1988 - 2030 (9 photos)

And also, friends, regardless of whether you agree with me that these “faith stations” in the desert somehow correspond to the patterns of development of our society, I want to assure you of one thing: each of us, people of faith, Christians, goes through these 42 stations of faith: how long, how short he lives. Each of us is led by God through these stations before being led into the Promised Heaven. And not everyone, alas, reaches the end. But I want, and I pray, that you, dear reader, will reach not only the Promised Heaven, but also our promised Russian Land, such as God sees it and makes it. Light at the end of the tunnel.

Be it prophecy, or some amazing historical pattern, but this “trip in the wilderness”, like other biblical prophecies and stories, indicates how God leads society – step by step, year by year. These are the stages of a long journey – a society with God. Don’t blame me for not giving you the most interesting thing in this article: the content of these forty years. But, I promise that in the next article I will immediately get down to business. And all the questioners – what I’m doing – I will send to this article. I hope to be ready tomorrow. See you soon!

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