What did Elder Anthony tell about the terrible fate of mankind?

The man known as Elder Anthony is one of the most mysterious personalities for both Christians and other people. The Christian church condemns his beliefs, but many people still consider him a wise and pure saint.

Mysterious Elder Anthony

Very little is known about the knower: he studied to be a theologian and lived for more than 100 years. Outwardly, according to the information of those who knew him, he was very reminiscent of a Russian hero, as he had long hair, tall (about 2 meters) height and powerful build. Under his warm and meek gaze, everyone felt important and loved. A unique collection of notes and memoirs about this outstanding person can be found in the work “Spiritual Conversations and Instructions of Elder Anthony”.

Prediction of catastrophes and doom

The knowledgeable one constantly talked about what terrible troubles will befall humanity in the 21st century: man-made and natural disasters, hurricanes, floods, explosions and other misfortunes. The elder also predicted the death of modern Sodom and Gomorrah – Los Angeles and New York. He believed that terrible punishments would befall mankind due to the fact that people do not live according to the laws of God. New York is slowly sinking into the ground, descending to Satan, and its inhabitants are mired in their own vices and have long been morally decomposing. In Los Angeles, ironically called the “City of Angels”, crime, devastation and depravity reign, which attracts its inhabitants straight to Hell. Creepy “monsters”, these two modern cities, according to the elder’s prediction, will suffer from drought, hurricane winds and floods, until they finally die completely.

Elder on the overthrow of ideals

Anthony believed that people often follow the lead of demons and Satan. In pursuit of the imaginary freedom promised by the messengers of Hell, humanity forgets what is really important and plunges deeper into its own vices. He said that Satan deprives a person of a choice between good and bad, leaving for him only the road to Hell, from which there is no return. And only with the help of the Church can one return to the right path, rejecting the intoxicating bonds of demons. Those virtues that God has given to humanity must be preserved, despite the influence of Satan, with the help of dozens of the most developed, but also corrupted, countries.

Anthony on Worldwide Depravity and the Fall

The knowledgeable one also talked a lot about what awaits people who indulge in debauchery. The moral depravity of society and enforced religious tolerance – this is what leads young and adult people to Satan, the elder believed. He talked about the fact that if humanity does not change something, it will face years of terrible trials. The knowledgeable one predicted hunger and death, hard days and even more terrible nights. Bacchanalia and terror await those who cannot give up sinful passions and embark on the righteous path with the help of the Church. Only those who can resist the machinations of Satan will be able to save the Russian state and make it great.

The elder did not leave predictions about the coming end of the world – or its absence. He was in a hurry to warn Christians that they needed to live righteously, otherwise, thanks to the machinations of Satan, this world would plunge into darkness and destruction, wallow in its vices.

It is worth thinking about the words of the wise old man and changing something in your life before it is too late.

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