“A strong leader will appear in the country.” The fateful prediction of the monk Panyo Hepo for Russia for 2021

Read the fateful prediction for Russia for 2021 from the famous monk Rano Nero, who amazed the world with his predictions that came true.

A very mysterious and enigmatic monk lived in the 14th century. It is known that he wrote under the interesting pseudonym Ragno Nero, which translates as “black spider” or “dark monk”. He was considered a strong sorcerer and predictor who managed to see many interesting events from the future.

In his forecasts, Ragno Nero managed to see the change of rulers around the world, as well as describe large-scale wars, like the First and Second World Wars. At the same time, he paid special attention to the 20th century.

For example, the monk said that people would create “a mushroom from fire, whose hat will rise to the sky, and the root will destroy cities.” You and I understand very well that we are talking about the creation of an atomic bomb, which, upon explosion, takes the form of a mushroom cap.

Dangerously, he hinted at “three mushrooms.” It is believed that the first two are represented by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the explosion at Chernobyl. But the third may still await us in the future.

The monk called the year 2021 extremely important for Russia. The fact is that it is during this period that a strong leader is obliged to declare himself. This is the “golden ruler”, which is destined by blood. That is, this is a man of royal blood, who may be related to one of the early rulers.

This person will be unknown for a long time, but in 2020 he will begin to assert himself in order to claim the Russian throne in 2021. Rano Nero also described him as a savior who would lift the country out of poverty after the “black plague” (probably an allusion to the coronavirus).

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