Found the lines of Nostradamus about our new reality

I am very skeptical about the so-called “predictions of Nostradamus” and other “prophets”.

At the same time, I do not completely deny anything at all. I proceed from the principle that everything is possible in this world. And even something that cannot be, maybe, maybe.) The world is definitely much more complicated than we know, and if some things seem incomprehensible to us, then this can only be because we have not yet grown up to understanding these things, not because they don’t exist. Something like this.

But back to Nostradamus. It’s all very confusing right there.

Usually, after some event has happened, some line from Nostradamus is “drawn by the ears” to him – “look, he predicted.”

Therefore, I do not believe such evidence. Maybe yes (predicted), maybe not (pulled).

But what I found today surprised me.

It began with the fact that here in Zen I read some kind of record about the hologram of the Pope. For you to understand what is at stake, here is a video on the same topic.

I have been interested in Pope Francis since the very beginning of his election to the throne of the RCC. I remember well how on March 13, 2013 (on webcams) I watched what kind of smoke would come out of the chimney.

And while studying the topic, I ended up on a page on Wikipedia, which contains the prophecy of St. Malachy about all the popes, from which it follows that the 112th pope will be the last.

It seems like it turns out that the current Pope is the 112th. Then I ended up on the forum “Orthodox cafe Missionary”, here the prophecies of Malachi about the “last Pope” are also considered and a quote from Nostradamus is given.

Quote from the forum: “Only time will tell how it will turn out in reality. However, in fairness it should be noted that another, much more famous than St. Malachi, the soothsayer, Nostradamus, interprets events in a similar vein. So, speaking of the 112th Pope, he reports that “common blood will flood the earth, people will live with their mouths closed , and the unpredictable will come.” The link to the source is just above.

I read about closed mouths and I think, “so, well, Nostradamus was again put under the current agenda”, it’s clear, it’s clear … Then I look at the date when the entry was posted – 03/03/2013 and then I, frankly, went nuts.

Closed mouths during the time of the 112th Pope, who, according to the prophecies, may be the last?

Found the lines of Nostradamus about our new reality

I’m not saying anything, it may be a coincidence, but the fact, in any case, is interesting. By the way, I have not yet been able to find this Nostradamus quatrain about “closed mouths” in the original or in another source. I hope for the help of “collective intelligence”.

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