The famous Italian clairvoyant Mavis and her predictions about Russia

The Italian clairvoyant Mavis made many interesting predictions for Russia. All her predictions were accurate and not only for our country, and some have already come true.

What exactly Mavis saw about Russia:

  • Long before…She predicted the return of Crimea to Russia
  • The 21st century will be a turning point for Russia
  • All global changes in the world will begin with Russia
  • The sanctions imposed against Russia by the United States and Europe will not particularly harm our country
  • Russian outbacks will begin to develop
  • Russia will reach such a level of development as no other country in the world

The famous Italian clairvoyant Mavis and her predictions about Russia

“The former current Western path of development of earthly civilization will very soon replace a new one, and namely the Russian path”

“Russia will stop looking at America. The Russians will understand that they have a special way, and no worse. For the United States… the prospects are poor… the political system is very shaky… many have to pay the price… the all-seeing bird of prey system will collapse and the state will fall.”

I really want only all the good things to come true and that everything is good for everyone. Let’s wait and see if the rest of the predictions of the Italian seer are destined to come true. What do you think about this? Do you believe in all these predictions?

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