Prophecy of Peter Durnovo

Petr Nikolaevich Durnovo wrote an analytical note in 1914, which has long been admired and perplexed by historians and publicists. Some scholars proclaim him a seer and “Russian Nostradamus” because most of Durnovo’s predictions to the government came true.

Durnovo, having accurately determined the balance of power, warned that a military conflict would begin due to the rivalry between Britain and Germany, then escalate into a world war if Russia stood up for England.

He noted that the union of England with Russia is completely unprofitable and promises big foreign policy problems for the latter.

The note generally said that Russia’s friendship with England would lead to nothing, and we should not conflict with Germany over it. Russia should draw closer to Germany, reconciled with the last of France and Japan, which is bound only by a defensive alliance with Russia.

But no one listened to Durnovo’s note, partly because it was passed only to the emperor and a few influential officials. Later, after 6 years, it was published in a German magazine in German. In 1922, it was translated into Russian and published in the Krasnaya Nov magazine, due to its growing popularity.

Many did not believe in the authenticity of the note, and there was a reason. From such amazingly accurate conclusions, one could only be surprised. But D.G. Browns claimed that this paper was removed from the documents of the emperor and confirmed in exile by people who had seen it before. Countess M.Yu. Bobrinskaya also claimed that she had the honor of reading this note before the revolution and therefore vouched for its authenticity.

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