The words of the great Nostradamus about the future of Russia

There is no person on earth who has never heard of Nostradamus. Today it is more popular than ever, as the mirror, leap year 2020 has arrived. As many clairvoyants say, this is going to be a difficult year for the whole world.

In this short article, I want to give you the predictions for Russia that the great prophet made.

Nostradamus was born in the 16th century in France. Thanks to his abilities, he could foresee the distant future. Today, his words are carefully studied by scientists around the world. During his lifetime, he was an alchemist, astrologer, physician and studied life-threatening diseases.

A few facts from the life of Nostradamus?

  • He saved many people from a dangerous disease, forcing them to wear masks, store the dead in lime, disinfect the living quarters with alcohol.
  • He has written books of various genres and in various languages.
  • During his lifetime, he was not from the poor and helped with money to build an irrigation canal.
  • He was accused of communicating with spirits and that he was abusing alcohol.
  • After his death, he was concreted into the wall of the temple.
  • He meditated on a bronze egg-shaped chair.

What came true from the predictions of Nostradamus?

There is no point in giving the whole list, since it is very large. I will focus only on more significant events:

    • inventions of radio and television;
    • the invention of weapons of mass destruction;
    • locomotives and airplanes were invented;
    • the beginning of the French Revolution;
  • execution of Charles I;
  • the formation of Israel;
  • First and Second World Wars;
  • the collapse of the Soviet Union

And this list can go on and on. As you can see, it makes no sense not to believe the words spoken by the great Nostradamus.

What lies ahead for Russia?

  • According to the prophet, it will be a great country with a powerful religious center. Nostradamus foresaw that Islam would conquer the entire West, and the last Christian church would remain only in Russia.
  • He assigned a special role in the Russian state to Siberia. He said that it was in this area that people would find salvation.
  • Russia will come to the Golden Age, which will last 33 years, and it will come in 2035. Today, scientists say that the Golden Age will begin in 5 years, that is, in 2025. After that, the country will become a world power and everyone will reckon with it and new Christian foundations will be born in it.

As you can see, during his lifetime the great prophet did not see anything bad for Russia. We just have to wait for these times and enjoy life.

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