Prediction from Elena Paretskaya on April 30, 2020

Prediction from Elena Paretskaya on April 30, 2020: I see that the streets are again filled with people, as before, running about their business, work, home, coronovirus will go away, will sharply decline, and gradually everything will recover economically in Russia, education and medicine partially return to the quality that was earlier in the days of the USSR, but many people will become different, as if awakened, everyone will re-search from those who have lost their place in life, who have remained with their status and position, will go with their accumulated further along life.

But also updated, with different goals, tasks, tuned more to the well-being of Russia, inside the country for the people. Everything that was dismantled and lost will be gathered into a new meaning, and thanks to Russia, the World and other countries will be restored. Ecological movements and programs will become strong, new types of fuel, new types of eco-cities will change old houses, buildings, cities. The safety of the population from pandemics will be taken into account, everything will change in time in this way.

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