Anton Johansson’s prophecies about the future of mankind

One can relate differently to the fact of the existence of clairvoyants and prophets. Someone is skeptical, considering them clever manipulators and psychologists, while someone believes in this and believes that clairvoyance really exists.

One way or another, throughout history, mankind remembers many different prominent prophets who possessed mystical abilities. Some esotericists believe that every person has the gift of foresight, just someone develops it, and someone does not.

In the same article, we will talk about a clairvoyant from Finland named Anton Johanson. It is noted that most of his predictions and prophecies necessarily come true, which is why he received universal fame.

The Finnish prophet made many important warnings throughout his life. The man managed to predict world natural disasters and catastrophes up to date. For example, he warned of the eruption of Mount Pele in 1902, warned against the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, saw the Titanic disaster in 1912 and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1944.

Naturally, such a strong prophet could not fail to see the two world wars that engulfed the globe. He accurately predicted two wars, but the worst thing is that he warned of a third. He called the potential third war the most terrible and fastest. After this world conflict, the world, according to him, will become completely different, and the balance of power on the political map of the planet will change forever.

According to him, Russia will occupy Turkey and Iran, and China will occupy India. The US, as usual, will not engage in direct clashes, but will most likely engage in aiding and mediating as well. In addition to the conflict clashes themselves, the war will be accompanied by natural disasters.

The Prophet said that all this should be expected in the summer, but he did not indicate in what year. People can only hope that these predictions turn out to be a mistake. Otherwise, the world will face an unenviable future.

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