Prophecies for America’s Future

In recent years, the United States has been leading the world stage in almost all areas. But more recently, they began to compete with China and Russia, which are gradually increasing their power and strengthening their positions. Against the backdrop of these events, there is an interest in what the future holds for America.

Prophets’ predictions.

Vasily Nemchin

talked about the troubles that came from across the ocean from the black ruler.

Monk Rano Nero

called strong the country that is washed by two oceans. But its decline will begin after the reign of 44 presidents.


This was also predicted by the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, speaking about the division of the United States into the southern and northern regions after the black ruler.

First President of the States – George Washington

predicted three troubles: European, then African, which will divide the United States into two parts, and the third European-Asian.

Edgar Cayce

the famous clairvoyant predicted hard times for the country, a civil war, when the people would stand up against each other. Revolution, and only then will peace come.

Orson Pratt

an American predictor of the 19th century prophesied troubled times for his country, a second civil and racial war, the collapse of the economy, cities would fall into decay and many of them would become empty.


the Indian leader of the clergy said that America would unleash the Third World War, but itself would cease to exist.

John Running

the Indian shaman who predicted World War II, the death of Kennedy, predicted that America would be shaken by natural disasters caused by a blue celestial object. They will take a lot of lives.

Christina Gallagher

an Irish prophet, speaking with Christ and the Virgin Mary, prophesied a bloody civil war for the United States. A nuclear strike will be inflicted on the country, a new disease will appear, an analogue of the plague.

Grigory Rasputin

a well-known seer in the imperial family. He spoke about the confrontation between the eastern Blizzard and the western Grayug. The first brings poverty, the second brings wealth. These princes will fight for the lands. Grayug will destroy the house of the Blizzard, but he himself will not last long. And the ashes left from them will be unfit for the earth.

Almost all the prophets at different times predicted trouble for the world leader caused by a decline in morality, the government’s unwillingness to pay attention to the problems of the country’s social sphere.

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