Predictions of Christopher Tulsky about the future of Russia

Christopher of Tula is known throughout the world for his curious predictions regarding the future of Russia. He left behind a huge layer of materials that are very interesting to study now.

The clergyman was born at the beginning of the last century and already from childhood he decided that he would devote his whole life to serving God. The future elder not only served the church, but also took an active part in the restoration of churches. He was distinguished by a meek humble character, he read a lot and helped all those in need.

The elder respected Nicholas II very much, considering him a real saint. The saint considered all the modern troubles of Russia as God’s punishment for the fact that the country had once renounced the faith and its king.

The elder claimed that at some point someone “marked” would come to power, and then all the people would be on fire. When Yeltsin came to power, the old man hastened to say that he was not talking about the “marked” one.

In addition, he said that some young and enterprising ruler would soon come, who would only confuse the whole situation in the country.

The elder always pointed out that lack of spirituality is the cause of all problems. He spoke about the fact that the Russian people live for a very long time without God in their hearts, and this can lead to a real apocalypse.

Predictions of Christopher Tulsky about the future of Russia

The elder warned that everyone needs to take care of the salvation of their souls. The evil one, according to the prophet, has already sunk his hands very deeply, so the time has come when even a saint will not be able to determine what is righteous and what is false. This is the time of hypocrisy and deceit.

The elder also predicted that the decline of the church would begin: God and true faith would begin to leave from there. The real righteous will be translated, and people will suffer. In addition, the elder claimed that some kind of war would begin. After it, according to him, only those who will live far from big cities will survive.

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