Prophecies of the American Count Cagliostro – Cairo

At the beginning of the last century, the seer and psychic Keiro became famous. The man’s name was William John Warner, and he was Irish. According to historical information, Cairo gained experience as a soothsayer and palmist in India, where he worked for a couple of years in his youth. Then he moved to London, visited Paris and Russia, met the sunset of his career and life in New York. However, strange coincidences in Cairo’s predictions, which were distinguished by detailed accuracy, cast doubt on his superpowers. And there are quite objective arguments for that.

One of the well-known cases that glorified the young soothsayer was the episode with the murder in London. Already here it becomes strange that, together with a team of Scotland Yard policemen, an unknown young man suddenly appears at the scene of the crime, and loudly makes a statement – the killer wears a watch in his pocket, is rich, and is also a relative of the deceased. What was Cairo doing there? Not being either a full-time or freelance police officer, and not even being a hated acquaintance to the deceased. Yes, by the way, upon the disclosure of that crime, all the details listed by Cairo were confirmed.

They say that in any of the divinations there can be no details that would allow one to judge the exact date of an upcoming event, or the appearance of a particular person. In the case of Cairo, some sinister work of a writer of special cases is clearly visible.

Having gained fame in the USA, famous people began to invite Cairo to talk about the future. For example, the designer of the Titanic allegedly heard a terrible prediction from Cairo himself that his ship would sink on the very first voyage. But if in the case of technology something could be predicted, then in the case of living people in the life of Cairo, there were incidents. So, for example, Mark Twain himself openly mocked Cairo, sending him telegrams with a greeting and clarification – “Greetings from the other world.” The fact is that Cairo predicted his actual death in 1901, but the writer stubbornly continued to live and work after that date.

Cairo also visited Russia, in 1904. Here he allegedly predicted the exact year of the death of the entire royal family, in 1918. Moreover, the audience was with Grigory Rasputin, to whom Cairo also predicted “combined” death threats – poison, gunshot wounds and drowning in the Neva.

Reading modern materials about such people, we rarely turn on critical thinking. But Cairo did not go to the USA for troubles and a catastrophe for himself, because he wanted to be significant and rich. That is, he could have foreseen the actual development of events for himself, at least in general terms. But it so happened that after 1910, Cairo suddenly “lost” his abilities, and fell into extreme poverty. He lived in bunkhouses and on the street, was seriously ill, no one remembered him, until in 1936 he was picked up in an extremely serious condition on the street by the police, and sent to a state-owned institution, to a hospital for the poor – there he completed his the earthly path is one of the most “significant” soothsayers of the past era.

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