Prophecies of the Myrrh-streaming Nile about the End Times

May 20 is the day of St. Nil the Myrrh-streaming, a saint from Athos who lived in the 17th century. The Monk Nilus was revered for miracles of healing and for prophecies of the End Times. Today, his predictions are again relevant. Indeed, in the modern world, apocalyptic signs are often found.

The theme of the End of the World has been vital at all times and drives philosophers and saints of different religions to write eschatological treatises. But not all prophecies are recognized by the church. And one of the most notable are the predictions made by Nil the Myrrh-streaming.

The future saint was born in the 16th century in an area called Morea, which is now in the south of modern Greece. His uncle, being a hieromonk, taught him monastic life. Upon reaching adulthood, he took the vows as a monk. So he got the name Neil. Then he was ordained to the diaconate, and later to the priesthood.

Finding solace in the life of a hermit, the Monk Nil lived in an almost inaccessible cave on Mount Athos for a long time. After the Saint completed his earthly journey, holy myrrh flowed from his monastery. Thanks to this, Saint Nilus of Athos began to be called “Myrrh-streaming”.

Two centuries later, at the beginning of the 19th century, the Nile appeared in visions to the monk Feofan from Athos. He conducted conversations with him in which the prediction of the End Times was transmitted.

They say that the material world will fill the thoughts and hearts of people, making them insensitive to spiritual life. And that’s exactly what’s happening in today’s world. The dependence of people on material values ​​is constantly increasing. In economically prosperous countries, there is a decline in the Faith. Instead, money is cultivated. Nil the Myrrh-streaming claimed that this is a sign of the approaching arrival of the Antichrist.

The saint also described the appearance of the “son of perdition”, who should be born without the participation of a man.

And if earlier to imagine pregnancy without the participation of a man was beyond fantasy, today, with the development of progress, this is becoming almost the norm.

Neil the Myrrh-streaming also pointed to various unnatural gender relationships that would be the norm in the kingdom of Antichrist. He also pointed to the prosperity of various vices and crimes – everything that destroys human nature and instills evil in the hearts of people.

But this is only the beginning of “hell on Earth.” Only when people accept and begin to live the values ​​of the Antichrist will the true End of the World come. Money will depreciate, and only people with the seal of the Antichrist will be able to receive bread. The rest will be doomed.

Almost all world religions describe such terrible pictures, and they differ only in details. But each person must understand that he influences the world in which he lives today. After all, the more righteous people live, the later the Antichrist will reign.

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