Accurate predictions for 2019: soothsayers, shamans, psychics

Visionaries throughout time have helped ordinary citizens deal with concerns about the future. Predictions for 2019, put together, will help plan the current period and avoid serious troubles. Politics, economics, wars, cataclysms are risk factors for a person. It is advisable to take into account possible troubles when planning financial transactions, travel and other pressing matters.

Talented soothsayers foresaw the events of our time through the thickness of centuries. Nostradamus’ forecasts continue to excite with their accuracy and fairness. The deceased Vanga accurately described the destructiveness of the present times. And our contemporaries do not lag behind the luminaries. Vera Lyon, psychics, astrologers give grounds for abandoning fears, hopes for a successful development of events.

We have collected the most accurate predictions. Get to know them, compare with reality, share your own premonitions, analyzes, observations in the comments. Let’s discuss the percentage of matches for each represented person with superpowers.

Vanga’s prophecies

The Great Blind Woman did not like to give specific dates. Do not trust the texts that indicate her predictions for 2019. Vangelia described the course of history. It is worth remembering that she spoke about Syria in connection with the possibility of a Third World War. When asked about its possibility, Vanga said: “Syria has not yet fallen.” And no dates were given. We have all witnessed the accuracy of this prediction.

A soothsayer from a distant Bulgarian village spoke of the beginning of the 21st century. She described not the most positive, optimistic events. According to Vangelia, a cruel fate awaits the European Union (then it did not exist yet). The territory of the current association will be attacked by chemical weapons. Modern analysts agree with this bad prophecy. All events point to the troubles of the countries of Old Europe, the wrong policy of their leaders. Increasingly, there are terrorist acts, and the struggle is built inefficiently.

Vanga had high hopes for Russia. It was from this power that she expected enlightenment in the future. During her lifetime, no one thought about the collapse of the USSR. But the seer already saw this, her soul ached for the fate of millions of citizens.

For the current period, she predicted:

  • the emergence of new powerful weapons (turned);
  • creation by Russia of blue streams covering and uniting Eurasia (work in progress);
  • a large number of natural disasters (occur locally);
  • a terrible fall in moral principles (visible to the naked eye).

Shocks will push humanity to develop a different worldview. The planet will change by 2040:

  • Russia will create a new, fundamentally different political system (not yet on the horizon);
  • countries that have fallen into the clutches of a serious crisis will accept innovations and reach out to the Russian Federation;
  • economic relations will be reformed;
  • life of ordinary citizens will become easier.

Vangelia’s advice for 2019: leave the Golden Calf in the past. Be kind to those around you. See how beautiful the planet is, love. Live simple human joys, value friendship, compassion, mutual assistance.

What Nostradamus said

From the depths of time came the prophetic records of the great seer. Michel Nostradamus saw the future in black colors, characteristic of his time.

He predicted the following for this difficult year:

  1. Serious climate shocks. The earth will rebel, shake, swirl the air with hurricanes, tornadoes. The coasts will be covered by giant tsunamis.
  2. The overseas continent (America) will suffer the most. Its waves will wash from two sides.
  3. The depths of Eurasia (Russia) will embrace hitherto unseen fires. The flames will devour square kilometers of forests in the blink of an eye. Many months will have to deal with climate catastrophe.
  4. All precipitation calculated for the Eurasian continent will fall on Europe. There will be no salvation from rain, snow, hail. Many people in overpopulated countries will not survive the trouble.

Probably the beginning of a profound change in the structure of the planet. This will put the nations in front of the need to develop new technologies, ways of survival. Nostradamus foreshadowed the development of the ocean depths. People will try to get away from geoclimatic disasters under the water column. Huge, protected, autonomous megacities will be created at the bottom.

Providence by Wolf Messing

The telepath is known for the accuracy of the prophecies given to the leaders of the 20th century at a time of dire peril. He foresaw the victory of the USSR in World War II. “I see tanks with stars on the streets of Berlin,” he said back in 1940. This came true, as did the prediction about the date of his own death.

Messing also looked into the more distant future. For 2019 He prophesied the following:

  1. Several local military conflicts. Big trouble awaits the Middle East. It will not be possible to extinguish the flame of fighting there for a long time.
  2. The third world can not be afraid. There will be no global armed confrontation, although the threat continues to persist.
  3. Russia will be able to put on combat duty hitherto unseen weapons. But you don’t have to apply it. The systems will become a reliable guarantor of stability and peaceful coexistence of powers.

Wolf Messing was confident in the strength of the Russian (then Soviet) peoples. People will be able to withstand the terrible times of dehumanization, they will not succumb to infection. In the current years, the Russian Federation is waiting for a slow but positive economic growth. The population will experience small improvements. There is no threat of default, another fall into the pit of poverty.

The distant future, according to Messing: the planet will survive two rises after two terrible falls. The main threat of the 21st century lies in the desire of certain forces to destroy, to turn entire nations into decay. The countries that have created such monsters will have to answer for this.

Matrona of Moscow

The vision of the future is closely related to the worldview of the beholder. This is fully confirmed by the words of the Matrona of Moscow. The saint devoted her whole life to the offended, the poor, the deprived. Mercy was the main feature of her character. Therefore, she pitied those who had not yet been born.

The matron’s predictions are as follows:

  1. The Russian people will suffer from an unstable economy. The authorities will not be able to establish a mechanism to strengthen the currency. The poor will live worse in 2019. But the rich will become more stale than before. They will try to take more from the population.
  2. Due to the inability to solve financial problems, urban residents will be drawn to the villages. This will have a beneficial effect on their livelihoods and on the state of the country. The earth will begin to be reborn by the hands of loving people.
  3. The world center will begin to move to Asia. The Russian leadership will take an active part in shaping the new world order.
  4. It will be worse for the inhabitants of the Western world. America will be shaken by destructive phenomena: tornadoes, tsunamis, typhoons.
  5. Europe will lose political influence. The EU will deal with its own problems. The standard of living of the population will drop significantly.
  6. Third world countries will gain independence. The former rulers (USA and EU) will not hold on to power. Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela will feel an unprecedented strength.

On the positive side, a new tripartite alliance will be launched in 2019. Russia will build relations with China. Later, India will join the powers. Relations between countries will give the world hope for survival and prosperous development.

Pavel Globa

A well-known astrologer made a detailed forecast. Pavel carefully approaches the coverage of the results of his own work. Information may adversely affect upcoming events. We have published his opinion in a separate article.


Some individuals have been given the gift to lift the veil, to look into upcoming events. Thanks to the development of information technology, psychics are actively sharing their predictions. Sometimes they even compete in the reliability of forecasts.

Alexander Sheps

The coming period will be a time of progressive peaceful development. There is no need to be afraid of war. The threat of global conflict has already passed.

Alexander sees the year like this:

  1. Russia will gradually resume cooperation with the EU. New economic projects will emerge. The part will prove to be very successful.
  2. The confrontation with the United States is purely informational in nature. This will continue for another ten years. It will fade, then flare up again. There are no real threats to the Russians.
  3. The authorities of the country will fall into a difficult position. We will have to change approaches, build new management mechanisms, and attract good specialists.
  4. President Putin will stand the test with dignity. People will trust him even more.
  5. The Russian economy will grow. But until the residents feel it. Real results will appear in five years.

Alexander recommended that people invest their free money in their own development, in the education of their children.  2018 should be spent like this:

  • repay debts, abandon the habit of borrowing funds;
  • forgive offenders, apologize yourself;
  • throw away unused things, clear space for the arrival of a new one;
  • invite home positive, happiness, joy.

The psychic is sure the apocalypse is cancelled. You shouldn’t be nervous. It is better to use divine energy for development, education, and the creation of a prosperous space for yourself and loved ones.

Sergey Loginov

The astrologer sees serious problems in the map of Russia. His prediction is:

  1. Power elites will split. The conflict will seriously affect the well-being of the population.
  2. Groupings will attempt to bring their own protege to the Kremlin.
  3. They won’t be able to come to an agreement.
  4. Conflicts are likely in some regions of the Russian Federation.
  5. The Far East will be in danger. China will try to take over a number of territories.

2019 is a time of serious trials for the state. Unfortunately, Sergei’s astrological research cannot be called optimistic.

Kaede Uber

The girl is considered the heiress of the Great Vanga. Kaede’s forecast is positively similar to the predictions of the mental teacher:

  • The Russian Federation will feel confident on the world stage;
  • the bond between the President and the people will not weaken;
  • on the other hand, the ruble has not yet strengthened, which will provide Russian producers with competitive advantages;
  • athletes will delight people with unprecedented achievements.

Tip: competitors are not going to lift sanctions. You have to learn to live within limits. This will make the state stronger.

Providence of the elders

People who are wise with limitations look at what is happening in their own way. They see a danger to Russia. It lies at the crossroads between wisdom and ambition. Choosing the first, the people will automatically fall on a narrow path to prosperity. Selfishness, ambition, money-grubbing will lead the state into the abyss of collapse.

The Orthodox Fathers say:

  1. The Russians will not starve, but they will not feel like cheese in butter for a long time.
  2. Foreigners will spare money for investments. You need to develop on your own.
  3. A change of power, if anyone dreams of such, will not change anything. The course will remain the same.
  4. Alliances in the new world will be created and disintegrated rapidly. The Russian state needs to strengthen the army, law enforcement system, education and economy.

Tip: every Russian is responsible for the development of the state. It is necessary to accept the burden of debt and bear it responsibly.


Clairvoyance is the lot of enlightened people. Far from always those are attracted by political squabbles, behind-the-scenes struggle.

Shamans look at the future more simply:

  1. 1The life of ordinary Russians will not undergo major changes over the next 12 months. Everything will be the same as in 2018.
  2. Dissatisfaction with the authorities will continue. But the crisis has not yet unfolded.
  3. New dangerous diseases will appear. Parents should be especially careful. In winter, many children get sick. It will not be possible to find a cure until the end of the epidemiological season.

The foreign policy efforts of the Russian authorities will be crowned with success. New promising partners will appear. But caution is needed. Friends can turn out to be bitter enemies if a more profitable option turns up.

What will happen in reality

We will soon find out. We’ll see with our own eyes. From prophecies, astrological calculations, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. A person should rely on himself and his loved ones. Manna from heaven will not fall on the head during the coming period.
  2. It is better to invest savings in gaining knowledge. It’s hard to trust money these days. Moreover, nothing depends on the type of currency.
  3. We need to reorient ourselves towards self-sufficiency. Loans significantly worsen the situation of the family, put it at risk.
  4. The land plot in the near future will be the best help. No need to refuse such: sell, give, throw.

And it is also desirable to remain an adherent of our traditions. The old people said that kindness, compassion, friendship are more valuable than gold. Let’s test this thesis. And write about the results. It is quite possible that in the coming months everyone will be convinced of the wisdom of the people.

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