The Third World War is predicted in the chilling prophecy of the great old man: the world will choke in blood

Against the backdrop of the current political situation in the world, when the United States constantly finds a reason for the emergence of a military conflict, prophecies about the beginning of the Third World War are increasingly recalled. Nostradamus and Vanga, who are the most famous prophets, spoke about the fact that the Third World War will not pass mankind. However, not only they predicted a global and bloody conflict that would break out on our planet.

The most frightening because of its reality and the details available, experts consider the prediction of the elder Jonah, made by him more than a dozen years ago. It is worth noting that it is worth listening to the words of the elder, if only because long before the start of the war in Donbass, he spoke about its onset.

According to the prophet, in the third decade of this century, two great powers will clash, not dividing the booty. The third world war will be the bloodiest and will take a huge number of lives. The world will never be the same, entire states will be wiped off the face of the Earth. Hellfire will engulf the planet from east to west, no one should expect mercy. Jonah predicted that only one country, located in the north, could withstand this bloody battle, when others were burned to the ground by terrible weapons.

Against the backdrop of growing tensions in the Middle East, where the United States is putting pressure on Iran with all its might and is already sending troops there, Elder Jonah’s predictions that World War III is imminent look quite real.

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