Wolf Messing: the first Soviet psychic who looked into the future (6 photos)

The famous telepath Wolf Messing carried a Tula samovar behind him and breathed like a beast when he was looking for a hidden thing during performances.

On November 8, 1974, one of the most mysterious people on the planet, Wolf Messing, died. The more time passes from the day of his death, the more secrets shrouds his life.

Valentina Leonidovna Drozdova is 91 years old and has been living in Zhlobin for many years. Her eldest son Eugene passed away too early. Once, while communicating with Messing, she asked to predict the future of her son, the mentalist, generous in words, then remained silent. It won’t be until years later that she realizes why. Sputnik correspondent Tamara Zenina asked Valentina Drozdova about the famous telepath.

Everyone wanted to know about those who did not return from the war

– In the late 1960s, our family lived in the north of Russia. I worked there as the head of a miner’s dispensary. In those years, Messing was banned from performing in central Russia and “exiled” on tour in the north. So he ended up in our city of Inta. He could not be accommodated in an ordinary hotel – people pursued him everywhere. They came with a variety of requests – to cure, to find someone. Then many more were expected from the war. Therefore, they assigned us to the dispensary.

Wolf Messing: the first Soviet psychic who looked into the future (6 photos)

In the late 60s, Valentina Drozdova worked as the head of a miner’s dispensary in Inta

Later, I myself witnessed how he took some thing of the missing person, fiddled with it in his hands, and then said when the news came from this person or even when he himself appeared. I did not want to disturb him and, to be honest, I was afraid of the meeting. Therefore, I was very surprised when his assistant Valentina Ivanovskaya came to me and asked directly in the forehead: “Why don’t you want to meet Wolf Grigorievich?” Of course, I invited him into the office.

A thin old man of small stature entered. He moved poorly and hardly spoke Russian. The assistant led him by the hand. We introduced ourselves, and Messing invited me to his concert “Psychological Experiments”.

Subsequently, I was at five of his concerts.

Smell like a dog

The first thing that struck me was his physical condition. Off stage, he moved with difficulty, everyone knew about his sore legs. The reason was a long-standing escape from a police station in occupied Poland, when he had to jump out of a second-story window. Then he injured both legs at once. They hurt him all his life.

Wolf Messing: the first Soviet psychic who looked into the future (6 photos)

Valentina Leonidovna keeps a letter from Messing

But as soon as Messing went on stage – and he not only stopped limping – he could run around the hall!

The second thing that caught my eye was how loudly he breathed. “Smell like a dog” is about him. He found any thing by smell, no matter where we hid it. First he sniffed, then he left the hall, at this time they hid the thing, when he returned, he moved very quickly towards the hidden, while breathing really loudly and often, like a beast.

Once we put a ballpoint pen in a woman’s high hair, then it was fashionable to wear bouffant. Messing took out this pen and did not even spoil his hair!

Much has been written about his experience. It really was enough for him to take a person by the wrist in order to know exactly his thoughts. At first, he demonstrated this skill during his performance, performing the tasks of the audience, but after the concerts, everyone lined up for him for his prediction.

Approaching this crowd, one could hear, for example, how Messing said to someone: “You don’t think about that.”

I won’t tell you anything more!

When later we became friends and Wolf Grigorievich somehow touched my wrist, I pulled my hand out of excitement.

Wolf Messing: the first Soviet psychic who looked into the future (6 photos)

“Your dream will come true. I won’t tell you anything else!” – Messing said goodbye to little Eugene

“I won’t, I won’t,” Messing was embarrassed. And he never tried to read my mind again. I did not hide anything secret, I was just terribly afraid of any experiments on myself. And he understood it. But to my son, he predicted something. Even though I didn’t ask him to. We had a small problem in our family, Zhenya was 12 years old, a big boy, but he was afraid to stay at home alone. I once told Messing’s assistant about this in my hearts, and she passed it on to him.

“What are you, Valentina Leonidovna! Messing scolded me. “They don’t come to me with all sorts of requests, but you don’t turn.” And he asked his son to come to the next concert.

After the concert, Wolf Grigoryevich went with Zhenya to his room. That evening, Messing was packing his suitcase before leaving, his tour in our city came to an end. Zhenya spent the whole evening with him, returned home joyful and handed out an autograph. “Zhenya! My thoughts are always with you!” Messing wrote to his son. The fact is that he wrote in Russian as badly as he spoke. For example, all letters were written by his assistant under dictation. Therefore, we kept this telepath’s autograph with special trepidation.

Wolf Messing: the first Soviet psychic who looked into the future (6 photos)

Wolf Messing did not get tired to amaze – at the sessions he found any thing, no matter where it was hidden

After that meeting, the son calmly remained at home alone. But most importantly, Messing predicted to him that his dream would come true and he would graduate from a nautical school. However, he said goodbye to the boy then it was not entirely clear: “I won’t tell you anything else!” After graduating from sailing, Zhenya really went to sea for several years, and then his life did not work out and ended tragically. I am sure that Wolf Grigorievich learned all this on that evening of their acquaintance with his son …

Tula samovar

My husband and I invited Messing to visit. He gladly agreed. He really liked our toy terrier Mickey. I just didn’t let go of his hands. I remember that we asked him how he reads thoughts in other languages ​​from people from different countries. He said that thoughts do not require translation.

He also laughed and told legends about himself. As once a jewel disappeared in a certain institution in Moscow. They immediately closed the doors and announced that the well-known telepath Messing was in the room and he would instantly figure out the thief. Of course, there was no messing there, however, the jewel was planted.

When Volf Grigorievich’s tour in Inta ended, I began to prepare a farewell dinner with our doctors.

Messing found out about this the day before, politely said goodbye to the team, and then said: “And now I’ll go to Valentina Leonidovna” – and refused the buffet.

Wolf Messing: the first Soviet psychic who looked into the future (6 photos)

Messing wrote in Russian as badly as he spoke, all letters were written by his assistant under dictation, so the Drozdovs keep the autograph of the telepath with special trepidation

He liked being at our house. When we first prepared for his arrival, I asked the assistant about alcohol. She said that Wolf Grigorievich only drinks vodka. He really drank a glass and lit a cigarette – although everyone knew that the doctor forbade him to smoke. Once he saw a small Tula samovar on our table, he admired it very much, and I, of course, gave it to the telepath.

Until the death of Messing, we received greeting cards and letters from him. He very much invited us to visit him in Moscow. In several letters he wrote about that very samovar. He took it with him on tour to Ukhta and Syktyvkar. He wrote that this samovar reminded him of our home … We parted very warmly. After his departure, an interview was published in a local newspaper in which Messing admitted: “I traveled to many places, rich and poor, cold and hot, but I have never experienced such warm feelings as in your tundra.”

Unfortunately, the newspaper with this interview was lost during the move …

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