Pasha Sarovskaya’s predictions for Russia

This strange woman became famous for the fact that in 1903 she was able to meet with Nicholas II and his wife, telling them a terrible prediction about their fate. Pasha Sarovskaya also predicted a difficult fate for Russia and said that every inhabitant of our country would pay for the events of 1918.

She was numbered among the “saints” under the name Paraskeva Diveevskaya, but among the people everyone knew her as Pasha Sarovskaya. Rumors about her unusual abilities spread very quickly throughout the country.

Once, during his trip to Sarovo in 1903, Emperor Nicholas II, together with the metropolitans, decided to visit Diveevo, the place of residence of Paraskeva. Their dialogue to this day illuminates the pages of history.

Their conversation took place exactly one year before Tsarevich Alexei was born. The emperor’s family tried for a long time to conceive their first child, but none of the attempts were successful. But during the conversation, Pasha gives a piece of fabric into the hands of the emperor with the words that this is for his son’s pants. After his birth, you will realize all my words and see the truth in them, the woman said.

On that same day, Pasha predicted the bitter fate of Nicholas II, his entire family in 15 years and the fall of the entire empire. The seer said that each member of the imperial family would cost Russia 10 years of revenge. After 70 years, if people cannot repent, they will have another 40 years of torment ahead of them.

Some researchers suggest that we are at the end of the last decade. According to the prediction of Pasha Sarovskaya, 110 years after the departure of Nicholas II, his descendant will come to power, who will rule modern Russia.

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