The truth about Wang

Baba Vanga is a world famous Bulgarian clairvoyant with a unique gift to foresee the most important events in the world. The biography of the clairvoyant is considered the most mysterious among all the famous people of the last century, since there are no confirmed events in it. However, Vanga’s predictions are still an unsolved phenomenon.

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova was born on January 31, 1911 in the family of Bulgarian peasants Pande and Paraskeva in the territory of the modern Republic of Macedonia. The newborn did not get her name right away, as she was very weak and her relatives did not believe that the girl would survive.

Vanga’s childhood and youth cannot be called bright and joyful, since at the age of 3 the girl lost her mother and remained half an orphan. After that, Vanga’s father was called to the front, and he completely left her in the care of a neighbor. Upon returning from the war, Pande married a second time, and the future soothsayer was taken under her guardianship by her stepmother, who saw in her stepdaughter only the labor force that she used to the fullest.

The truth about Wang

At the age of 12, Vanga became blind under strange circumstances. She, returning from the pasture, was carried away by a tornado several hundred meters from the house and thrown into the field. When the girl was found, her eyes were tightly closed, as they were tightly clogged with sand. The father and stepmother tried to cure their daughter, but in vain – the necessary amount of money for the operation was too much for them, so after 4 years the girl became completely blind.

At the next stage, Vanga’s biography is connected with the House of the Blind in Serbia. It was an ideal place for children with such problems, because the staff of the boarding school looked after the pupils very well and taught them how to survive with such serious injuries. In the House of the Blind, Vanga was taught to knit, play the piano, clean the house and cook. The girl also took a course in school sciences, getting acquainted with mathematics, the alphabet, music, drawing and other developing sciences that were inaccessible to her due to blindness.

The truth about Wang

Clairvoyant Vanga

Three years later, Vanga had to return home to Strumitsa, as her stepmother died during the next birth and her father needed help. Despite her blindness, the girl became a real housewife – she managed to keep house and look after her younger brothers and sisters, and also knitted and sewed for her fellow villagers, who, knowing the financial condition of the family, paid the girl food and clothes.

The great gift of a blind girl began to appear in 1940. Then she began to predict the fate of fellow villagers and decipher their dreams, and she did this in a strange male voice. According to Vanga, during this period, the clairvoyant began to hear the voices of the dead and communicate with God. In the same period, Vanga fell into her first trance, after which she predicted the outbreak of World War II, which began in April 1941.

The truth about Wang

Vanga has been blind since childhood

Vanga was distinguished by deep religiosity, the woman belonged to the Orthodox faith, in which such supernatural abilities were interpreted as witchcraft. But, when Vanga’s predictions and healing gift began to help people, the prophetess was convinced that she had received a heavenly gift, and not a gift from the devil.

The seer made her predictions on a piece of refined sugar, on which every visitor had to sleep the night before visiting Vanga. Statisticians calculated that during the time of the clairvoyant’s activity, people brought her more than 2 tons of refined sugar, which indicates that she helped more than a million people.

In 1967, Vanga became a civil servant and began to receive a salary for her predictions, since before that she had received people for free. During this period, famous people and politicians began to appear among its visitors more and more often, who wanted to learn from the seer their own fate and the future of the country, as well as receive valuable advice. The regular guests of the clairvoyant were the Bulgarian Tsar Simeon II, the leader of the Communists of Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov, Soviet writers Leonid Leonov and Yuri Semenov, as well as representatives of the former Russian President Boris Yeltsin .

The truth about Wang


Vanga died on August 11, 1996. The clairvoyant predicted her own death a month before the incident. The great predictor was killed by an oncological disease (breast cancer), which began to progress rapidly in the last months of Vanga’s life.

The truth about Wang

Vanga’s grave

In 2013, the first feature biographical series about the life of the famous healer and fortuneteller “Vangelia” appeared . The serial film is called by the full name of the psychic and shows the life of Vanga as a person, highlights the various periods in the life of the mysterious seer. The role of Vanga was played by five actresses at once: Elena Yakovleva, Irina Rakhmanova, Natalya Nikolaeva, Daria Otroshko, Kristina Pakarina. This made it possible to convey Vanga’s life on television both in childhood and in old age.

In 2014, another series about the fortuneteller appeared – the documentary project “The Real Vanga”. In total, 18 feature and documentary films dedicated to the famous prophetess were released on television. The latter is a documentary film by the NTV channel “New Russian Sensations: Vanga. Prophecies 2017” was released in 2017.

Books about Vanga

Krasimira Stoyanova “Bulgarian prophetess Vanga”

A close relative of the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga put together a lot of facts confirming the extraordinary gift of a blind woman. In an amazing book, the fate of the soothsayer is described in detail and a decoding of some predictions is given.

Vadim Pustovoitov “Vanga – Truth and Fiction”

Even during the life of Vanga, various people tried to refute her predictions regarding future events or “slightly” embellish them. Rumors about possible catastrophes allegedly “seen” by the prophetess were actively “fueled” by various media. We need to find the grain of truth…

Sophia Benois “Vanga. The Greatest Secret of the Prophetess”

What mystery did this amazing Bulgarian woman hide in herself, who became famous throughout the world as the “best and most truthful” oracle of the 20th century? They say that it was Vanga who first “saw” with her own eyes two world wars, the death of famous politicians, the Chernobyl accident …

Nadezhda Dimova “Vanga. The secret of the gift of the Bulgarian Cassandra»

For the first time, Vanga’s phenomenal abilities manifested themselves in early childhood: as a little girl, she gave other children advice on how and what can be cured with the help of medicinal plants, saying that she saw the necessary information in a dream. But that was just the beginning…

Violetta Khamitova “Vanga. A look into the future”

Many people are still trying to understand: is psychic ability a gift from God or the wrath of the Almighty? Why can some people see the “other” world, while others are not endowed with this? The book contains biographies of Vanga and other famous soothsayers.

Inga Svechenovskaya “Vanga. Fatal predictions come true »

I. Svechenovskaya uses a populist style when communicating with her readers, trying to trace what visions of the blind prophetess Vanga really came true. After spending a lot of time studying the clairvoyant’s predictions, the bestselling author is ready to give an answer!

Zbigniew Wojciechowski “Comrade Vanga”

The well-known Polish publicist Z. Wojciechowski in his “explosive” book masterfully builds convincing evidence of the charlatanism of the Bulgarian seer. He claims that the image of a holy woman and a clairvoyant was beneficial to the communist state apparatus of the country …

Stoikov, Stoikova “The first book about Vanga. Acquaintance”

The married couple of the Stoykovs have long been spiritual students of the great Bulgarian soothsayer. Once they turned to her for help – why doesn’t God send them children? Vanga “begged” for them a wonderful daughter. So it was an amazing acquaintance…

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