Prophecies of a Baikal shaman at the beginning of the 20th century

In connection with the latest popularity of the shaman Alexander, I would like to tell you about another shaman and his prophecies about the fate of our land.

Some researchers and portals today tell us about the incredible fate of one famous Buryat shaman – Barnashka, about his prophecies about the fate of mankind. These predictions of the “illiterate Prophetic Grandfather” have already begun to come true! Read to the end, there are many prophecies! This is only a small part of them. Very interesting! It was even more interesting for me to look for them, I tried to collect at least something for you. To broaden one’s horizons, as they say.

For many years, the Buryat ulus of Shuluta disappeared from the map. And the last hut was moved to Anga back in the sixties of the 20th century. However, it did not work out: the logs flared up and burned out, and the hostess, who insisted on transporting the hut, became blind and soon died of some kind of illness. Thus, another prophecy of the old man Bernashhe was fulfilled that one should neither touch nor transport his house, leave the hut for worship – otherwise, a terrible disaster will happen to violators of his will, and the house will burn down …

The name of the “Prophetic Grandfather” is well known to all the Buryat lands, and in Transbaikalia – however, it does not particularly say anything to the Russians and other peoples living in that territory, and the shaman who lived for 94 years and died in 1924 left behind too gloomy prophecies year.

After his death, he bequeathed not to burn or bury the body in the ground, but to put it on a platform specially built somewhere in the steppes, and not touch it: a hundred years will pass – and letters will appear on his bones, which will tell about the fate of all Buryat peoples .

Prophecies of a Baikal shaman at the beginning of the 20th century

picture from the net, Buryatia, Baikal, Olkhon

Everyone on Olkhon knows about Barnashka’s predictions…

There was such a case: in 1954, an archaeological expedition led by Academician Okladnikov came to these parts. And the archaeologists, who learned about the predictor, asked the locals to show his burial place. However, no one agreed to accompany them to the burial place of Bernashkhe, even knowing where he was buried.

Since then, the information has been considered lost. Despite this – in five years – namely – in 2024, the secret place itself will open, and on the half-decayed bones of the shaman, letters with prophecies will appear! And this year, according to many other predictions and forecasts, can become a year of great changes! And they have already started…

This soothsayer, they say, came from a family of simple Buryat arats (shepherds), small in stature, thin and – which is not at all typical for Buryats – fair-haired. Like a sick person – in the middle of a conversation, he suddenly fell into a trance and began to broadcast as if in a strange voice:

“… The Buryats will leave their land for Mongolia. The new place where the Buryat people will find their land will be a secret valley between the mountains near Lake Khubsugul. This place will be indicated by a secret sign, the White Stone. Those who leave first will be helped to settle in a new place. The rest will leave on their own, and set up their own lives. And the latter will leave, leaning on staves and holding on to the ponytails and stirrups of the riders … “

Someone will say that it was the dark power that could speak through him, someone that was similar to those same holy fools … It is difficult to say whether they conveyed the truth to him, whether he understood everything correctly …. And they also say that the “signal” for the start of such an outcome, which the old man was talking about, should be the start of the construction of an “iron bridge” to Olkhon Island.

And if the Buryats themselves do not leave their land, they will see “soldiers in helmets the color of the sky” on it – a hint at the “blue helmets” of NATO troops? ..

And maybe everything will work out? There is always a choice. We do it every day. Who knows…

And the issue of building an iron bridge across the Sarma Strait, which should connect Olkhon with the mainland, according to some information, is already being decided now (as they said in 2014): such an initiative was put forward by the head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry at that time or earlier. And the appeal of the Mongolian president to all the peoples of Mongolian roots – including the Russian Buryats and Kalmyks – with a call to move to Mongolia, also makes you think. How things are now – needs to be clarified. When I found this information on one Russian portal, it was relevant …

And they also write and say that for such predictions the old man used to be even beaten. Well… that’s not surprising. It happened so often in the history of mankind with prophets, holy fools … But, like all prophets, real or just madmen – this did not frighten the old man at all – his mission, as he believed or the truth – was and is – to convey to fellow countrymen what was revealed to him in visions…

“… There is no need to accumulate wealth: the time will soon come when rich people will be killed, and thieves will get their wealth. Lamas and wise men will be killed, cattle will be driven into datsans, slaughterhouses will be built … The convicts will capture the White Tsar, take him and his family to the mountains, and kill him. Convicts will administer the law, the main among them will be a convict from the Mongol family. Then another convict will be in charge – a man with black hair. The convicts and their assistants will rule Russia for 70 years, and then there will be no real power for another 30 years … The Russians violated their oaths to the White Tsar – and for this they will be tributaries of another white people who will come from the other side of the earth – from the East, because of the large sea…” Without going into details and without commenting, one can add that another Buryat seer, Khambo Lama Etigelov, warned about the same thing at the same time, whose incorruptible body was removed from the sarcophagus for worship in 2002. This now well-known lama told another well-known Buddhist figure of the early twentieth century, Agvan Dorzhiev, when he returned from Tibet:

“… — You should not have returned here: soon they will start killing and arresting llamas, ruining datsans, turning them into barnyards and slaughterhouses. Tsarist power will fall, the Emperor will be killed, and the Yellow Religion in Russia will no longer have a protector … “And he said this to himself when they asked about his fate in connection with this prophecy:” – They will not have time to get to me: I will leave earlier … »

All these sentiments were in the air at the beginning of the 20th century, not only in Russia, but also in Europe … Therefore, it is not surprising that there were many soothsayers roaming our land, including Rasputin and an old man from Buryatia, who then sang in a singsong voice:

“… A Russian prince from a Mongolian family will come to Mongolia, he will free Bogdo-Gegen, who was captured by the Honghuzi. Then the convicts from Russia will teach the Mongols, and they will betray the Russian prince to be killed, and Bogdo-Gegen will no longer be honored. Ordinary shepherds will enter his palace, they will look at the bed on which Bogdo Gegen slept. But the Mongols will not dare to kill Bogdo-Gegen, and for this they will not be expelled from their land … “.

Those who know the history of the “Mongolian campaign” of Baron Ungern do not need to decipher anything. But why a Russian prince from a Mongolian family? Maybe because the surname “Ungern” (Hungern) is a Germanized form of the word “hungar”, that is, “Hungarian”, “Magyar”? After all, the Hungarians – the people of the Finno-Ugric root – derive their origin from the legendary Huns (Hunnut). I read and copied this version from the same Buryat portal from which I got the material for the article, and also compared it with other sources. So – also a quote, one might say. Although it is not the same…………. How are they related to the Mongols? Or we still don’t know much………..

“…The big war will start in the northwest and end in the southeast. This war will last four years, and many soldiers will be killed. Out of every ten warriors who leave for this war, only five will return… The war will end with great fiery whirlwinds in the East Sea. Many people will die from these tornadoes immediately, many people will die later … “

It is said, however, that not all prophecies promised trouble. Here, for example, is what he said about the second half of the twentieth century:

“…- When the four-year war ends, which will begin in the northwest, peace will be established between people for a long time. The Yellow Religion will come from East to West: people living in the West will forget their faith and will seek answers to their questions from different sages. Then they will learn about the Yellow Religion, and they themselves will accept it. The lamas will go to the people who live in the west, and many lamas and disciples will be from the people who live there. And they will build datsans on their own lands … “

New Buryat shamans – some) are the keepers of the prophecies of their colleague.

Buddhism in general is very attractive to Europeans. However, what prophecies did the shaman bring for Siberia?

“… Baikal-Sea will be scooped out and poured into another place. This place for water will be built by people. And black gold will be raised from the bottom of Lake Baikal…”

It is not yet clear what he meant. There are many BUTs for this prophecy, not even worth describing. However, not everything is taken literally. And it’s not a fact that it’s oil… And about the overflow of water, there are also different versions…………

If everything comes true……. Or just a part?

Further, there are many more strange prophecies, you can find it on the net for those who are interested, do not be lazy, therefore I’m talking about the fact of quoting, but I don’t give a link to the site, there are several of them, there is information, not all of it either, you need to know more sources that are protected by the Buryat people . Do not be too lazy to look for at least these … Or for now, so as not to frighten you with other prophecies or, on the contrary, not to talk about the bright ones … so as not to hope too much … – I will stop. However, there is always hope. And there are always interpretations. And not everything may be true. Especially if you believe that there is a Higher Light Force above us and our efforts. Including – to understand everything and take the right steps, it’s never too late and then change direction, we are always on the Path, towards the light!

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