Theophanes of Poltava’s prophecies about the future of Russia

All the main prophecies of the saint were published in the work “Confessor of the Royal Family. Saint Theophan of Poltava (1874-1940)”. All the generalized predictions received by the saint from the elders, who had the gift of foresight, were reflected here.

According to Theophan of Poltava, the Antichrist will soon enter the world. Before this event, Russia will have time to get on its feet and get stronger, becoming a really strong state.

However, this will not last long. The Tsar of the Russian state must be chosen by God himself and will be distinguished by an unshakable will and faith, and a great mind. It is not long to wait for this, and many signs have already begun to speak of the approach of these times. However, the saint reminded that the prediction may not come true if people anger God with their sins.

Feofan pointed out that Russia is very sinful before God, and yet he can reward the country with what he never gave to anyone. But the people turned away from the Lord and wallowed in their own selfishness and ingratitude. People left God, and he sent demons to the country, because of which the people of Russia became as if possessed.

Many terrible things are happening: greed and blasphemy, betrayal and blasphemy. All this happens under the influence of demons, according to the prophet.

However, Theophanes claims that the Lord will show mercy, and the people will find the strength to change. The possession will pass, people will repent of their own sins and turn again to faith and God. After that, an amazing thing will happen: Russia will rise from its knees and rise again. Faith will prevail and people will be reunited with their creator.

Many prophets saw the revival of a new and strong Russia and spoke about it. Theophanes argued that the Lord would choose a new ruler worthy of a great country. He will change the country for the better, will carry out reforms. He will be sacredly devoted to the Orthodox faith and will become a real example for everyone else. His soul will be crystal clear, and he will try to help all those in need and return the renounced to the true path. The blood of the Romanovs on the maternal side will flow in it. In addition, the new king will actively develop Siberia.

However, this good time for Russia will last, unfortunately, not for long – soon the Apocalypse will come, about which the apostle John wrote.

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