Predictions about the future of Russia from Helena Blavatsky

Not every person can make a forecast of the future, as this is not an easy process. Today I want to present to you the truthful forecast of Helena Blavatsky.

If we take the big picture, then Russia is waiting for not easy times. Even during her lifetime, she was sure that the future of the country depended on its people. By 2030, there will be both positive and negative changes.

What did Helena Blavatsky predict for Russia?

  • The main problem of 2020 will be natural disasters. But the medium said that as soon as the earth gets warmer, the violence of nature will end.
  • Since 2018, people’s dissatisfaction with the government will increase every day.
  • There will be ups and downs. Blavatsky is sure that after each take-off (a positive event in the country), disappointment will await us and all this will affect people.
  • If the government does not change its direction, there will be a popular revolt, after which the power will change. But what to expect from the new government is still unknown.
  • The global crisis will not pass by the Russian Federation. As a result, many areas of life will suffer.
  • Also, during the economic crisis, the local population will face a choice, sit and wait until it ends, or emigrate to other countries where life will be better.
  • Blavatsky said that when the crisis is over, everything will improve in the country, but not everyone will be able to see the changes.
  • Unemployment will rise, as during a crisis few people will be able to survive from enterprises.
  • All social sphere will directly depend on the government. And his relationship with the people is strained.
  • Inflation will increase, but no one will be able to fix the situation.
  • Starting in 2019, prices for everything will begin to rise and this will not stop in 2020.
  • Relations with Ukraine will continue to be strained.
  • There will be disagreements with European countries, but if the government works on foreign policy, nothing terrible will happen.
  • Russia will find good partners in Asia.
  • Relations with the Americans will develop in an unfavorable way.
  • There will be problems with Turkey, which will lead to a serious conflict.
  • If the presidents of all countries come to a common opinion, then there will be no Third World War.
  • In 2020, culture will develop in Russia and innovative projects will be introduced.

The main advice from Helena Blavatsky: spend more time with your family and loved ones. When problems arise, they will be the first to come to your aid. Love and support each other in all undertakings.

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