Clairvoyants saw two planetary catastrophes in the near future (3 photos)

According to psychologists, even those who laugh at seers and oracles, accusing them of charlatanism, read their predictions for the future with interest.

Moreover, the higher the ostentatious nihilism of the skeptic, the greater his inner faith in predictions. A modern Western person, who grew up on materialistic doctrines, is simply embarrassed by such a belief, in every possible way denies it, although in his soul, remembering, probably, his past lives, he understands that in this world not everything is as simple as it is represented by orthodox scientists.

Clairvoyant Vladimir Mikaev about the Yellowstone supervolcano

Hereditary Russian psychic, healer and clairvoyant Vladimir Mikaev has repeatedly surprised his fans with accurate predictions for the future, although he rarely makes such statements at the level of the all-Russian press. Nevertheless, the other day, journalists pulled out his forecast regarding the Yellowstone volcano, which continues to worry almost all of humanity.

Clairvoyants saw two planetary catastrophes in the near future (3 photos)

Here is what Vladimir said about this:

I spoke about this volcano three years ago, predicting a catastrophe in 2010. Everything will be so, now this natural and man-made disaster will happen in three years, since I see in it the human factor that provokes the awakening of a fire-breathing monster. By the way, Vanga also said that the Yellowstone volcano would explode and wipe out the United States of America, although she did not indicate the exact date. I agree with Vanga – it will be a great disaster for North America. Of course, Canada, and South America, and even the whole world will suffer from such an explosion, but there will be no planetary nuclear winter, as scientists frighten the layman, there will be.

Clairvoyants about the megatsunami that will hit Asia

According to the Ren-TV agency, another terrible prophecy came from an anonymous soothsayer, who said that he saw a huge catastrophe that was about to happen, perhaps even before the end of this year.

Clairvoyants saw two planetary catastrophes in the near future (3 photos)

The clairvoyant predicts a powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean, which will give rise to a megatsunami. Waves of unprecedented height will hit the Asian countries, literally wiping India, Pakistan, China and Japan off the face of the Earth, although other countries in the region will also suffer from this natural disaster. In total, eleven states will suffer from the megatsunami.

Agency journalists report that this became known after the predictor sent a letter of warning to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Of course, we have a lot of crazy people in the world, but in India itself they took this very seriously, since other clairvoyants see something similar, it’s another matter that no one yet names the exact date of the alleged catastrophe …

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