Miracles and predictions of John of Kronstadt about Russia

John of Kronstadt is an Orthodox saint whose life story is very difficult to tell in a nutshell, and therefore here we will focus on the most interesting moments associated with the saint: his miracles and prophecies.

Miraculous cases

The saint healed with his word. There is a case when, only by the power of his prayer, John was able to save six newborns in one of the maternity hospitals.

In addition, they often turned to the saint for help if they could not comprehend any science in any way. There was a case when the child of one pious family could not master his native and foreign languages ​​in any way, and the grandmother began to pray in the church, asking the saint for help. Soon this child became the first student in his class.

John’s predictions

The saint went down in history thanks to his prophecies. After himself, he left a huge number of sayings related to the future of Russia. He spoke a lot about the path that our country should take, touched upon the topics of morality and faith. He was sure that all this is interconnected and that the fall of faith, which leads to the fall of morality, is to blame for all the troubles that occur, and without them there can be no question of greatness.

The saint was worried about the fate of Russia and believed that Russia would prosper only when she learned to “think with her own mind” and stopped inviting foreign specialists. He said that the root of evil for the country is contained in ideas alien to it, which are inspired from outside.

According to John of Kronstadt, you need to develop based on your own mind and experience, and not borrowed.

The fidelity and veracity of these beliefs soon found their confirmation: the once great Russian Empire fell under the influence of internal squabbles and disagreements.

The saint usually focused on global predictions that concerned the state as a whole, but there were also cases of personal prophecies.

Apocalypse according to John of Kronstadt

All the main arguments about the Apocalypse are contained in the saint’s diary. They are, in essence, the main work of John of Kronstadt, all his main thoughts are concentrated here. He does not name any specific numbers and dates, but argues and reflects on important topics.

In his work, he warns that a sad end will inevitably await all of us if we do not find the strength in ourselves to change and fail to redirect our gaze from the material to the spiritual.

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