When will the Third World War begin: a prediction, will it or not, who will start and where (3 photos)

There are many problems in the world today, but the most important of them are two questions: when will the end of the world come and when will a new world war begin. Many experts are trying to answer these questions, and as a rule, their opinions regarding the development of events converge.

What do psychics say

The first person to be noticed was the Norwegian soothsayer Grunhilda Smelhus. Due to the fact that her predictions often come true, the psychic received the nickname “Norwegian Vanga”. Her last important prediction just concerned the possible outbreak of the Third World War.

When will the Third World War begin: a prediction, will it or not, who will start and where (3 photos)

According to her, the leading countries of the world will be the main culprits of a possible catastrophe. The reason will not be political differences between countries. Grunhilda believes that a destructive confrontation will begin when people finally lose all their spiritual values, when the temples of all religions are empty and the very concept of the family becomes devalued.

The main signs of the beginning of the catastrophe, which the soothsayer indicated, are already being noticed: the spread of same-sex love, the refusal to raise children, the decomposition of society. She also considers an increase in the migration of people on the planet as a harbinger of war, which will lead to an increase in interethnic and interreligious conflicts.

Harry Kazianis, who is the executive director of the National Interest, also shared his opinion. His arguments are based only on the events of the present and past. Kazianis emphasized that although there were other hostilities after the Second World War, they did not pose a threat to the great powers.

In the event of a new large-scale conflict, in his opinion, North Korea, China or Russia could be the culprits. China, according to the specialist, poses the greatest danger due to its desire to become the dominant force in the Asian region. Korea and Russia are on the list of potential threats due to the presence of nuclear weapons and the buildup of the military power of the armies.

Religious reasons

When will the Third World War begin: a prediction, will it or not, who will start and where (3 photos)

Representatives of the clergy also spoke about the possible outbreak of war. More recently, scientists have been able to decipher Schema-Archimandrite Christopher of Tula. According to the elder, a global catastrophe is inevitable.

He predicts the destruction of Moscow and St. Petersburg due to the fact that their inhabitants are mired in debauchery. According to the confessor, these cities have already become similar to modern Sodom and Gomorrah. And the coming war will put an end to the lives of sinners.

The elder described the grave consequences of the global cataclysm – the survivors of the war would suffer from various diseases, infertility and mutations for a long time to come. The consequences of the disaster will be felt for decades, if not hundreds of years. But later, those who survived will be able to build a new world on the fragments of destroyed civilizations.

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