The monk who was ordered to be silent – Abel and his prophecies (4 photos)

A lot of different things are written on the Internet about the monk Abel and mostly predictions for 2020. And he had these predictions for 2020 – very doubtful. But it became interesting for me to learn about his life and those prophecies, because of which he spent many years in prisons …

Abel was a wanderer and he walked the world from holy place to holy place. And his name was Vasily Vasilyev and he was born in 1757 in a peasant family. The boy’s dreams from childhood were about a life dedicated to God, and by the age of 12, Vasily leaves home to wander. He ended up in a monastery, where he was tonsured a monk and received the name Abel. So, after 10 of his wanderings, he ends up in a monastery on Lake Ladoga – Valaam. Abel spent 8 years in a cell, praying to the Lord and leading a reclusive lifestyle. And a miracle happens to him in the year 1787, and two angels come to the monk and give him the gift of foresight so that he can predict to the chosen people what awaits them in the future. At the age of 17 he learned the Russian alphabet and carpentry.

And again he went to wander and wandered for 9 years through the monasteries, and now in one of the Kostroma monasteries he writes his first, wise book, in which the royal family is mentioned. And he predicts in that book, Empress Catherine II, that there are only 8 months left before her death and she will die very quickly. And it so happened that Abel showed the book to another monk, and he, having read such a prediction, told someone further, and Abel began to be taken and interrogated everywhere, and soon they were sent to St. Petersburg. He answered the prosecutor Count Samoilov, to his question, how dare he write such a thing about the empress:

“The one who created heaven and earth taught me to write this book, he also commanded me to reveal secrets.”

The monk who was ordered to be silent - Abel and his prophecies (4 photos)

They reported to Catherine about the impudent monk, and she, in turn, ordered to put Abel in the fortress, and seal the book and bury it in a secret place.

The monk spent ten months and ten days in captivity , and Emperor Pavel Petrovich released him from there. And again the Valaam Monastery and again Abel writes another book of predictions only about Paul and his imminent death. He immediately gives the book to the Abbot, I pass it where it is necessary and again the monk, by order of the emperor, was imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress. And again his imprisonment lasted ten months and ten days. But he was not released, but sent to the Solovetsky Monastery, and soon Abel’s prophecy came true and in 1801, in March, Paul I was killed. So the monk was not released . And then he writes the third book of prophecies about Moscow, how it will fall and be taken. Alexander I was indignant at what he heard and ordered to put Abel in the Solovetsky prison until the prediction was fulfilled.

Since then, 11 years of imprisonment have passed. Those years were difficult for the monk. He writes at this time a book about himself “Life”.

“Ten times he was under death,” says his “Life,” “he came to despair a hundred times, he was in unceasing exploits a thousand times, and there were countless other temptations to Father Abel.”

The monk who was ordered to be silent - Abel and his prophecies (4 photos)

And here is the year 1812, Napoleon, Moscow is on fire … And Alexander I decides to release Abel, about which he instructs Prince Golitsyn, to send a letter to the abbot of the Solovetsky Monastery, and asks to release the monk and make him free and calls to St. Petersburg. But the abbot did not like Abel and decided to lie, they say the monk Abel is sick and cannot come to St. Petersburg. Then the emperor releases the monk in the form of an order , he is given a passport for all Russian cities. He arrived in St. Petersburg, but did not stay there because wandering around the world was the most important thing in his life. And he went first to Jerusalem, then to Greece on Mount Athos, then to Istanbul. And from then on, the monk Abel was forbidden to prophesy to anyone under pain of prison.

Patronized at that time and helped the monk financially, Countess Potemkina, who repeatedly asked Abel to tell her about her future. But her answer was:

“Do you know what I will tell you: I am forbidden to prophesy by personal decree. So it is said: if the monk Abel begins to prophesy aloud to people or to whom to write on charters, then take those people under secret (arrest), and the monk Abel himself, too, and keep them in prisons or prisons under strong guards. You see, Praskovya Andreevna, what is our prophecy or insight. Is it better to be in prisons or to be free, for the sake of thought … So, now I have relied better not to know anything, although to know, but to be silent.

The monk who was ordered to be silent - Abel and his prophecies (4 photos)

Abel lived for another 25 years , traveling from one monastery to another, from one holy place to another. Little is known about these years of his life. Somehow he lost his passport and asked the emperor to help him with this document and place him in a hospice. But Alexander said that it was not good for Father Abel to wander and suggested that he choose any monastery he wanted. In 1823, Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow assigned Abel to the Vysotsky Monastery , which is near Serpukhov, but after 3 years the monk got ready and left to wander without permission. They searched for him and found him at home in the village of Akulovo, but they already reported this to Emperor Nicholas I. The monk himself predicted how long he had to live, as much as eighty-three years and four months. He wrote about this in his book and “The Life and Wanderings of the Monk Abel”

There is a mention of another prophecy for the last Russian Tsar – Nicholas II. That in the Gatchina Palace, in the middle of the hall, on a pedestal, there was a large casket and it was sealed and wrapped with red ribbon on the columns. And Empress Maria Feodorovna, the widow of Paul I, hid the prophecy there and bequeathed to open it only when 100 years have passed since the death of her husband. And then the year 1901 came and the royal family went to open the casket in order to find out the secret of a hundred years. After opening and reading the sovereign was gloomy and sad. What was written there? No one has ever seen the books of Abel, they are hidden somewhere and are waiting for their hour to reveal secrets to the world, and possibly their eyes …

Preserved in the old church magazine alone, a mention of a casket with a prediction. And this is what was there:

“The prediction“ about the fate of the Russian State “” was made to Paul I by the seer monk Abel from the Alexander Nevsky Lavra: “To Nicholas II – the Holy Tsar, Job the Long-suffering like. He will replace the royal crown with a crown of thorns, he will be betrayed by his people, as once the Son of God. There will be a war, a great war, a world war … People will fly through the air like birds, swim like fish under water, start to incinerate each other with fetid gray. Change will grow and multiply. On the eve of victory, the Tsar’s throne will collapse. Blood and tears will water the damp earth … “

Nicholas II was born on the day of Job the Long-suffering. Coincidence? I think no. That would be someone who found the books of Father Abel. Perhaps it is not yet time for them to appear before humanity, and perhaps we will never see them … Who knows, who knows.

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